CAR SEAT TOYSYou have probably experienced the unpleasant situation of a long car ride with an unhappy child that has nothing to do. Long car rides can make even the best behaved of people cranky, and this is only magnified when it comes to children. While you are more limited in what you can provide your child with for entertainment on a car ride, you do have options!

In fact, there is a specific type of toy made for just this situation: car seat toys! These toys, as you will see, will keep your baby entertained while riding in the car, and attach easily to your car or car seat. Instead of having to worry about packing up tons of toys (that will likely just get thrown all over the car), you can invest in a car seat toy that will stay in place and make your baby incredibly happy.

If you are in need of safe entertainment for your child in the car, look no further. We have selected the ten best car seat toys on the market today and will review them for you now.

In A Hurry? This Is The Best:

Tiny Love My Nature Pals Stroll Activity Arch, Travel Arch...
  • Stroller arch, suitable for babies 0 month +
  • Rattle toys, crinkly textures and baby-activated fan encourages...
  • Universal clips fit most prams, pushchairs and baby car seats
  • Flexible arches of this pushchair arch easily angle towards baby
  • Tiny friends ensure endless fun

Our number one rated, and our choice for one of the best car seat toys available, is this toy from Tiny Love. You will use this toy for a long time with your child, as it adjusts in size and features as your baby grows and develops motor skills. Attach this to your stroller and your baby will be happy all day long.

Batting Features Turn to Pulling Features

When your baby is first born, they don’t have the motor skills to grab and pull at toys. Tiny Love kept this in mind, making their arch toy adjustable to adapt to your baby’s age. When they are first born, push the arch up so your baby can bat at the toys. When they are over 5 months, adjust the arch so they can reach out and pull at the toys.

This toy is a great value for the money. It is slightly more expensive than some other toys on this list, but you can’t beat this abundance of features. You will be able to use this toy for a long time, starting with when your child is first born.

  • Can be used when a baby is first born, as well as when they are a bit older and have more skills
  • Numerous toys to keep your baby busy
  • Teething element for when your child starts teething
  • Universal clip means you don’t have to worry if it’ll work with your specific stroller
  • Cannot be used in the car

2. Infantino Spiral Activity Toy, Pink

Infantino Spiral Activity Toy, Pink
  • Includes peek n' see mirror,2-clacker rings, bird rattle, crinkle bug,...
  • Easily wraps around car seat handles, most strollers and cribs
  • BPA Free
  • Country of origin is China

This next toy from Infantino is super fun and is easy to take with you anywhere!
This spiral activity toy attaches to a variety of places, including car seat handles and stroller bars. With a variety of fun toys attached, your child will be kept busy for hours.

Four Hanging Toys

This toy comes with not two, not three, but four hanging toys that gives your child a large variety of options. These bright toys will keep your child entertained, and help them develop their motor and visual skills.


This is another inexpensive toy, one of the most inexpensive on this list. This is a great option, even for parents on a limited budget, and is a great value for the money. This toy is affordable, easy to use, and comes with several elements. You can’t go wrong with that!

  • The spiral bar is easy to wind around any of your child’s travel gear, including car seats, strollers, and more.
  • The variety of toys ensures your child won’t get bored quickly or easily
  • Comes in two different color options (pink and blue)
  • Not as easily used in cars, as car seats don’t always have space for wrapping things
  • Cannot be shipped outside the U.S.

3. Bright Starts Take Along Carrier

Tiny Love Take-Along Arch, Sunny Stroll
  • Transparent sun prism
  • Flexible arch with angle adjustment
  • Rattling butterfly ball with crinkly texture
  • Baby activated propeller
  • Easy attachment clips

This toy bar from Bright Starts lands in our top three because of the great value this product has. This toy bar attaches to almost any infant carrier and gives your child multiple fun toy options. Your baby will be stimulated and entertained for hours with this fun, easy to install toy bar.

Baby Activated Light and Music

This toy is made even better because the middle element can light up and play music when your baby presses it. They will love the satisfaction of bringing this toy to life.


Amazing value! This is one of the cheapest toys on this list, but it is packed with great features, including musical and light up elements. You cannot get a better value for a toy with this many features.

  • Promotes stimulation for a variety of senses- touch, sound, movement
  • Easily attaches to stroller bar by just wrapping around it
  • Slightly elevated price point

4. BRICA Baby In-Sight Mirror

Munchkin Brica Firefly Baby In-Sight Car Entertainment...
  • Choreographed LED lights that light up in fun shapes and patterns in...
  • Remote lets you control the music, lights and volume from the driver's...
  • Shatter resistant clear sight mirror for superior reflection and a...
  • Auto shutoff to conserve battery life
  • Choose entertaining or soothing mode with up to 24 minutes of music...

