Baby Car Mirror Buying GuideYou likely already know that a rear-facing car seat is the best option for your child when they are first coming home from the hospital. Rear facing is the safest position for your child, and you should keep your child in this type of seat until they are two or even three years of age. However, most parents agree that a rear-facing seat can be nerve wracking because this means that you cannot see your child while you are driving.

Not to worry! Because your child’s safety is most important, be sure to keep your child rear facing as long as possible. However, to make things easier on you, there is a product on the market that you are sure to love: car seat mirrors! These mirrors install in your car and allow you to view your child in their rear facing seat while you are up front driving. With this installed, you have peace of mind that your child is doing alright while in the car.

If you aren’t sure what the best car seat mirrors are, don’t worry. We have compiled this list of the ten best car seat mirrors on the market today.

In A Hurry? This Is The Best:

Shatterproof Baby Backseat Mirror for Car - View Infant in...
  • LIFETIME SATISFACTION GUARANTEE: If for any reason you and your baby...

This car seat mirror form So Peep Baby lands in our top two because of the great materials this is made from, as well as the size of this mirror. This will give you a large and clear view of your baby with no problem. The straps are easily adjustable and can be installed very quickly. This seat also comes with a free ebook as a gift with purchase.

Baby-Safe Shatterproof Acrylic Glass

This mirror is made from the best and safest materials so that you know your baby will be safe even in the event of an accident.


This is one of the more expensive car seat mirrors on this list, but for the quality of materials used, it is a good value for the money. Because you also get a free gift with purchase, it is worth the little extra money.

  • One of biggest mirrors on this list
  • Free gift with purchase
  • Shatterproof
  • Adjustable straps
  • Not meant to be used with fixed position headrests

Safe Baby Tech Baby Car Mirror

Shynerk Baby Car Mirror, Safety Car Seat Mirror for Rear...
  • 2.SAFETY CERTIFIED and CRASH TESTED: Design of Shatterproof Acrylic...
  • 3.EASY TO TIGHTEN STRAPS: Easy straps to your moveable headrest and...
  • 5.SHYNERK BABY MIRROR: If you find anything wrong with your baby...

This car seat mirror from Safe Baby Tech will easily keep your child in view to give you peace of mind while driving. This mirror is easy to install and is easy to adjust and pivot to fit any angle. No assembly required!

Crystal Clear HD

This mirror is super clear in design so that you can see your child in perfect HD all of the time while you are driving.


This is one of the cheaper car seat mirrors on this best car seat mirrors list, and is a good value for the money. This is a good option for parents on a more limited budget.

  • 360 degree pivot
  • No assembly required
  • Money back guarantee
  • Shatterproof
  • Large mirror size
  • May not work with some headrests

Cozy Greens® Baby Car Mirror

COZY GREENS Baby Car Mirror | Most Stable | View Infant in...
  • KEEP YOUR LITTLE ONE SAFE. Our extra large 11.5 inch by 7.5 inch...
  • LIFETIME FACTORY WARRANTY. If at any point you are not 100% happy with...
  • HELP UNDERPRIVILEGED CHILDREN. As young parents, we want our...
  • SAVES VALUABLE TIME. As parents of four young children, we chose to...

Cozy Greens makes the best selling car seat mirror on Amazon, so why not try it for yourself? This mirror is easy to install and doesn’t require a middle headrest in order to install it. This mirror also comes with two free gifts- a cleaning cloth and an eBook.

Crash Tested and Shatterproof

This mirror has been crash tested and proven to be shatterproof so that you know your child will be safe even in the event of an accident.


This is one of the most expensive car seat mirrors on this list, but it is a good value for the money. This is a high quality product that is worth the extra money, and is also a good value since it also comes with free gifts.

  • Easy to install
  • Comes with free gifts
  • Some proceeds are donated to charity
  • Does not work with fixed headrests (ones that don’t adjust)
  • Higher price point

OxGord Baby Back Rear Car Seat Mirror

OxGord Baby Car Mirror for Rear View - Facing Back Seat for...
  • DIMENSIONS & WEIGHT: 13.5”L x 1.625”W x 8.875”H inches –...
  • LARGE VIEWING ANGLE: Newly re-designed & improved 2019 model has 30%...
  • SHATTERPROOF: High-quality wide-angle mirror constructed of safe...
  • 360 DEGREE ROTATION: Rotating pivot point & arm allows you to find...
  • GUARANTEE: Includes a one (1) year limited warranty – Best for cars,...

This next car seat mirror from OxGord is a great option that has been newly designed just this year. This mirror will easily install on your vehicle’s headrest and will give you a large easy view of your child.

Shatterproof Acrylic Material

This mirror is made from shatterproof acrylic material, so you know it is sturdy but also very safe in case of an accident.


