An access ramp is a rising, sloping surface made of steel, aluminum or even plastic. They come in the form of one or two ramps. Other designations for the drive-on ramp are loading ramp, loading rail or drive-on rail. Such a ramp serves, on the one hand, to bridge the difference in height when loading other vehicles into the vehicle or trailer in question. It is therefore not necessary to lift the vehicle to be loaded. In this case, we often speak of a loading ramp.

On the other hand, a loading ramp also serves the purpose of raising a car on one side (front or back), for example, in order to be able to carry out repairs or inspections on the underside of the car. This is the function of a classic drive-on ramp. A drive-on ramp is therefore particularly interesting for people who are interested in saving costs for repairs in the workshop because it enables them to carry out repairs themselves.

In this article, we explain how you can carry out your own drive-on ramp test to choose your personal comparison winner and what points you should look out for when buying.

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Sure, I use a car creeper in my garage but lately, I started to take a look at the different options for the best car ramps that I can use at home in my driveway or garage.

Car ramps are a great addition to the arsenal of any home mechanic and I wanted to write this post to share with anybody reading a few of my different recommendations when it comes to the best vehicle ramps that I stumbled across.

The Best Car Ramps 2020

When it comes time to do an oil change or just access the undercarriage of the front or the back of the car it can be quite tricky to do so.

Thankfully, car ramps make it easier to get underneath the car with plenty of clearance to work with.

These ramps take advantage of a simple and straightforward design where you basically just drive your car up and onto the ramp so that you’re able to access the area underneath between the tires without as much hindrance from lack of space and cramped working quarters.

There are quite a few different options available to choose from that are able to support vehicles of different weights and that are made from a variety of different materials.

I recommend double-checking the weight capacity of any of the ramps that you’re interested in to make sure that it’s able to hold your vehicle and make sure to take a look at the overall construction to see what it’s made from and if it seems durable.

Here are a few of the different ramps that I recommend checking out.

Nicky Nice Solid Steel Auto Ramp Set

Nicky Nice Solid Steel Auto Ramp Set
  • 6500 lb. gross vehicle weight (2000 lb. each ramp)
  • Durable powder coat finish
  • Raised safety ribs on sides, punched and extruded traction holes on...
  • 35 in. long
  • Dimmension: 35 x 13 x 9 inches

Whenever I’m using anything to elevate my car off the ground I like using the sturdiest materials that I can find and because of its steel design it’s the Nicky Nice Solid Steel Auto Ramp Set that’s one of my top recommendations.

Each of these ramps has a weight capacity of 2000 pounds with a total gross vehicle weight capacity of 6500 pounds.

Keep in mind that the entire weight of your vehicle isn’t going to be placed on these ramps but it’s a good idea to avoid exceeding the gross vehicle weight regardless of whether or not you think that this set will be able to support a heavier vehicle.

On the incline of the ramp there are raised safety ribs that helped to guide the wheels up as they’re moving forward and the traction holes help to offer some more grip for the tires while you’re trying to position your vehicle.

This is a steel set so I find them to be quite durable and well-built and when it comes to storage capabilities it’s possible to stack these ramps into one another so that they don’t take up as much space in the garage or shed.

Keep in mind that with a jack you’ll be able to get the car higher off the ground but only on one side, which is great if you need to change a tire or work on the wheel, but if you’re working on something underneath the car then I would recommend checking out this ramp set so that you can enjoy some extra clearance and working space.

One little drawback is that although this set is quite short and portable it also means that the ramp offers a little bit of a higher incline so cars with a low front bumper might have some difficulty getting up and onto the ramp, although I didn’t experience any problems with my Volvo.

Race Ramps RR-40

Race Ramps RR-40 Service Sports Ramps (Pack of 2)
  • Service, maintain or display your sports car, low profile car, or...
  • 16.7-Degree angle of approach; fits tires up to 8" W
  • Easy to transport, use, and store; ramps won't transfer heat or cold,...
  • 1,500 lb. Weight capacity per ramp
  • 100% Solid lightweight high-density foam with traction coating

The Race Ramps RR-40 are a pair of 40 inch sport ramps and are designed specifically with sports car enthusiasts in mind that want to be able to work on their cars even with low clearance.

