2020 Kia SoulI’ve been able to spend a week with two different, 2020 Kia soul models, the GT and the X line, and I’ve got five likes and five dislikes coming at you right now. Now, starting in no particular order with my dislikes: Dislike #1 is going to be the headlights on the lower trims. So standard on every trim, except that top GT model that I had is halogen headlights.

And it’s not just the fact that they’re halogen is that they don’t perform very well. You can get led headlights on the eggs and I think my biggest gripe is just how poor these are compared to those led headlights. I had on the GT turbo, so first of all the actual headlight housing sits really low on the vehicle so the beam can’t possibly be that good. The daytime running light, the headlight and the fog light are all halogen and the daytime running light is still running when the vehicle is on at night. So you’ve got three yellowy looking lights that just don’t look very good.

My Dislike #2 is for that GT turbo only the GT turbo you get a seven-speed dual-clutch transmission, which is supposed to be fast, supposed to be quick, supposed to be sporty, but it’s just jerky. It’s just, it’s not the quickest.

It’s jerky. It’s not very fun to drive and stop and go traffic and I think that it would just be better suited with a regular automatic. The rest of the Kia souls get a variable transmission so it’s completely different than that dual-clutch.

My Dislike #3 is that this is a subcompact SUV, but we don’t have all-wheel drive available. I really wish we did. I think, you know, some cars nowadays are starting to get more all-wheel drive availability like the Mazda 3, the Nissan Altima, you know, and I wish that this offered it Dislike #4 is on the lower trims that don’t have lumbar support. So I believe the X and the GT turbo give you lumbar support. This does not have any adjustable lumbar support. The seats themselves are soft enough, but there’s just like no lumbar support. And after a while I actually get a little uncomfortable in here and that’s not very common.

Kia Soul 2020I’m usually fine in most vehicles, but I was a little uncomfortable after driving this for a while and I just want to put like a lumbar cushion back there. My Dislike #5 is that the base model doesn’t have any driver-assist features at all. It’s got a backup camera because that’s federally regulated, but there are no safety features whatsoever. There’s like airbags of course, but none of the modern driver-assist features that one can help you out of an accident. And two can lower your insurance rates. So even if you don’t want to use them, you can turn them off and many other vehicles are starting to offer that stuff standard without upgrading the price.

Now it’s time for my likes in no particular order. My Like #1 kind of contradicts one of my dislikes, but I love the fact that they offer two different engine choices. You’ve got a two-liter naturally aspirated engine, which we have in this one. And then you’ve got that 1.6-liter turbo. You’ll get a manual transmission available on the base model, a variable transmission on the others and then that dual-clutch on that turbo model. So it’s cool that they give you variety and they let you choose if you want a faster sportier vehicle or if you want a more naturally aspirated kind of classic type of vehicle with a slightly better economy, you can get that as well.

Like #2 is that this Kia soul is unique and it goes for a unique market and they give you some unique trims. So you kinda got your basic, like your base, your value trim, like the X. But then you’ve got the GT, which is a completely different sporty line, and some of the aesthetics with that.

And you have this X line, which is like a kind of a rugged appearance, a little rugged and sporty at the same time, but Kia offers several different looks and variants for different people. Now my Like #3 also kind of contradicts another dislike. It’s the fact that on that GT turbo that I had, those headlights were fantastic. The led daytime running light look good, the fog lights were led and look nice. Even the interior had some really nice lighting. We had led lights in here, led cargo light, uh, even had like mood lighting, party lights where there’s ambient lighting in the speaker grills and at the feet, at your passenger’s feet. It was just really cool. It’s something that you definitely don’t expect in a vehicle like this in this class. Uh, so the top trim gets that. And then the E X, I believe also can option to get those led headlights, which are great white.

Like #4 is that you can get excellent cargo space in here. So behind the second row you’ve got, I believe it’s like 24 cubic feet, but then once you fold them down you’ve got 60 plus cubic feet, which is more than the Hyundai Tucson, the Mazda CX five even the Sportage, which is bigger than this and like the bigger brother to this vehicle. Another thing about the cargo space is you’ve got a dual-level cargo floor. It’s option on every trim and standard on the top trims to where you can have it all the way down and have a really low load floor or you can have it up and be level with the seats when they’re folded. My Like #5 is just how much value Kia packs into some of their vehicles and if you’re looking at other Kia vehicles and you just want value, go for the EX trim levels.

This X line is like 22 and a half thousand dollars and it’s kind of bare-bones. It’s more of an aesthetic package, but you get the X, Kia soul, you’re going to get a lot more stuff, bigger screen, more safety tech. Some of the cool stuff, optional upgrades. He did seed, power, seeds, all that good stuff for just about a thousand dollars more. So that like this spinal like is just how much value there is with the ex Kia soul. So those are my five likes and dislikes. Have a great rest of your day.