This is one of the most affordable car seat mirrors on this list, but overall is very close in price to most other products on this list. This is a great option for parents on a more limited budget.

  • Shatterproof
  • Easy to install and adjust
  • New design
  • Smaller size when compared to other models on this list

Britax Back Seat Mirror

Britax Baby Car Mirror for Back Seat | XL Clear View +...
  • A clear view: Extra large convex pivot mirror reflects a head to toe...
  • Easy installation: Adjustable straps securely attach to the vehicle...
  • Designed for safety: Lightweight, shatter proof mirror has been crash...
  • Modern look: Created with a soft grey frame for a sleek look and feel
  • Fit: 7.5 x 3 x 11.5 inches, 1 pound

You’ve likely heard of Britax, as they are a popular brand of car seat. Why not entrust them as well for your car seat mirror? This is a great product that is easy to install and also has a modern appearance and sleek frame that you are sure to love.

Shatterproof, Convex Mirror

This mirror is shatterproof and convex so that you can easily see your entire baby and know that they are safe.


This seat is about the same price as many of the other mirrors on this list. With its sleek design, it is a good value for the money.

  • Sleek, modern appearance
  • Comes from trusted makers of Britax car seats
  • Large mirror size
  • May not attach to some headrests
  • Can only be shipped within the United States

GroCreations Baby Back Seat Car Mirror

Baby Car Mirror - View Infant in Rear Facing Car Seat - Free...
  • CRASH TESTED AND PARENT APPROVED - Safety for your children is our top...
  • INSTALLS IN SECONDS: Our easy to fit mirror attaches in seconds to any...
  • LIFETIME MANUFACTURER WARRANTY: If you are not happy with the way the...

GroCreations makes this next car seat mirror, and this is another product you are sure to love. This large mirror is lightweight, yet sturdy and is incredibly easy to install. The convex shape of the mirror makes it super easy to see your baby while you are driving.

Shatterproof and Scratch Resistant

This mirror is just as safe as it is useful, with shatterproof glass that is also scratch resistant. You can rest assured this mirror is safe and is impact resistant so you don’t have to worry about it hurting your child by mistake.


This is slightly more expensive than other products on this list. However, given the quality of materials, it is a good value for the money.

  • Easy to install
  • Convex shaped mirror
  • Easy to adjust or rotate mirror to fit any angle
  • Pretty narrow, and is overall smaller than other mirrors on this list
  • Higher price point

Yes Baby Baby Car Mirror Bundle

Ideapro Baby Car Backseat Mirror, Rear View Facing Back Seat...
  • 【Strong Suction】Our baby car mirror will tightly stick to your...
  • 【Safe Driving】The baby mirror does not distort things too much, it...
  • Caution: If your ones keep falling down, spread some egg white,...
  • 【New Design】The Baby Seat Mirror is connected to a headrest mount...
  • 【Easy to Install】As a universal car seat mirror, it can be...

Baby on Board! This next car seat mirror from Yes Baby comes complete with a large Baby on Board sticker, along with other additional features like a silicone fork and spoon, a digital guide, and a cleaning cloth. Their convex mirror can rotate easily so that you can find the perfect angle for the mirror when installing in your car.

BPA-Free Reinforced ABS Polymer Plastic

This mirror is constructed from the sturdiest, yet safest, materials. You know with this product that you are getting a quality item that will last you forever.


This mirror is on par in terms of price, costing about the same as many other models on this list. Considering the free gifts you receive, this is a great value for the money.

  • Lifetime Guarantee/100% Satisfaction Guarantee
  • Multiple free gifts with purchase
  • Shatterproof glass/BPA-free plastic frame
  • Mirror slightly smaller than others on this list

Baby Caboodle Backseat Baby Mirror

Baby Car Mirror, Car Seat Mirror, Safely Monitor Infant...
  • WE'VE ALL BEEN THERE...The baby makes an unnerving noise that STOPS...
  • BEST MIRROR WE'VE SEEN. We take pride in providing epic car seat...
  • EASY TO TIGHTEN STRAPS. You wouldn't want the guaranteed aggravation...
  • MAXIMUM IMPACT. At Baby Caboodle, we donate 10% of all profits to...

This mirror from Baby Caboodle is sure to put your mind at ease while you are driving by giving you a perfect view of your child. The easily adjustable velcro straps make this mirror easy to install and adjust, making it a great option.

Giving Back to Charity

Baby Caboodle donates 10% of their profits to charity, so you know that this purchase is not just benefitting you, but also someone in need. How great is that?


This is a fairly priced car seat mirror, and is actually one of the cheapest on this list. This is a good decision if you are on a more limited budget.

