Bottle Jacks 2020Best bottle jacks have three parts which make sense when put together. The two-part handle has a double function which lifts and lowers the jack. Once you start pumping a manual jack, you’ll be amazed how simple and effective it is.

Below, you can find our best bottle jack review and buyers guide list, exploring all of our top 10 best bottle jack 2020 options to help you understand why we like each model so much, as well as answers to some typical bottle jack questions and helpful guides that can aid in understanding what to look out for when you’re looking to buy a bottle jack.

Are you tired of using low quality and unstable carjacks? Try the hydraulic bottle jack as they offer unrivaled support and strength to your vehicle.
Matt Seals, Auto Mechanic
Matt Seals

20-ton hydraulic bottle jacks are the most preferred kinds of jacks when it comes to commercial or personal use. Its because they use a very effective hydraulic system and perform exceptionally well in lifting your vehicle. How to find the best bottle jack of 2020?

To be honest with you, this isn’t an easy task.

Nevertheless, you’ve nothing to worry about. I’ll show you how to select a bottle jack that pertly meets your needs.

Plus, I’ll give you the 10 most popular bottle jacks for the money on the market today.
Let’s get into more details:

In A Hurry? This Is The Best:

BIG RED T92003B Torin Hydraulic Welded Bottle Jack, 20 Ton...
  • Hydraulic bottle jack designed for residential and commercial use;...
  • Features a lifting range of 9-1/2" to 17-3/4" with a 20 ton (40,000...
  • Engineered using a drop forged alloyed steel construction for quality...
  • Glide-action pressure pump is designed to lift with minimal effort;...
  • Meets ASME PASE safety standards and includes a limited 1 year...

Torin big red hydraulic bottle jack has a 2-ton capacity. This means it can only be used to lift loads of 2-tons or less. So, it is not as versatile and strong as the Torin 20-ton capacity hydraulic bottle jack. But regardless of this, it is durably made of steel construction and it is very durable. You can use it to lift cars and in other constructions works.

Operates both manually and with an air compressor

This pump can be used on its own or with an air compressor (handy for when the operator does not have an air compressor on hand).

Includes a 4 foot air hose

This hydraulic jack has a 4-foot air hose, good for larger vehicles like buses or trucks.

This bottle jacks price is mid-range. It is inexpensive considering it can be used without an air compressor and thus eliminating the need to buy one.
great price, easy assembly and solid construction.
Matt Seals, Auto Mechanic
Matt Seals
  • Strong (reviewers said they were able to lift up vehicles as big as buses)
  • Does not cause distress on air compressors
  • Can be used on different types of air compressors
  • Inexpensive considering the quality
  • Reviewers had issues with duds (did not work right out of the box)
  • Unit is a little tall so can be hard to use with motorbikes

Powerbuilt – great jack with fantastic security features.

10 Best Bottle Jacks Reviewed & Rated

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Straight from a respected company, this jack offers you everything you need for conducting your heavy lifting jobs in your garage workshop.

That is, it comes with a patented design that combines the jack itself and a jack stand, making it a unique model.
To suit it for heavy duty jobs, this steel made jacks has a load capacity of 3-ton or 6000 pounds.

This makes it the perfect jack you can have for lifting any off-road vehicle, SUV, framing, construction jobs, floor joist jobs– everything! With a lifting range of 11 to 21 inches, this bottle jack will truly work well with all the vehicles with a higher ground clearance.

Because of its wide steel base, you don’t have to worry about the stability issue when the jack is under load. This further puts it ahead of other jacks that come with a minimized base that tends to topple and cause accidents.

And thanks to the safety lock bar, you can always lock in your jack after achieving your desired height.

Built to exceed tool standards

Alltrade is known to have high standards of safety standards. They either meet or exceed the applicable standards set by the US Government and American National Standards Institute.


This product is on the lower end in cost. It has numerous positive reviews and eliminates the need for stands and is therefore a good bang for your buck.
  • Compact (easily fits in vehicle storage)
  • Good quality considering the price
  • Lifts up to 4000 pounds
  • Has a wide, flat base which helps add stability and reduces sinking (even on softer surfaces)
  • Lift will not fit under lowered vehicles
  • Some reviewers found the unit leaking after a couple of months
  • Lift does not lift high enough reviewers reviwers

Strongway – low profile and compact size makes it perfect

10 Best Bottle Jacks Reviewed & Rated

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The Strongway hydraulic bottle jack is made of high-grade steel. This implies that it provides great strength and dependability during use. You can use it to lift loads with a 2-ton capacity or less.  It features a minimum lift height of 5-15/16 and a maximum lift height of 14-1/2-inches. Also, the jack features a dual-stage hydraulic cylinder that lifts large loads on a smaller footprint.

