Best Car Wash Foam GunEveryone wants their car to have this attractive and shiny appearance and at the same time get their paint job looking great at all times. This is why we visit automated car washes or we can do the washing ourselves at home. The point is you do not need to spend long hours cleaning up your car while using a bucket and car hose.

I got a ton of requests. Like I said, a lot of people reading my blog. They said they love my reviews, but they don’t have money for a power washer or they can’t use a power washer because they live in a townhouse development or a condo. And like I said, they’re just asking me like, “Well, how can I do a really good job without all the fancy equipment?

I just want to let you guys know, all the stuff that I have, the Sureshot sprayers, the power washer, the MTM foam can, all that stuff, all that’s really doing is just maximizing my time and creating a much more efficient process. That’s just something for me. But, like I said, we’re going to go back to the basics, and the one thing I’m going to do a little review on for you is my original basic foam gun.

Just about everybody offers their own foam gun, from Adams, from Chemical Guys, from Detail King, they’re all over the web. And there’s one particular thing I want to talk about on the one that I have, and I have the Gilmour Adjustable Foam Gun.

Gilmour 875144-1001 Foamaster Cleaning Sprayer Nozzle, 1-12...
  • Adjustable to 1, 2, 4, 6 or 12 ounce per gallon
  • Wide, easy-to-fill mouth prevents spills
  • Foaming attachment provides fan spray to maximize cleaning area
  • Accurately mixes and sprays foaming chemicals
  • Foaming attachment provides fan spray, solid stream without attachment

Gilmour Hose Brass Quick connect kit

Gilmour 09QCGT 2-Piece Green Thumb Brass Quick Connector Set...
  • Contains 2 Male And 2 Female Connectors
  • Heavy Duty Solid Brass Construction
  • Connects Hose To Sprinkler, Nozzle Or Other Accessory

BEST Snow Foam Soap

Chemical Guys CWS_110 Honeydew Snow Foam Car Wash Soap and...
  • Snow foam eliminates dirt, grime and environmental contaminants with...
  • Safe on all vehicle surfaces including paint, rubber, vinyl, glass and...
  • Concentrated cleaning power: Dilute with one cap to five gallons of...
  • PH neutral formula won't harm and waxes or sealants on your vehicle...
  • Fresh natural smell that's simple and delicious be happy while you are...
More about Best Car Wash Soaps read here.

Now, Gilmour makes three different versions of this type of a product. They make the original Foamaster. They make the Foamaster II, which is a newer one which has a plastic wheel  which basically regulates how much of the solution in your bottle gets mixed with the hose water and shoots out the front.

I have the adjustable Foamaster. I have owned this Foamaster for over 12 years, and this is what I wanna talk to you guys about, and why this is so important that, yeah, this is 60 bucks but all the other ones are 49 to 59. It doesn’t matter. They’re all over the price, with the pricing of these things all over the internet.

But this is made in America. I don’t know if these are still made in America, but I will tell you now that my hose handle, all my fittings are solid machine brass, this is made in America.

And to me, that’s just worth it than buying something that’s imported that you know is maybe not gonna last you this long. But to have something to last over 12 years, it’s getting dropped, it’s been left outside in the winter, it gets abused. I wanna just emphasize on, invest the money and buy a good quality product. No matter what it is! Any kind of tool, any kind of device, always spend a little bit more and buy the better one. Don’t buy the $15 one. Spend the money and make the final investment, and it will last you.

The only maintenance I’ve ever done on my Gilmour adjustable Foamaster is this piece: Gilmour Hose Brass Quick connect kit. I’ve replaced this one time in 12 years. Every time you drop your hose, this gets smashed on the floor, and there’s a little retaining spring. And what happens is if it gets damaged enough, when you go to connect it to the foam gun, the foam gun flies right off. It could actually hit your car.

I usually keep a spare in stock. This one was replaced back in 2016. It still works fine. And like I said, guys, there are times when it’s early, early in the morning, and I don’t wanna fire up the gas power washer. Or the car’s not really dirty and I don’t need to get the power washer going, and I wanna just do a routine maintenance, touchless wash with foaming it up, rinsing it down, using a drying … and just going over to a show.

Let me just tell you a little bit on this device. Now, the other modification that I made … On the bottom of the siphon, there was a screen here. And I removed that screen just because I like to run a lot of solution, a lot of soap, in my foam gun when I use it. And the screen tends to effect the flow as it’s getting sucked up. I just removed the little screen from there, and it’s been like that ever since.

