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Invisible Glass 91164 - Cleaner for Auto and Home for a Streak-Free Shine, Deep-Cleaning Foaming Action, Safe for Tinted and Non-Tinted Windows, Ammonia Free Foam Glass Cleaner, 19 oz.
INVISIBLE GLASS CLEANER: See why Invisible Glass Cleaner is the #1 top seller in automotive for window and glass cleaning at home and in the car. Get a superior, brilliant clean that’s instantly noticeable.

When it comes to having a clean car windshield and windows i’ll admit that I’m a total stickler.

Not only do I take the time to painstakingly dry my entire car by hand after I’ve washed it I’ll then go back and spend at least another hour making sure the windows are spotless and crystal clear.

Then i’ll check it throughout the day to make sure I didn’t miss any spots, smudges, or grease stains leftover from the other automotive products I used for cleaning the body.

It took me a while and a lot of trial and error to find the best car window cleaner but I eventually came up with a few different options that I look using.

In this post I want to share some of my recommendations when it comes windshield cleaner as well as provide helpful tips for cleaning a car windshield.

The Best Car Window Cleaner 2019

Invisible Glass Premium Glass Cleaner

Invisible Glass 91164 - Cleaner for Auto and Home for a...
  • INVISIBLE GLASS CLEANER: See why Invisible Glass Cleaner is the #1 top...
  • CLEAR DRY FORMULA: There’s no streaks, no drips, and no mess thanks...
  • DEEP-CLEANSING FOAM: This unique foam cleanser scrubs deep to remove...
  • TINT SAFE: Invisible Glass cleaner instantly removes even the toughest...
  • FINE MIST CLEAN: This fine mist sprays evenly and fully clings to...

One of the first cleaners that I ever tried was the Invisible Glass Premium Glass Cleaner.

At first I wasn’t sure that it worked quite right but I was actually just cleaning the windows incorrectly and I’ll go over some tips later on on how to make sure there aren’t any streaks or spots left over regardless of which of these cleaners you use.

Now this is one of the main ones that I use whenever I want to give my car a nice detail and clean and I really like it because it doesn’t come with any soaps, scents, dyes, or foams, so as long as you’re cleaning correctly it’s unlikely that there will be any streaks or residue left behind.

Thanks to the lack of materials that leave marks and residues there also isn’t any haze left on the windows after cleaning and you don’t get any of that weird scummy material that’s really visible when the sun is shining directly through the glass.

I use it on both the interior and exterior of the windows as well as the mirrors and it helps to get rid of any fingerprints, sap, grease, smudges, grime, and anything else left over on the window after you have washed it or wiped it down.

I personally prefer the one that comes in a spray bottle since it makes it easier to control the amount that you’re using although the one that comes in the aerosol can works just as well I just don’t like using the can for spraying.

I would definitely recommend checking out the Invisible Glass Premium Glass Cleaner if you’re looking for the best window cleaner for cars and you want to enjoy a spotless and clear window once you’re done cleaning it.

Meguiar’s Perfect Clarity Glass Cleaner

Meguiar's G8224 Perfect Clarity Glass Cleaner - 24 oz.
  • Cleaner Wax is the versatile, easy way to clean
  • Cleaner Wax is the versatile, easy way to clean
  • Durable and easy to apply and remove, Maguire's Cleaner Wax...

Another one of my favorite window cleaners for the car is the Meguiar’s Perfect Clarity Glass Cleaner.

I’ve used a lot of the Meguiar’s products in the past for a cleaning and detailing so it only made sense for me to go ahead and pick up their glass cleaner as well.

So far I’m very pleased with the cleaning ability that it offers and it really helps to keep the windows on my Volvo clear and clean after I’ve washed the car.

This cleaner comes with an anti-hazing formula that helps to keep windows from hazing over and clearer for a longer period of time and it can also be used for cleaning off residue left over from bugs, tree sap, grime, bird poop, and a variety of other natural materials that cause car windows to become dirty and hard to see through.

Not only is a good at removing leftover gunk but it’s also streak-free and if used correctly won’t leave behind any streaks or residue.

Sprayway Glass Cleaner

Sprayway Glass Cleaner Aerosol Spray, 19 oz (Packaging May...
  • Cleans in seconds
  • Spray on-wipe off
  • Glass become sparkling clear and stays clean longer
  • Removes bugs, road grime, masking tape residue
  • Cleans light fixtures and reflectors, mirrors, desk tops, glass doors,...

The Sprayway Glass Cleaner is one that was recommended to me by a few different people and I like it because it uses foam action rather than being just a liquid spray.

Using it is simple and after spraying it on you’ll notice that the foam is clinging to the surface while the formula it’s made from is working to dissolve grease, grime, and other sticky residue that’s left behind on the glass window surface.