These ramps can handle tires that are up to 8 inches in width and offers approximately 7 inches of lift so that you’re able to enjoy more access to those hard-to-reach areas underneath a performance vehicle.

This is a 40 inch ramp and if you have a bigger or lower car then I would recommend checking out some of the other bigger ramps from Racr Ramps.

This set takes advantage of a durable and solid core design that helps to keep your vehicle positioned above the ground without the need for any jacks or hoists.

They’re lightweight, so it’s easy to take the ramps down out of the garage or any storage area and carry them to where your car is ready to be raised and they’re designed so that they won’t slide, sleep, or scoot along the floor when you’re trying to get the car on to them.

For even easier maneuverability each of the ramps has a strap at the end so that it can be positioned and adjusted depending on where you need it.

The main drawback, which is quite common with automotive ramps, is that those with very low cars might find an issue with clearance and if that’s the case I’d recommend checking out a longer ramp with a less steep incline.

Scepter 08226 Plastic Automotive Ramp Set

Scepter 08226 Plastic Automotive Ramp Set - 2 Piece
  • Core parabolic arch runs through center of ramp to support and...
  • 12,000 pound weight limit per set
  • Grid design allows water, snow and dirt to fall through for all...
  • 9.8 inch X 35 inch
  • Lightweight yet sturdy

The Scepter 08226 Plastic Automotive Ramp Set are a pair of plastic ramps that offer a total weight limit of 12000 pounds when they’re used together and take advantage of a lightweight, plastic design.

One interesting feature that I really like about this set is that it utilizes a parabolic arch in the core that runs right through the middle of the ramp that helps to offer support and evenly distribute the weight that’s placed on the surface.

Like I mentioned, they’re made from plastic, which makes the lightweight and easy to maneuver around whether you need to take them out of storage or position them in front of your car.

These also have an interesting gr >snow , water, oils, and just about anything else to fall through the grid so that it doesn’t collect any of the small spaces and cause damage and this makes it suitable to use throughout the year even if it’s snowing or raining outside.

Anyone looking to do their own oil changes at home, clean underneath the front or rear of the vehicle, or do some regular maintenance in those hard-to-reach areas, it’s the Scepter 08226 Plastic Automotive Ramp Set that I would recommend checking out.

Rage Powersports Aluminum Service Ramps

Black Widow BW-10812-2 Aluminum 9' Folding ATV Ramps
  • Dual runner loading ramps for ATVs, lawn tractors, and garden...
  • Measures 9' L x 12" W; maximum 1,200 lb weight capacity; folds to...
  • Arched for maximum engine and tailpipe clearance; folds in half for...
  • Serrated rungs for superior traction spaced 3" apart; plate-style...
  • High-strength, lightweight aluminum construction

The Rage Powersports Aluminum Service Ramps are designed to be used with pickup trucks and they can also be used for normal trucks, SUVs, and any other heavy duty lifted vehicles.

This set offers a 7000 pound axle capacity rating so you want to keep that in mind if you’re going to be driving your large truck or vehicle up onto these ramps and the ramp itself takes advantage of a 16 inch wide cross rung design that’s well suited for trucks with larger tires.

There aren’t any edge supports but there is a flat plate wheel stop at the end of the ramp that prevents the wheels from continuing forward and over the ramp.

The pair is quite heavy at 64 pounds in weight, but they’re designed from a heavy duty aluminum and this means they won’t rust from weathering and are suitable to use in all weather conditions.

I would recommend checking out the Rage Powersports Aluminum Service Ramps if you’re looking for a solidly built ramp to use with a big vehicle.

RhinoGear 11912ABMI RhinoRamps

RhinoGear 11912ABMI RhinoRamps MAX Vehicle Ramp - Pair...
  • Portable automotive ramps with a rugged and structural design
  • Provides reliable and convenient access to the underside of your...
  • CoreTRAC non-skid base helps reduce slippage
  • 17 degree incline provides easy use for low clearance vehicles
  • 16,000 pound GVW (gross vehicle weight) capacity

The RhinoGear 11912ABMI RhinoRamps offer a gross vehicle weight capacity of 16000 pounds and are designed with a 17-degree incline that’s well suited for vehicles with low clearance.

