Best ATV RampBeing able to load an ATV into the back of a truck isn’t easy and could lead to some problems if you’re not extremely careful during the process.

These days four-wheelers can weigh more than 1000 lbs when they’re fully loaded with gear, gun racks, storage bins and more so it’s a good idea to use quality tools when it comes to loading an ATV.

Unless you have heavy machinery at your disposal, like a crane or forklift, you’re likely going to need a proper ATV ramp to get your quad up and onto the back of your truck so you can transport it around or bring it home for the winter when it’s not in use.

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Loading Ramps Folding, gardhom 2 PC 1500 lbs Capacity 7.5' Aluminum Lightweight Portable Ramps For ATV Motorcycles Dirt Bikes Lawnmowers Truck
  • Lightweight & Steady Aluminum Loading Ramps: Portable and lightweight aluminum ATV loading ramp for easy using without assisting.Durable aluminum construction supports up to 1500lbs/pair (750lbs/pc) capacity.
  • Truck Loading Ramps for Home: Foldable loading ramps for easy using. (Unfolded Size: 89.8*12”; Folded Size: 45.7*12”) Fast set up, just open it and ready to use. No installation required. Easy to fold and store-easy to lock up to truck bed.
  • Folding Loading Ramps with Safety Supporting: Rubber tipped fingers provide extra security to your vehicle while also preventing damage to the tailgat. Having the securing straps to keep the ramps from falling away from the tail gate was a great extra safety feature that made the whole process go very smoothly.
  • Versatile Portable Loading Ramp: These truck loading ramps are ideal for transferring any four-wheeled vehicle to a truck trailer. Use a single ramp to transport a dirt bike or motorcycle and use both to load an ATV, 4-wheeler, or lawn mower onto a truck bed. They also make great lawn mower, motorcycle, snow blower, dirt bike, and garden tractor loading ramps.
  • Quality Guarantee: A 30-day warranty (damage caused by non-human factors). If the loading ramp does not work as you expected, pls feel free to contact us, we have a professional after-sales team to serve you.

In this review, I want to talk about my recommendations for the best ATV ramps but before I dive into my suggested choices I want to cover a little bit about to look for when you’re in the market for an ATV loading ramp.

Choosing the Right ATV Loading Ramp 2020

Check the Weight Restriction

atv rampEvery loading ramp will have its own weight restriction that will let anyone using it know the maximum weight of ATV it’s able to carry.

Usually, this weight is given in pounds (lbs) per ramp and it’s important to keep an eye out to see what the actual limit is before driving a quad onto ramps that might not be able to support it.

Rather than focusing on an ATV base weight, you need to determine roughly how much it’s going to weigh when it’s completely loaded.

Some things to keep in mind include:

  • How much fuel is in the tank
  • How much do any additions or upgrades add to the base weight
  • Is anything being stored on the quad that’s going to add to the overall weight

While it’s not necessary to weigh every single thing beforehand it’s important to come up with a rough estimate and not exceed the ramp maximum weight so any damage to the ramp, ATV, or truck can be avoided.

Never exceed the total ramp support weight.

Determine a Suitable Length

A variety of different length ramps are available to choose from and the height of your truck or trailer will ultimately determine the length you need.

For example, a low truck bed or trailer requires a shorter ramp to work effectively while a taller truck bed or trailer will need a longer ramp.

There are different lengths available depending on the length and angle you need and I recommend making an effort to keep the angle of ramp elevator at or below 40-degrees.

It’s possible to eyeball this but it’s a much better >check out an online calculator to determine the ideal length of ramp needed.

Pick the Right Width

The width of the ramp is important because the ATV tires need ample space for grip and for movement up the ramp and onto the trailer or truck bed.

For the ramp type that comes with two separate pieces it’s a good idea to see how wide each piece is and to compare that to the width of the ATV tires to make sure there is enough space.

The other ramp type, the one that is just essentially one large and wide piece, is likely wide enough for most ATV’s but it’s still a good idea to compare the widths to see if it will fit.

The Best ATV Ramp

Now that I’ve covered some tips on how to choose the best ramp for an ATV let’s take a look at my top recommendations!

7.5 ft Aluminum Plate Top Lawnmower ATV Truck Loading Ramps

Titan 7.5 FT Aluminum Plate Top Ramp 2PK 1,500 LB Capacity...
  • CAPACITY OF 1,500-POUNDS: These ramps are ideal for transferring any...
  • SAFETY STRAPS INCLUDED: No need to purchase safety straps separately!...

With a total capacity of 1,500 lbs and a straightforward design my first recommendation for the best ramp for ATV use is the 7.5 ft Aluminum Plate Top Lawnmower ATV Truck Loading Ramp.

This ramp set comes with a pair of folding plate-top style ramps.

It’s designed from aluminum, which offers ample support for ATV’s up to 1,500 lbs in weight, and the arched design of the ramps provides better ground clearance that’s great for those off-road and backcountry conditions.

With a total carrying weight of 33 lbs it’s a suitable and lightweight solution for getting your quad onto the back of your truck or onto a trailer and the ramps even fold in half, making the pair even more portable.

One more notable feature is the rubber tipped fingers that help to keep the ramp in place and prevent slippage or movement while any ATVs or quads are driven up and onto a flat platform.

As for the specifics, the ramp measures 90-inches in length and each piece is 11-inches wide. When it’s folded up it’s only 45.5-inches in length or about half of the space it takes up when fully extended.

Best ATV Ramp Buyer’s Guide 2020

What is the main advantage of a foldable ramp? It must be easy to transport and also have a low weight. For a wheelchair, scooter or other vehicles and construction machinery, a foldable ramp is an ideal solution. With powerful scooters or quads, you will no longer have any problems loading them. What you only have to do: Align the collapsible ramp correctly in order to master the incline safely and without an obstacle. A ramp is the better choice at any time and for any purpose. You no longer need “hundreds” of helpers, but benefit from the advantages of a ramp. A wide ramp convinces with the advantage of being a permanent ramp solution. The size is not so important, because it is only moved a little. Also for the helpers, a fixed and wide ramp is much easier to fold because they can walk on the ramp without problems and without sagging.


Do you want to be able to load scooters, scooters, quads or other objects and machines on your ramp? If so, which ramp is suitable for you? Many people use ramps to maneuver different vehicles, things, or machines into their own or onto other vehicles. Conventional ramps are sufficient, but the suitability of the ramp for your purpose depends on the width of the tires, whether the rear and front track widths can vary with each other. Under these circumstances, a wide ramp is absolutely necessary to be able to load and transport vehicles with, for example, three wheels.

The main considerations should be based on the force required. How much power do you need to raise the foldable ramp? Furthermore, it is important not to underestimate the risk on steep inclines. To determine the correct gradient, take a metal tape measure and pull the ramp-up to the desired length. Alternatively, you can use a metal tape measure and a piece of wood to simulate the ramp. This is the only way to find out which ramp length you need. When deciding on a foldable drive-on ramp, consider how much space you need for transport and loading. Telescopic ramps are a suitable alternative.