The body is resistant to oil/grease and dirt

This pump has a resistant surface for easy clean up of the unit. It has a round and clean shape making it easier to wipe around as well.

Low profile for lower vehicles

Only standing 5-15/16 inches in height, this pump is better for lower vehicles.


This unit is on the lower end of the price range in regards to bottle pumps. The reasoning behind this is because it’s meant for smaller vehicles. This one is ideal for anyone looking for a pump who has a smaller vehicle, it is definitely worth the price for those situations.

Obviously like the incredible, nearly 11-inch range of this mighty jack. With that kind of extension, you can take on all types of lifting and support tasks.
Matt Seals, Auto Mechanic
Matt Seals
  • Lift is shorter and easier to get under lower vehicles
  • Many users reported that it’s good quality and strong
  • No lead in paint of pump
  • Has a bigger cylinder unit and so it takes lower the oil pressure to raise a item you are lifting
  • Can be too short for larger vehicles
  • The release is a little sensitive and when used can cause the lift to lower quite quickly (users need to be careful)
  • The bar that comes with the unit is also very short

Sunex – Best Short Bottle Jack

10 Best Bottle Jacks Reviewed & Rated

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The Sunex 12-Ton, Short Bottle Jack is a true friend to those who want a bottle jack that can handle the low capacity tasks as well as heavy duty jobs. It does an outstanding job when it comes to lofting heavy-duty trucks, mining, construction, oil field, farm equipment, and so much more.

When it comes to durability, Sunex knows best. They’ve equipped this jack with a ductile iron base for unmatched sturdiness. Besides, they’ve painted the entire jack surface with electrostatic paint which keeps off rusting- extending its service life.

The lifting range isn’t out of this world, but it does extend to nearly a foot-and-a-half tall, and that’s excellent for things like tractors and big trucks. All in all, this is a really nice, heavy-duty jack.
Matt Seals, Auto Mechanic
Matt Seals

Like the other models we’ve previously discussed, this bottle jack features heat-treated extension screw that allows for low height setting, so that you can harness the full ram travel.

For your own safety, this Sunex comes integrated with a hydraulic bypass system that efficiently prevents ram overextension. With the 2-piece slip-fit handle, controlling the release valve as well as pumping your jack becomes a breeze!

Good bang for your buck

This lift is very inexpensive but doesn’t compromise on quality.

Small in size

This option would be ideal for users who are looking for a lift for a just-in-case emergency situations. It is very small and easy to store. It has very little bulk.


This is one of its strong qualities. This option is the most inexpensive on our list. This product could be considered “cheap”, but the quality is there. It has held up to tests, it is small and inexpensive. This one is the winner in cost.

  • Does not measurably drop even after being lifted for longer periods (like overnight)
  • Very inexpensive
  • Good quality
  • Great for roadside assistance situations
  • Release valve is a little awkward
  • Some units were leaky

ATD Tools – nice compact jack for working in small spaces.

10 Best Bottle Jacks Reviewed & Rated

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For a fairly low amount of cash, you can become the owner of one of the most reliable hydraulic bottle jacks for the heavy-duty jobs today. The ATD Tools bottle jack is suitable for people looking for a short bottle jack.

It comes with an insane lifting capacity of 20-ton- making it the perfect model for lifting the heaviest trucks, machinery, construction equipment, etc.

With its heat treated extension screws, you’ll have an easy time setting the lowest pickup height possible…as well as extending to reach your desired height. Of course, you’ll not be limited in terms of height as it offers you a generous lift range of6-1/2″ to 11-1/4″.

Safety is essential when using a jack, so the hydraulic bypass for preventing over-extension could literally be a lifesaver.
Matt Seals, Auto Mechanic
Matt Seals

Because it comes with a patented bypass device integrated into it, it automatically stops any ram over-travel attempts- making it an extra-safe bottle jack you wanna work with.

Unlike similar models out there, this jack allows you to utilize its full lifting power in both vertical and horizontal positions. And the fact that it conforms to the set ASME/ANSI-PALD safety standards makes it even more safer to work with.