After a short while it simply needs to be wiped away and the glass should be clean and free from any leftover residue, grime, or unsightly haze.

Not only can it be used on car windows and windshields but it can also be used throughout the home for cleaning any glass surfaces that you might want to get sparkling.

Some more things to keep in mind is that it’s ammonia-free so that you aren’t breathing in any harmful chemicals while it’s being used and it also leaves behind a fresh fragrant scent after it’s been used.

I believe that the Sprayway Glass Cleaner is a very suitable choice for those looking for the best glass cleaner for cars and I would definitely recommend checking it out if you’re interested in keeping your windows clean and clear.

Rain-X Glass Cleaner and Rain Repellent

Rain-X 5071268 Glass Cleaner + Rain Repellent, 23 oz.
  • Fast and easy to use - just spray on and wipe away with no buffing...
  • Cleans automotive glass streak-free
  • Repels rain by causing water to bead up and roll away
  • Helps prevent and remove sleet, snow, ice, bugs, and road spray from...
  • 23oz bottle

I started using the windshield wiper fluid by Rain-X and I was very pleased with it so when I saw that they had their own Rain-X Glass Cleaner and Rain Repellent I went ahead and picked it up to see how it would work on the windows on my Volvo.

It’s great because it can be used to clean the windows and leave the glass streak-free and it also helps to repel rain by making the droplets bead up rather than just pouring down the window and making it even harder to see in a downpour.

Along with the windshield wiper fluid I could really notice a difference when it rained and I didn’t have to run the windshield wipers as much while still being able to see quite clearly.

Not only can it be used for repelling rain drops but it also helps to prevent bugs, snow, road spray, and other airborne liquids from sticking to the windshield.

Over the years I’ve been very impressed with the Rain-X products and I still have no reason not to recommend checking out the Rain-X Glass Cleaner and Rain Repellent if you’re looking to keep your windows clean while taking advantage of the rain repellent feature that it offers.

3M Glass Cleaner

3M Glass Cleaner, 08888, 19.0 oz
  • Aerosol application for all glass surfaces
  • May be used on automotive vinyl and interior plastic
  • No drip foaming action - clings to vertical surafces and streak-free...
  • Streak-free formula puts the sparkle and shine back into automotive...
  • Cuts through stubborn grit and grime on windshields and windows

The 3M Glass Cleaner is a cleaner that comes in an aerosol application can and can be used both on glass surfaces in the car as well as vinyl and interior plastic materials throughout the vehicle.

It’s also another foam cleaner and by design it clings to the vertical surfaces of the car windshield and when wiped away results in a streak-free and clear shine.

The foam works by taking advantage of a special formula that quickly dissolves residue, smudges, dirt, and makes them easy to wipe away using a microfiber cloth.

it can be used on both regular windows and tinted windows without worry and can also be used to clean some of the interior components in the car as well.

Hope’s Perfect Glass Cleaner

Hope's Perfect Glass Cleaner, 32 Fl Oz
  • Streak-free - This 100% streak-free glass cleaning Spray is...
  • Multi-surface - perfect glass works great on multiple types of...
  • Less wiping - perfect glass was the number 1 rated glass cleaner in...
  • Ammonia-free- perfect glass isn’t just streak free, it’s ammonia...
  • Safe for screens - Our streak-free glass cleaning Spray is great for...

Another product I like to use for cleaning the windows on my car is Hope’s Perfect Glass Cleaner.

I like it because I find that it doesn’t leave behind any streaks and it can be used even in direct sunlight without worrying about any of it drying and leaving behind a messy residue.

It comes in the spray bottle which I prefer using for accurate spraying and it can also be used on the tinted windows on my Volvo so there’s no need for me to worry about damaging the tint.

The cleaner is free from ammonia so there’s no need to breathe in any harmful chemicals while cleaning the windows on the car and it’s very effective at getting rid of leftover oils, fingerprints, light dirt, grease, and smudges.

STONER INC Invisible Premium Glass Cleaner

Stoner Inc. 92164/92166 22 oz Invisible GlassCleaner
  • Stoner Inc.
  • 92164/92166
  • Miscellaneous Cleaning Products

Stoner invisible is a top notch no residue glass cleaner that won’t streak or scratch your car windshields no matter how dirty they are. The invisible window clarity left by this cleaner if one of the best available and that’s why it made it to the top position.

Best Car Window Cleaner Buyer’s Guide

Keeping your auto glass looking clean can be difficult, especially with all the dust and grime that drivers encounter on the road each and every day. What’s more, cleaning your windows sounds like an easy task, but the reality is that achieving a truly clean and streak-free finish is actually often both frustrating and time-consuming.