Now, this has an adjustment on it. There’s five different adjustments, with this little rod that goes back and forth. You have a tiny pinhole, and the holes get larger, larger, and larger depending on how much solution you want. There’s five different gradients, from start to finish. And what I’m gonna do is I’m gonna load some Honeydew Snow Foam in here, ’cause it’s usually the preference of the material that I use with the foam gun, and I’m just gonna tell you how the adjustment works and everything in between.

But like I said, I cannot advise you enough to just spend the money and get a foam gun that has all solid brass mechanism. Because if you buy the one with the plastic mechanism and the plastic attachment points, as soon as you drop that once or twice, it’s gonna break, you’re gonna throw your money out the door.

I have dropped this thing year after year, time and time again. The plastic is not cracked, there’s no leaks, there’s no issues. I have tried the cheaper ones way back; after you drop them a few times, then it starts to foam you, and it starts spraying back at you, and then it becomes a total, absolute mess.

Gilmour. Made in America, made in USA. You go pick these up on Amazon. You might be able to get these at a Lowe’s or a Home Depot, but I’m not sure. I don’t usually see these listed in there in my area, anyway. But if you do, this is the one you wanna pick up, is the Gilmour adjustable Foamaster, or the original Foamaster, if you wanna adjust it or not.

I like the adjustable because it’ll enable you to decrease or increase the amount of foaming that’s gonna go on your car. Now, with the standard one, it doesn’t offer the adjustments. You’re pretty much limited to what it’s giving you here.

Best Car Wash Foam Gun – Buyer’s Guide

I got the Gilmour adjustable Foamaster. I put three complete pumps of the Honeydew Snow Foam in here, with about 70% water. Then what I usually do, I just flip it around, trying to get that agitated so the soap mixes well and it doesn’t stick on the bottom. You definitely wanna do that, depending on which brand you’re using. And then, I’m gonna show you the levels of foam intensity that this thing’s gonna create.

Best Car Wash Foam Gun – Buyer’s Guide

All right, this is setting number one. And you can see, there’s really not much soap coming out. Practically nothing.

We’re gonna switch it to number two. Okay, now we’re starting to get some foam.

Best Car Wash Foam Gun – Buyer’s Guide

And this would actually be really adequate to do your wash, and you guys can see the runoff. It’s pretty damn good.

Here’s number four. A little bit thicker. There’s number four.

Best Car Wash Foam Gun – Buyer’s Guide

Now, number five, which is gonna be the maximum. And this is an outstanding way to wash your car, take your time, it’s relaxing. You don’t have to worry about the power washer, you don’t have to worry about annoying your neighbors with noise, and this greatly will reduce your swirl marks.

Best Car Wash Foam Gun – Buyer’s Guide

There’s really no reason not to invest 60 bucks in one of these to do your car. And here’s the maximum suds.

And like I said, the Honeydew Snow Foam is just an outstanding product. I love it all the way around, but in the foam gun with the garden hose, this is … You wanna get a very, very high suds formula, I think, ’cause if you use any of the thinner car shampoos, you’re really not gonna get a lot of concentration on the car unless you use a hell of a lot of product. But I just wanted to do a quick demo. Had a lot of requests asking me, “Hey, how could I do a good hand wash without using a power washer, electric or gas?” And I pretty much always recommend the Gilmour adjustable foam gun.

It’s probably the best one on the market, in my opinion. Like I said, it’s lasted me over 12 years. Solid brass construction, has not let me down yet, and I use this regularly. Sometimes when I don’t wanna fire up the gas power washer, and the car’s not that dirty, I usually throw it with this and we get a really nice result out of the end of it.

Hope you guys liked this demo on this, and make sure, if you’re gonna buy one of these, don’t get the Foamaster II with the black, plastic wheel, or any other ones with the black, plastic wheels up here. They just don’t seem to last when you drop them, and you just wanna get the one with the solid brass construction. And the Gilmour brand, the Foamaster and the adjustable Foamaster, are the only ones that have this, that I’ve found in the market. All of the other ones have a lot of plastic construction. Even when you attach your garden hose to the foam gun, there’s plastic. If you drop it, it’s gonna crack; it’s gonna give you an issue every time you go to connect it.

I just don’t like that. I’d rather have something that’s gonna last, made in America, well-built. Hasn’t let me down yet.

That’s it, folks. Post some feedback below. If you guys have this particular foam, let me know how long you’ve had it, let me know how you like it, and how often you use it. But I say, guys, this is the way to go. Can’t beat it. Works, and it’ll last you a hell of a long time.