This product ranges in price due to the different sizes available for the product. It is on the lower end in price and considering the positive reviews is worth the cost. It is small and compact, it lifts up to 12 tons and is inexpensive.

  • Compact design, good for storage
  • Very smooth operation
  • Good for long holds (hours to days)
  • Some users found that when they took the product out of the box that the lift looked used
  • No retainer for the pin

OTC Stinger – strong, easily-carried bottle jack

10 Best Bottle Jacks Reviewed & Rated

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If only the best will meet your needs, and you are looking to be able to lift just about anything weighing lesser than a loaded semi-trailer, then the OTC is it for you. This bottle jack features a chrome piston pump paired with a ram to help increase its resistance to rust.

For sure strength and dependability when lifting heavy loads, this bottle jack comes with a forged base as well as cylinder. The forged cylinder helps to prevent leaks. Speaking of the base, it measures 7 x 4-11/16 inches while the saddle diameter measures 2-1/8 inches

Chrome piston pump and ram

For additional rust resistance, this product is also small and sleek.

Includes free seal kit

The company provides a free seal kit for extended product life.


These pumps sit right in the middle of the price range. They are rated high and have several load options. With minimal negative reviews this pump is definitely worth the price.

  • Long-term durability
  • Comes in a range of sizes
  • In-line design for increased ease of use
  • Rust resistant
  • Reviewers noted it has some leaking issues
  • Other reviewers had issues fitting under lower vehicles

Pro-Lift – good jack for the money

10 Best Bottle Jacks Reviewed & Rated

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Let’s face it: we’re not all using our jacks to hold entire buildings off the ground for major renovations. Most of us just need something to get our vehicle off the ground for a tire change, small repair, or inspection. Still, it’s nice to know there’s extra capacity on hand for bigger jobs if and when they arise.

Somewhere between the lightweights and the big boys for lift capacity would be the sweet spot for a lot of people. The Pro-Lift nails it.

Built-in bypass system

The bypass susytem protects against ram over travel.

Heat treated critical stress areas

The heat treated stress areas ensures a long life and better overall performance.


This product is in the middle range in price range. It has a 90 day warranty and is durable and heat resistant.
  • Compact design
  • Easy to set up
  • Inexpensive
  • Easy to use
  • Due to it’s smaller footprint is can be a tipping hazard (should always be used on a level surface)
  • Poor paint quality
  • Does not come with a case

LiftMaster – high quality at a great price.

10 Best Bottle Jacks Reviewed & Rated

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Liftmaster is a family-owned and family-run business. It was founded in 1985 and since then has been in the business of employing only the smartest and most creative hands in order to create products that customers would always find useful. At first, this brand only had a few selected distributors selling its products in different locations but as it stands right now, there are several hundreds of distributors today distributing Liftmaster’s products in different parts of the world! A huge part of the reason for this is the indefatigable commitment to work by its excellent staff, superior quality of its different products, as well as the favorable prices of each product.

Looking at the lifting pad, we see a simple raised cross instead of the waffle pattern typical to most bottle jacks. This gives us minor concern about possible slippage.
Matt Seals, Auto Mechanic
Matt Seals

So far, we have brought to you 9 of the best bottle jacks in the industry and we are about to round it off nicely with yet another amazing unit, this time, a 4-ton bottle jack from LiftMaster. The LiftMaster 4 Ton Hydraulic Bottle Jack is a great way to end this review with all its amazing features and you’re going to be impressed by this jack the way we were.

It is loaded with safety features

This lift has an safety value meant for protection in case of too heavy of a load. Finally, it has a bigger base that can hold a load safely for longer periods of time.

Quality, large diameter, steel cylinder build

The hydraulic cylinder build helps the lift to run better on low oil pressure to raise the item lifted and thus decrease wear and tear, and extends the overall life of the product.


This product is reasonably priced- coming in at the middle of the price range of the top-rated options listed in this article. Its major advantage is the safety features as well as the added features to extend its life.

  • It comes with an extension screw that adjusts to accommodate the required height
  • Less oil required to use lift
  • It comes with a one-year warranty
  • It has limited weight capabilities
  • The company is a little stricter on returns if the packaging is damaged

Goplus – best low profile jack

10 Best Bottle Jacks Reviewed & Rated

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This powerful little jack packs in 40,000 pounds of lifting force in a little over seven inches of height. In our opinion, a 20 ton bottle jack that is just over half a foot tall is very impressive.