This next product is one of the best car seat toys out there, as it serves a purpose for both you and your baby. This mirror doubles as a toy for your child, and a way for you to check on your baby while driving. Use this mirror while your child is in a rear facing car seat, attaching it to your back headrest.

The adjustable blinking lights and music (along with the mirror) will keep baby happy for hours! Brica is one of the most well-known car seat brands, and their car seat toy is sure to be just as great as their seats!

Remote Control Lets You Manage the Music and Lights

Not only does this mirror have adjustable elements with regards to the music and lights, you can also control it via remote control! Easily manage this toy while you are driving, turning the music off (or play the soothing sounds) and lights down when baby is sleeping, and turning it up when baby is awake and looking to play!


This is one of the more expensive toys on this list, but considering you are getting an electronic toy that comes with a remote, it is a great value for the money. Considering this toy serves so many purposes (monitoring your child, keeping them entertained, helping them sleep) it is a great investment that you are sure to love when going on long car rides.

  • Can double as a safety mirror so you can see your baby while driving
  • Can still be used when in a forward facing seat
  • Remote control makes it easy to adjust the sound and light elements
  • Will help entertain your baby, but also help them to sleep when they need to
  • There is nothing tactile for baby to play with, only visual elements
  • Requires batteries

5. Lamaze Clip & Go Moose Mortimer

Lamaze Clip and Go Moose Mortimer
  • Both cuddly and stimulating, with bright colors and sounds
  • Cuddly body, chewy antlers and "tail" rings, legs and hooves make...
  • Brightly covered hooves chime, squeak, rattle and crunch when baby...
  • Attached Lamaze link makes this handy as take-along toy

If you loved the idea of Firefly Freddie, you are sure to also love Mortimer the Moose as well! This is another toy from Lamaze from their Clip and Go collection. Your child is sure to love the friendly and soft moose, especially all of the fun elements that come with him! Attach him anywhere and easily take him on the go, whether in a stroller or car seat.

Teething Antlers

This clip and go toy is unique from the other one in that it comes with ‘teething antlers’ that are sure to come in handy when your child starts teething.


This toy is slightly expensive, although not the most expensive on this list. You are getting a lot of elements in one with this toy, so it is a good value for the money. The teething antlers will be a lifesaver when your child starts teething, and the clip ring ensures this won’t get dropped or lost when traveling around.

  • Teething element perfect for when baby is upset and sore
  • Combination of comforting/soft material and noise elements that keep your child entertained
  • Clip attachment makes it easy to take this anywhere without fear of losing it
  • Can only be shipped within the U.S.

6. O Ball Flex ‘n Go Activity Arch

Bright Starts OBall Flex 'n Go Activity Arch Take-Along Toy
  • Safe for ages 0 months and up
  • This toy bar is made of soft, flexible Oball material
  • Includes 3 removable toys: an original easy-to-grasp 3" Oball, lion...
  • It also comes with 4 linky loops to attach additional toys
  • Attach to your stroller for on-the-go fun

Are you on the go a lot with your baby in their stroller? If so, you need this take-along toy from Oball. This arch shaped toy attaches to almost any stroller and will surround your baby with tons of fun toys

Flexible Arch From Oball Material

This toy is crafted from a soft and flexible material that can easily snap on to just about any stroller. Even if your baby is super small, this material will bend to create the perfect sized arch where all the toys are easily accessible.


This toy is situated in the middle in terms of price, it isn’t the cheapest or most expensive. It is a very fair price and a great value for the money considering you get the arch structure, 3 toys, and additional loops to add more toys.

  • Arch design means toys will be directly in front of child- helps to keep them focused on the toy
  • Additional loops are very convenient for adding other some of your child’s favorite toys
  • Design makes it easy to attach to almost all strollers
  • Can’t be used in the car

7. Infantino Hug and Tug Musical Bug

Infantino Hug and Tug Musical Bug
  • Pull down for fun music, motion and activities
  • Plays music for 90 seconds as this huggable bug slowly moves back-up
  • Includes 2 clacker rings, peek n' see mirror and knotty legs
  • BPA Free

We’ve already discussed one Infantino toy, and this next one is another great one your kids are sure to love. The top of this cute bug attaches to just about anything- strollers, car seats, high chairs, cribs, you name it! With plenty of features, including a movement and musical element, this is sure to be a winning toy.

90 Seconds of Music While the Bug Moves

Your kids will love this musical bug. Pull the bug all the way down, and then watch it slowly crawl back up for 90 seconds while playing music! Great for audio and visual learning.


This is one of the more inexpensive items on the list, giving it a great value for the money. Even if you are on a more limited budget, this is a great option that will surely keep your child entertained for a long time.