This set is equipped with a non-skid base that helps to keep the ramps in place while they’re being used by reducing slipping and sliding and they’re designed using a resin hard plastic material that keeps them lightweight and easy to maneuver.

The ramp part itself is quite wide which is great when it comes to confidence for those that have issues driving their vehicle up onto this ramp and also makes it a suitable choice for any cars or vehicles with wider wheels.

When it comes to storage these can be nested together to take up less space, although they’re still quite big and you’ll definitely want to store them in the garage, shed, or basement when you’re not using them.

Car & Truck Ramps by Rage Powersports

Rage Powersports Pair of Aluminum Pickup Truck Wheel Riser...
  • Pickup Truck service ramps with a load tested 7,000 lb. axle capacity...
  • Extra wide (16") cross rung design, serrated traction surface
  • Integrated flat plate wheel-stop at the end of the 10.5" Rise
  • Very portable, the ramp pair weighs only 64 lbs.
  • Heavy duty aluminum construction

PowerSports car ramp measures 10 foot by 16 inches, which can be used with cars, pickups, and trucks perfectly. It is made of sturdy aluminum to support the maximum weight of 5,000 lbs. per axle vehicle capacity. In addition, it comes with hook ends for car trailer attachment to ensure high performance and safety. Finally, this product is made in the USA, so its high quality is ensured.

Pair of Plastic Mini Car Ramps

RhinoGear 11909ABMI RhinoRamps Vehicle Ramp - Pair...
  • Portable automotive ramps with a rugged and structural design
  • Provides reliable and convenient access to the underside of your...
  • CoreTRAC non-skid base helps reduce slippage
  • 17 degree incline provides easy use for low clearance vehicles
  • 12,000 pound GVW (gross vehicle weight) capacity and for use with...

If you think such simple maintenance like oil changing and need to bring your car to the garage is a waste of time then we would like to introduce the Black Widow PSR295 Plastic Service Ramp that will ease that concern of yours. This auto ramps come with the measurement of 35.6″ in length, 12″ in width and 8.5″ in height that is perfectly fit for any heavy duties and vehicle maintenance. Moreover, these car ramps are also constructed with high-quality and durable plastic to make sure it can withstand any kind of car or truck.

Best Music Posters Car Truck Ramps

  • Aluminum Trailer Loading Ramps, Cars , Pickup Trucks, Atv's, Utv's,...
  • Load height ranging from 12" unto 36"
  • Hook End, Attachment to trailer. Half Knife Foot.
  • RETURNS: We accept returns within 30 days for a FULL REFUND MINUS...
  • We ONLY SHIP TO: continental united states only !!!!

Made of aluminum construction, these trailer loading ramps are built to last and will serve you for years to come. They are used on cars, pickup trucks, Utv’s, Atv’s, as well as other rubber-wheeled equipment that does not weigh over 5000 pounds per axle on the ramps at one time. These ramps also support load height ranging from 12-inch unto 36-inch.

Top 10 Best Car Ramps in 2020 Guides

Best Car RampsThe benefit of using an auto car ramp is very clear. Instead of using your car’s jack stands or bricks, using the proper car ramp proves to be a lightweight as well as easy way to get under your car when there is little to no room. Ideally, using any given auto car ramp can prove to be crucial for every professional mechanic, weekend warrior mechanics, and car enthusiasts because they help get a vehicle’s maintenance done quickly and easily.

By means of a car ramp test, you can find out which model makes your workshop work easier.
A drive-on ramp in the classic sense of the word makes it possible, as already mentioned, to carry out repairs on the underside of the car, among other things. The prerequisite for this is, of course, that this person has the necessary expertise to do so. However, if this is the case, the purchase of a drive-on ramp can save workshop costs. For somebody who likes to work on the car by himself, such a device is definitely an option.

The function as a loading ramp is used to transport vehicles – e.g. in a trailer. This could be a motorcycle, a moped or smaller vehicles with four wheels, such as a lawnmower with seats.