It includes features like all steel construction, an enamel finish to fight corrosion, an adjustable screw for additional lift height, a hardened plunger, and a 2-piece pump handle that allows for compact storage. That makes it the perfect little jack to keep in your vehicle for roadside emergencies, even if your vehicle is a large motor home.

I also appreciate the carrying handle; it’s far from the heaviest jack out there, but the handle makes it easier to carry, and easier to avoid getting grease, oil, and other car-borne crud on your clothes.
Matt Seals, Auto Mechanic
Matt Seals

A survey of online reviews of the Goplus 20 ton low profile jack show a high level of satisfaction from buyers. The Goplus offers amazing lifting power in a very compact package, and can be had at a great price. It is everything you want in a low profile heavy duty bottle jack, which is why we made it our top choice.

Wide, rugged base

The wide base provides stability and strength.

Serrated, heat treated saddle

The saddle provides generous lifting area and a secure grip on the product.


This unit is also mid-range in price. It is one of the strongest of all the lifts in this article and highly rated. The price value is in its power.
  • Fits in low places
  • Very strong considering its strength
  • Inexpensive for its strength
  • International shipping
  • Reviewers found some of the lifts were a little over-filled with oil (but luckily not leaking)
  • Other reviewers found that it would bleed off at full stroke at times as well

Torin Big Red Air Hydraulic Bottle Jack – pretty good unit for the money

10 Best Bottle Jacks Reviewed & Rated

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Torin is one of the best brands when it comes to hydraulic bottle jacks. The Torin big red air hydraulic bottle jack is sturdily built to withstand heavy loads. It has a 20-ton capacity and is made of steel. The steel offers strength and durability. The unique feature of this bottle jack is that you can operate it either manually or pneumatically. For pneumatic operation, the product comes with a 4ft air hose and can swivel in all directions. In addition, it features a power-up switch.

Heat treated critical stress areas

The heat treated stress areas ensures a long life and better overall performance.


This product is in the middle range in price range. It has a 90 day warranty and is durable and heat resistant.

The ability to hook up to an air compressor makes this a versatile choice. Also makes it a lot easier to hoist a really heavy load.
Matt Seals, Auto Mechanic
Matt Seals
  • Fits in low places
  • Very strong considering its strength
  • Inexpensive for its strength
  • International shipping
  • Reviewers found some of the lifts were a little over-filled with oil (but luckily not leaking)
  • Other reviewers found that it would bleed off at full stroke at times as well

Best Basics Bottle Jack 2020

Maasdam MPL2B Bottle Jack Standard, 2 Ton, Green
  • Heavy Duty Iron Base
  • Lifting Range 7-1/8" to 13-9/16"
  • Convenient Adjustable Load Saddle
  • Maximum Load Capacity is 2 Tons (4000 lbs.)
  • Saddle Dimension: 3/4-Inch diameter

Discover the excellence of the Maasdam Hydraulic bottle jack that is simple and straightforward to use. This unit has been designed to hold the weight of your car securely. Besides that, the heavy duty jack comprises of extension screw that can be customized to accommodate your ideal work height. The inclusion of an inbuilt bypass system does well to protect against the effect of ram over travel.

A back to basics bottle jack, this great value lifter from Maasdam is as solid as a row of house. Coming in a deep green finish, its cast iron base is easily enough to stub your toe on. Its chunky pumping gear also gives great power to your elbow.

This jack, like all such models, is a compromise between ground clearance and lifting ability. Here, we have a lifting range of 7-1/8” to 13-9/16″ and a two ton lifting capacity. As they say, you do the math.

The release valve is a chunky lozenge shape which gives a great feel when attaching the handle, both before lifting and when releasing the ram. This is very reassuring and much more sturdy than most. This might be the best bottle jack for truck.

Product NameCost 
Torin Big Red
(Editor's Choice)
Mid-range Check Price
On the lower end in cost Check Price
On the lower end of the price range Check Price
Most inexpensive in list Check Price
ATD Tools
On the lower end in price Check Price
OTC Stinger
In the middle range in price Check Price
In the middle of the price range Check Price
In the middle range in price range Check Price
In at the middle of the price range Check Price
Torin Big Red Air Jack
Mid-range in price Check Price

Best Bottle Jacks Buyer’s Guide

Bottle JacksOwning a car is a good investment for most people today. It provides convenient mobility and it also sub-communicates value to our peers as well. However, cars are mechanical machines, and they are therefore prone to damage. For this reason, we recommend the best heavy duty bottle jacks for garage as a good suggestion for any car owner. Simply put, these are durable jacks that make it simple to lift the underside of your vehicle. Most of the models available in our list are available with various high-end features. These include the hydraulic cylinders that can deliver low oil pressure for lifting large loads

A bottle jack is a Must-Have jack for all serious mechanics and automotive owners.
It’s a heavy-duty jack model that operates using the hydraulic mechanism to allow you to easily lift your vehicle for easy, fast repair.