  • Handle makes it easy to attach so it doesn’t go flying when your child is playing with it
  • Music element is unique and will keep your child entertained
  • Tugging motion helps to build motor skills
  • No teething element
  • Not machine washable

8. Lamaze Clip & Go Firefly Freddie

Lamaze Freddie The Firefly
  • BABY DEVELOPMENT: Clacking rings awaken auditory senses and ladybug...
  • SURPRISE CRINKLES: Soft velour body and multiple textures on the wings...
  • INTERACTIVE TOYS: Mirror play helps baby learn how to focus, track...
  • CLIP-ON STROLLER TOY: Hooks to strollers, carriers and diaper bags for...
  • FUN TOY FOR BABIES: Delightful and fun jingle sound; keep baby...

If you loved the idea of Mortimer the Moose, you are sure to also love Freddie the Firefly as well! This is another toy from Lamaze from their Clip and Go collection.

Firefly Freddie from Lamaze is sure to be your baby’s newest friend on your next car trip! The cute design, bright colors, and various elements combine to make one great toy that your child is sure to love.

Peek-A-Boo Mirror

Not only does this toy have tons of other elements, it has a partially ‘hidden’ mirror that your child will love trying to find- and the joy that comes upon successfully finding it!


This toy is moderately priced, it is neither the cheapest nor most expensive on this list. It is a pretty good value for the money, considering it is just one toy, but the one toy still manages to pack in several different elements.

  • Bright colors stimulate vision and keep your child’s attention
  • Multiple elements ensure your baby won’t get bored
  • Top ring can easily attach to numerous things, including car seats
  • Teething toy good for when your baby gets cranky
  • Cannot be machine washed

9. PlayGro Amazing Garden Twirly Whirly

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If you are in need of a toy that you can strap on your car seat when attached to your stroller, this toy from PlayGro is perfect for you. This twirl shaped long toy wraps around the bar of your stroller and comes with all sorts of fun toys that will stimulate your child’s senses, keep them entertained, and help them develop all sorts of skills!

Textured Teether

A teething baby is not a happy baby, but this toy has a convenient ‘textured teether’ that your baby will love to bite on to help sooth their sore mouths.


This is another one of the more expensive toys on this list, but is also a great value given the variety of toys. You aren’t just getting one toy, but a whole set that easily attaches to places like your stroller.

  • Promotes stimulation for a variety of senses- touch, sound, movement
  • Easily attaches to stroller bar by just wrapping around it
  • Teething toy always attached so you have it in case your baby needs it and is crying
  • Helps develop motor skills
  • Cannot be used in the car
  • Slightly elevated price point

10. Taf Toys Feet Fun

Taf Toys Feet Fun Infant Car Seat Toy.
  • BABY’S ENTERTAINMENT IN TRAVEL – This is especially designed toy...
  • EASY ATTACHMENT - The car seat toy can be attached to the car seat...
  • EASY ADJUSTMENT - The toy is adjustable for baby’s convenience for...
  • BABY’S CAR ACTIVITY CENTER – Baby’s fond of continuous...
  • THREE INTRIGUING HANGING TOYS – While in the rear seat baby gets...

This car seat toy from Taf Toys is perfect for your little one who is still in a rear facing seat. This toy attaches to your back seat and will keep your child entertained for hours! With multiple elements and stimulation for their eyes, hands, and even feet, this is sure to keep your child (and you) happy, even on the longest of car trips.

Foot Stimulation Feature

What makes this toy unique is that it has an element that stimulates your baby’s feet. This roller pad will interest your child and keep their attention for hours!


This is one of the most expensive toys on this list, but it is a great value for the money. You are getting a lot of toys all in one in an easy to attach system that will make car rides so much easier. This is worth the investment and has enough elements to justify the price.

  • Has multiple elements to keep your child entertained for a long time
  • Foot stimulation is unique and helps child develop motor skills
  • Adjustable so your child can reach it, no matter their size
  • Mirror element helps distract and entertain your baby
  • Slightly elevated price point
  • Can only work with rear facing car seats
  • Can only work with adjustable headrests

Decision Time

There you have it! These are the ten best car seat toys on the market today. When you are making a decision, keep in mind two major things: where you want to use this toy, and which elements you want included. Some of these toys are designed for use in a stroller or baby carrier and not for the car (PlayGro, Oball, Bright Starts, and Tiny Love) toys. Also, keep in mind certain elements that are important to you- such as musical or light elements, or having an attached teether.

For toys that light up and make noise- go with the Infantino Musical Bug, Brica Auto Mirror, or Bright Starts Toy Bar. For toys with teethers, you can pick from the PlayGro Twirly Whirly Toy, Lamaze Moose Mortimer, or Tiny Love Take-Along Arch. No matter what you decide, your baby is sure to love their new toy and will be entertained for hours while on the go!