With the help of a loading ramp and a trailer, it is, therefore, possible to transport two vehicles from A to B at once as a single person.

Some models can be used both as drive-on and loading ramps. This is possible because they are collapsible due to their design. In this state they are able to carry larger loads, while when unfolded they can carry less, but are longer.

Tips and advice:

In the following, we will go into more detail about the individual points that play a role in the selection of a suitable car ramp.

Material: Logically, stability is one of the most important properties of an access ramp. After all, it must be able to withstand the weight of a vehicle. When it comes to loading, the driver who drives up the ramp is also involved. Most ramps are made of steel or aluminum. Aluminum ramps have a lower dead weight than steel ramps but do not have to be less stable. This depends on how the material has been installed. Plastic ramps are relatively rare. Therefore, plastic drive-on ramps will probably not appear in your test.
Load capacity: To know what load the ramp should be able to withstand, you need to know the weight of your car or the weight of the vehicle to be loaded (a small car usually weighs between 1000 and 1200 kg). It is also important for the load capacity whether the ramp is to be used to adjust the height of a vehicle, i.e. as a classic drive-on ramp, or whether it is to be used to load a vehicle (loading ramp). With the latter function it is important to note that when loading a vehicle, there is usually a driver sitting on or in it – so his weight must be added to this. Some ramps can be folded up and have a higher loading capacity in this state.
Dimensions: You should pay particular attention to the dimensions when checking a drive-on ramp in a test. They are given in “length times width times height”. These figures are very important as they determine the type of vehicles that can be driven on the ramp.
Car and tire width: Important for the correct selection of the drive-on ramp is a test of the information on maximum drive-on and tire width. Here, too, you need to think carefully about which vehicles you want to use the ramp with. If the tires are too wide for the drive-on ramps, their sharp metal edges can damage them. It is even more dangerous if the car gets off track and comes off the rails. This is because it is highly likely to cause an accident.
A number of ramps: Almost every drive-on ramp that you can examine in a test is in two parts and therefore suitable for four-wheeled vehicles such as cars. For two-wheeled vehicles, such as a motorcycle, a rail is also sufficient.
Foldable: As already mentioned, some models can be folded. This increases their load capacity and in this state they can be used as ramps, while when folded out they allow vehicles to be loaded. Folded, these models can also be transported in a space-saving manner.
Weight: The deadweight of the ramps can vary greatly from model to model. The weight is important if you want to transport the ramps. Lightweight models can be an advantage here.

Safety instructions for the use of an access ramp

Smaller vehicles such as scooters can be transported with the help of a ramp.
Smaller vehicles such as scooters can be transported with the aid of a drive-on ramp.
To avoid accidents when using a ramp, you should take a few precautions. First of all, it is very important to choose the right surface for setting up the ramp. A suitable surface is characterized by the fact that it is not slippery – i.e. not wet or slippery. If possible, the ground should also not be uneven. If the ramp slips away when the car drives up it, this can cause damage to the car body or, worse still, injuries.

Brake blocks can prevent this, but an anti-slip mat can also help. Both methods will also protect you if you lay under the car for repair after it has been driven onto the ramp. A loading ramp can be fixed with a tension belt. Before you drive onto the ramp, both rails or parts of the ramp must be set at the correct distance. This means that the distance between the rails corresponds to the distance between the wheels on your car. Furthermore, you should drive onto a drive-on ramp slowly and carefully. This not only reduces the risk of slipping but also the unpleasant effect of the car driving over the end of the ramp.

Ramps made of metal often have the disadvantage that their edges are quite sharp. This can damage the car tires if not driven up carefully. However, your hands can also be injured if you put the ramp-up. Therefore gloves are recommended in such a case.

If you are aware of all these dangers and take appropriate measures to prevent or at least reduce them, nothing should stand in the way of the successful use of an access ramp.

Other types of ramps

The drive-on ramp, for which you will find the test criteria here, is only one variant of the ramp. To give you a complete overview of ramps, the following chapter provides a brief overview of other forms.

In addition to the wheelchair ramp already mentioned, there are other types, each of which is intended for specific vehicles. Special motorcycle ramps have an appropriate daytime capability and track width adapted to these motorcycles. A heavy load ramp is designed for loading heavy vehicles such as construction machinery. It has a correspondingly high load capacity.