Different bottle jack models come with different lifting range and load capacities to suit your specific needs (i.e., the weight and type of your vehicle).

Although unknown to many people, the bottle jack is one of the oldest automotive jacks known to mankind. It was invented in the 1900s…and since then, its popularity has never wavered.

Bottle jacks come with a small base, which allows them to perform their intended job without consuming a lot of space.

Additionally, they come with an overall compact design which makes them much more portable compared to other car jacks. As such, you can easily carry them in your car and use them when an accident or emergency arises.

Things to consider when choosing a bottle jack

When buying a bottle jack, I advise you to always have a clear picture of your personal jack needs in mind. This way, it becomes much easier to get the right model for you.

In the light of this, allow me to share with you some top tips for getting the perfect bottle jack for your car lifting needs:

The first, and the most important, step in looking for a great bottle jack is checking the quality of the model at hand. You can do this by looking at the quality of the material used in its design. The most common materials I’ve witnessed in bottle jacks include steel, aluminum, rubber, and cast. Needless to say, models made from steel and aluminum exhibit excellent durability and longevity…and those made from cast or rubber are less durable.
Lifting Range

An important thing to consider when purchasing one of these products is the lifting range required to hoist the object you are about to lift. First of all, the jack needs to be able to fit under the object. It’s important to measure the range between the floor and the item you are lifting to ensure that it  can physically fit in a non-extended position under the vehicle. The other item to consider is how high or wide the space between the ground (or supporting surface) and the lifted object needs to be. Each product has a specified maximum range. This will help narrow down the product options and avoid any need for returns.

Weight-lifting Range

This is relative to the type of car you own or wish to lift. After knowing the lifting range of a given jack, compare it with the ground clearance of your vehicle. This will let you know if the jack will easily fit underneath that car without any issues.

Given that most bottle jacks still look high when fully compressed, they might not work well with sports cars, performance cars, races cars, and other low profile cars.

But for the high clearance vehicles, e.g. trucks, you’ll find the bottle jack a real buddy!


As you might have noted in our reviews above, there are many brands competing to come up with bottle jacks. But their products differ along the quality and performance lines.

That said, you can escape the disappointment of buying a low quality, poor performance product by buying from the reputable brands- like PowerBuilt, Powerzone, and Torin.


If you want the best hydraulic bottle jack, you will have to spend more. But if you don’t usually need a bottle jack, why spend a lot if you can get a quality jack at a favorable cost? Search for averagely priced but quality bottle car jacks.

It should be compatible with your car in terms of lifting weight and height.

What Are the Features of a Bottle Jack?

10 Best Bottle Jacks Reviewed & Rated

Here are some of the features you should expect in a bottle jack:

  • The body of the bottle jack is constructed with heavy-duty steel.
  • To enable you to adjust the lifting height and to reach the maximum lift height, the bottle jack is designed with Extension screws.
  • The bottle jack also comes with the ANSI certification.
  • It is carefully designed to enable it to last for a very long time.
  • The bottle jack has a good grip and designed to be a lightweight for your convenience.
  • Generally, the bottle jack is designed to look like a milk bottle which gave it the name.
  • It is designed with a vertical shaft which supports the bearing pad. This bearing pad is the device that bears the weight of the load when it is lifted.
  • Also, a cylinder which contai a hydraulic fluid.
  • Bottle jacks are specifically designed to have a pumping system which mounts pressure to the fluid.

10 Best Bottle Jacks Reviewed & Rated

Why Might I Need A Bottle Jack?

Maybe it’s a flat tire? Perhaps it’s a mysterious leak? There is a myriad of reasons why your car or truck might need to be lifted off the ground.

Bottle jacks are also good for raising or supporting trailers or propping up sagging structures awaiting foundation repairs.

Types Of Bottle Jack

I know this will catch you by surprise but there exist some variations of the bottle jack.

These include:

  • Hydraulic bottle jack: this is the most popular variation. As the name implies, it works on the hydraulic mechanism to lift your vehicle.
  • Mechanical bottle jack: this one operates by turning a big nut (by a bevel or worm gear) that lies on the threaded vertical ram of the jack neck.