So – what’s the best auto glass cleaner to use to get the job done?


In addition to a good cleaner, you will also need a few handy utensils to make your cleaning efforts worthwhile.

Brush. You may need to scrub the windows in order to loosen and remove some grime, so make sure you’re using a gentle scrub brush like number six on our list below.

It comes with three different covers (microfiber, terry cloth and nylon mesh) so you can wash and dry the surface gently, and the handle allows you to get places that are normally out of reach.

Squeegee. A squeegee is another great tool to help you remove the small beads of water without leaving streaks behind. Check out number four below.

Towel. The right towel makes a difference because you don’t want something that leaves fibers everywhere.

Try the waffle towel (number five) which is specially designed for drying glass surfaces! Many also opt for microfiber towels or chamois cloths that won’t leave any fibers behind.

Protective gear. Natural essential oils are safe but if the cleaner is a chemical aerosol, it is recommendable to protect your hands by wearing plastic gloves. It is also advisable to use a face mask in order to protect your lungs from respiratory reactions to the cleaner fumes.

Appropriate glass cleaner. Finally, with all systems set, you need the best glass cleaner, specially made for auto windows. It should be streak-free, and residue-free.

Cleaning Tip

When it comes to cleaning the windows on the inside of the car, it’s tempting to just spray and wipe without covering the interior first.

While it may seem like common sense to many of you, the easiest way to clean the interior windows is by spraying the cleaner on a rag and then wiping the windows clean.

You can use a microfiber towel or something like the waffle weave towel we suggested above.


Which car glass cleaner is best?
  • Windex – Original.
  • Glass Plus – Glass Cleaner Trigger.
  • Weiman – Glass Cleaner.
  • Seventh Generation – Free & Clear Glass & Surface Cleaner.
  • Zep – Streak-Free Glass Cleaner.
  • Stoner – Invisible Glass Premium.
  • Your Best Digs – Homemade Glass Cleaner.
What window cleaner is safe for tint?

Vinegar and water is a popular and safe way to clean your tinted windows. Also, thevinegar or citrus based cleaners that don’t have ammonia in them are also acceptable. The main thing is to make sure whatever you use is ammonia-free.

Is Windex good for car windows?

For instance, many Windex products have ammonia, and though you can useWindex on regular windows and mirrors, you shouldn’t use it on your car’s glass. Not only does ammonia leave streaks on auto glass (which creates glares while you drive), but it also can ruin the glass if it’s tinted

Is SprayWay glass cleaner safe on car paint?

Sprayway aerosol glass cleaner contains no ammonia so it leaves no film, and it’ssafe for tinted windows. In fact, Sprayway guarantees that their glass cleaner will not create a film! Sprayway Glass Cleaner works so well because the foam clings to the glass rather than running down the windshield.

How do you remove streaks from glass?

In case there are stubborn streaks or hard water stains on the glass, you may use pure white vinegar without diluting it. While cleaning, make sure you wipe and dry the cleaner on the glass quickly to avoid streaks. Plus, it is recommended to dry the inside of the window in one direction and the outside in another.

What is the best glass cleaner for shower doors?

Clean them with vinegar, baking soda, and salt. Stubborn mineral buildup on glass shower doors is no competition for a few common household ingredients—white vinegar, baking soda, and salt. Spray vinegar on the door and let it sit for a few minutes.

How do you clean car windows without streaks?
Eight Tips for Cleaning Car Windows Without Streaks
  1. Clean out of direct sunlight. …
  2. Use a low pile microfiber towel. …
  3. Clean the interior windshield from the passenger seat. …
  4. Use the back of your hand for cleaning the windshield.
  5. For interior windows, spray on the towel first. …
  6. Roll down your windows.
  7. Work methodically and don’t rush the process. …
  8. Use the right product.
How do you clean film off windows?
How to Clean Film Off Windows
  1. Mix a solution of equal parts water and vinegar into a spray bottle.
  2. Add a cap full of ammonia and a teaspoon of dish soap.
  3. Spray the window with the solution.
  4. Wipe the window clean with scrunched up newspapers to clean the glass.
  5. Shine the area with a soft, clean towel.
How do you get streak free windows?
Homemade window cleaning solution:
  1. Mix one part distilled vinegar to 10 parts warm water in a spray bottle.
  2. Wipe down the window with a a soft, clean, lint-free microfiber cloth or paper towel to remove dust before you spray your solution, then spray the entire surface.
How long should I wait to clean my tinted windows?

Care and Cleaning of New Window Film: Rolling windows down: We recommend that you leave your windows up for 48 hours (2 days) after they are tinted. This will allow the film time to adhere to the glass. Rolling down your windows before two days can cause the film to peel, and is not covered under the warranty.