But ramps are also used in other ways in road traffic. So-called door sill ramps are designed to help wheelchair users and people with prams to get up a step. Curbstone wedges create a ramp-like surface so that vehicles can negotiate a curb.

Although a loading ramp is also called a ramp, it is not sloped. It is usually attached to warehouses and is intended for loading or unloading goods. The loading ramp is usually approached by trucks, but is also used in freight transport by rail. It often consists of concrete.

Could not find a suitable ramp? There are also alternatives

If you check a drive-on ramp in a text, you can see that it is similarly functioning as a jack.
There is an alternative to the drive-on ramp, which we will therefore briefly introduce below. A jack is usually a relatively small tool and basically fulfils the same function as a classic drive-on ramp. You can check this in a test.

A jack is used to lift a car in order to carry out repairs or wheel changes. Just like the drive-on ramp, the jack is able to carry enormous weights. There are, among others, shunting jacks and air cushion jacks. Other types are the hydraulic jack, the Hi-Lift-Jack and the pneumatic jack and the jack with rack and pinion thread. The scissor jack is often found in cars. It is a well-known aid in case of a breakdown.

Car jacks are generally much smaller and therefore easier to handle and transport than drive-on ramps. But with some jacks, the car cannot be lifted as high as it is moved upwards by means of a drive-on ramp. This applies at least as a rule to shunting and scissor jacks. That is why such jacks are mainly used when changing tires.

By the way, there are combinations of ramp and jack – but these are rather rare. When the car is on the ramp, you can use a lever to raise the platform on which the car is standing even higher. This is done with a special hydraulic fluid. This is pumped into the piston by pressing the lever. This, in turn, moves the platform and with it the car.

How to Choose the Best Car Ramps

When choosing a car ramp, you need to consider some factors so you buy a ramp that best suits your needs. They include:

  • The type of vehicle you have
  • How high you actually need to go
  • What purpose the car ramps are going to serve you
  • Width of your car tires
  • Angle and height of the slope
  • Weight of the car ramp if you’re going to move them around more many times
  • Storage space

Making your decision about the car ramp you purchase should take into consideration the kind of vehicle you own, and what you need the ramp for. Some ramps will be designed primarily to move a car up to a higher platform, whereas others may be designed solely to lift the care nough to give you access to its underside.

Most ramps will work with most cars, but some vehicles that are low to the ground will require higher ramps. If you own a specialty vehicle, or a vehicle that is particularly heavy, you may have to look for very particular ramps.

Factors to Consider Best Car Ramp:

  •  The weight of car: car ramps often come with different weight ratings. If your car is considerably lighter, most ramps will work for you.  If you have a heavier car, it is best to find a car ramp that can accommodate such weight.
  • Inclination angle: it is important to examine the angle of lift.  Low cars require a low profile ramp which has a small angle of lift and the reverse is true for high vehicles. Choose the appropriate one for your car height.
  • Material: Find a car ramp that is built with high-quality material that supports durability, reliability, and portability.
  • Price: when buying a car ramp choose one that will serve you a long time even if it is a bit on the higher side, don’t settle for a cheap one that will need frequent replacement.

Are drive-on ramps also suitable for wheelchairs?

Access ramps are generally not designed for wheelchairs. There are special wheelchair ramps for this purpose. These are specially made for use with wheelchairs. They consist of a single surface, not two rails. A wheelchair ramp is also characterized by a generous width, which takes the track width of a wheelchair into account. For the installation of these ramps on motor vehicles, the former must comply with a specific standard – DIN 32985.


Automotive car ramps have made our work easier. Not only do these units lift vehicles but also they ensure efficiency and peerless performance. Although they are lightweight, these car ramps are made of sturdy all-aluminum or all-steel construction for durability and long-term service. They come in a wide range of designs to ensure you have a desirable product with fascinating features. Despite their performance and functionality, these car ramps are within an affordable range.

Go right ahead and choose one of these amazing car ramps always to have easy access to your car underside. These are the best car ramps on the market currently with sturdy construction and non-skid bases.