Advantages of Bottle Jacks Over Other Types

The size to lifting capacity ratio of a bottle jack is a major selling point. (The largest ones, called “barrel jacks” are used to hold up houses.)

They’re quite compact, with a small footprint so that they can be used in cramped quarters and then just tossed into the trunk.

They tend to be pretty heavy-duty, too, so they’ll stand up to rough service.

Other Types of Jacks Available

Bottle jacks aren’t the only type on the market, there are of course others.

We have entire articles dedicated to them, but just for illustration purposes, here are what they look like, a brief description and a link to further info should you want it:

Scissor Jack

A simple mechanical device, this is the kind of jack many manufacturers include with the vehicle. They employ a screw-driven mechanism and a scissor-style pivot point rather than hydraulics to raise and lower vehicles.

Hydraulic Floor Jack

Found in most automotive repair facilities, these jacks are low profile, easily moved, and work under most vehicles. Read my review here.

How to use a Bottle Jack

WARNING: Never work Under Your Vehicle Using Only Bottle Jacks

Now, just before you make use of any bottle jack, you must ensure that you have carefully inspected the jack for irregularities. Here are a few tips to guide:

Caring for your Bottle Jack

  • After lowering the bottle jack, remove the filter plug found at the side of the chamber
  • Turn the jack over so that the old oil can drain out of the chamber completely
  • The used hydraulic oil should be properly disposed of following the standards of your locality
  • Stand your jack properly and then fill it with high-grade hydraulic oil. Fill to the brim and ensure that you have saturated the oil fill hole as well with the oil
  • After this, you can replace the filter plug
  • Clean your unit with a mild detergent and dry properly with a dry cloth
  • Lastly, ensure that your jack is properly stored out of reach of unauthorized individuals, especially children

How to Make a Powerful Hydraulic Jack using Syringe

How to make a hydraulic jack with a syringe. This video shows how the hydraulic jack works. With improvised tools and a little insight and skill, you can do amazing things for fun! For example, to make a powerful hydraulic jack from syringes.

Frequently Asked Questions

What Vehicles Will You be Lifting?

There’s no use buying a great bottle jack then getting it home to discover it won’t fit under your chopped hot rod or low-slung sports car.

They are pretty tall even when completely lowered, so they’re generally more appropriate for SUVs, trucks, and vans.

What is bottle jack oil?

bottle jack requires hydraulic oil. This type of oil is a liquid lubricant used to send power throughout hydraulic systems. Hydraulic oil provides good lubrication, protects from rust and oxidation and has low foaming characteristics.

Maximum Lifting Capacity?

If you try to push a bottle jack past its limits, you’ll either be unsuccessful in lifting your vehicle, or it’ll lift a bit and then come right back down again when a safety valve kicks in if the lifting piston is over-extended. Both scenarios are sub-optimal.

Know the weight of your vehicle before you buy, and purchase a jack with the appropriate capacity to avoid frustration and danger.

Are they safe?

Yes, if they are used within their weight limits and used on what they are supposed to be used on, they are safe. It’s also important to use the device as it’s meant to be used. Some can function sideways and upside down, the instruction manual of the device will tell you how it can be used. Once again, it’s important that these lifts are used for their intended usage. When used as per the guidelines they are safe.

Who makes the best bottle jacks?
Are you looking for the best bottle jack for your vehicle? 

This guide is the answer to your questions.

How to rebuild a bottle jack?

Really simple, but it is cheaper to go down to Harbor Freight and purchase a new bottle jack for less than the cost of the parts to rebuild a leaking one.

Release all the pressure, unscrew the nut around the cylinder, pour the fluid out into a clean container, then you will be able to see how the rest of it is put together and just take it apart, clean the plunger, replace the seals, filter the fluid through a coffee filter or pour in fresh hydraulic fluid, and tighten the nut on top.


In summary, any savvy car owner is aware that owning mechanical components is essential. This is why we have identified some of the best heavy duty bottle jacks for garage. These things make it simple to lift any vehicle for car repair and maintenance purposes. Get one today and experienced improved car performance. And there you have it. In a nutshell, a complete buying guide and a few options to choose from for the best bottle jack for you.

Did you find the model of your dreams today? Or have you decided another jack (or combination of different types) might be better for your situation? Whatever your position is now, we hope you learned all you needed to know.