  • Easy to install/tighten the straps
  • Large mirror size so you can see your entire baby easily
  • Company gives to charity
  • Some complain that the velcro straps are hard to install on headrests that don’t adjust

OMISS Baby Back Seat Mirror

This first mirror from OMISS is a large car seat mirror that you are sure to love. This easily installs by attaching to a rear headrest and gives you a full view of your baby. This product also comes with two gifts with purchase- a sun shade and a grip pad.

360 Degree View

This mirror is easy to adjust and allows you to have a 360 degree view. The wide angle convex mirror can easily be rotated so that you can have the perfect angle and see your child perfectly clear all of the time.


This is very fairly priced and is priced at about the average cost for this item. However, when considering the free gifts you receive as well, this is a great value for the money.

  • Easy adjustable/easy to rotate
  • Purchase comes with free gifts
  • Easy to install
  • Shatterproof
  • Can only be installed on a headrest

DaffaDoot Back Seat Baby Mirror

Finally, our number one car seat mirror is from DaffaDoot. This car seat mirror is made with your child’s safety in mind and only uses the best and safest materials so that you can easily see your child and know that they are safe. And, two free gifts are included with each purchase: a cleaning cloth and an ebook!

Crash Tested and Certified

This mirror is crash tested and made of shatterproof, lightweight materials. You know that your child will be completely safe, even if the event of an accident.


This is a slightly more expensive car seat mirror than others on this best car seat mirrors list, but it is a good value for the money. The materials are very high quality and you receive two free gifts with purchase.

Baby Car Mirror Buying Guide

Best Baby Car Mirrors – Buyer’s Guide and ReviewsIf you’re serious about your infant’s safety while driving, investing the best baby car mirror shouldn’t be debatable.

You see, experts advocate that you should always keep your little one in a rear-facing car seat while on the road but that comes with one challenge – it’s virtually impossible to see how your tot is faring.

Each parent considers everything that is expected to make his or her youngster’s life better particularly after they land in this world. You spend great cash purchasing things that are basic, yet now and then, you will, in general, ignore baby car reflect.

This thing is basically to guarantee the wellbeing of the youthful one particularly when you are out and about. A baby car reflect is a basic mirror that you join the baby cars situate while driving or when you are situated in the front.

The baby, then again, might awkward for various reasons, similar to the sweeping hindering their face. It is recommended that the baby is put in the rear car seat to reduce any odds of damage in the vehicle.

Which Rear-View Baby Car should we buy?

Best Baby Car Mirrors – Buyer’s Guide and ReviewsEach parent must have a solid baby car mirror to screen his or her baby while driving. From the above rundown, Twoniu Baby Car Mirror and Lusso Gear Baby Car Mirror are the absolute best choices you can have for your car in view of their strength, solidness, and flexibility.
You can buy and have them transported to you whenever.

In particular, the normal part of each baby reflect examined here is that they are for the most part flexible and are planned with great shatterproof material.

As you intend to purchase your baby outfit, baby mirrors are a standout amongst the most critical things to have so as to screen the youthful one’s wellbeing.
This just supports the most essential part of child rearing, which is to give satisfactory security to our children. So go out there, purchase the best baby reflect, and have safe go with your young beloved newborn.

How To Install Baby Car Mirror?

The installation of a baby car mirror can vary from one manufacturer to another. Nevertheless, most car mirrors can be fixed by following these necessary steps:

Install the frame: Start with the installation of the frame, which holds the mirror. Most frames have four nylon straps that go around the headrest. You may have to raise the headrest if the manufacturer recommends it. Once you have the headrest in the right position, buckle the straps to set the frame in its place.
Fit the mirror: Slide the mirror in to the frame. It really is usually through the ball and outlet joint. Once you’ve the reflection in its place, modify the reflection until you get the right position to reveal the baby’s face in your car’s windscreen mirror.
Install remote control if any: Some baby mirrors with light and sound functionality feature a remote that often attaches to the driver-side sun visor. If the maker recommends another place for repairing the remote control, then follow appropriately.
You might have to undergo some learning from your errors before coming to the best angle of the mirror. When possible, get you to definitely modify the reflection when you stay sitting in the driver’s chair.

Baby car mirrors are one of the fundamental tools you will need to buy if you are vacationing with a child in the automobile. Almost all mirrors offer easy set up and 360° adjustability to permit you to find the perfect position to watch your child in the rear-view reflection. It offers you enough satisfaction to concentrate on driving and achieving your destination safely.

Perhaps you have used an infant car mirror? Reveal about your experience in the remarks section below.

Decision Time

There you have it! The top best car seat mirror products on the market today. When you go to make the best decision for you and your baby, the biggest deciding factor will be what type of car you have, and specifically, what your headrests look like. Most of these models work best with adjustable headrests, so be sure to check what your car has so that you are sure to get a model that will install properly and securely. There is not a wide range price wise, but some of these products are slightly more expensive, but keep in mind plenty come with free gifts so there is a pretty good value for the money.