Best Engine Hoist for Home Garages [Review]There are a few tools that the automotive mechanics and some DIY vehicle experimenters have to probably fall in love with. If you need to get the engine out of your car in a hurry, then an engine hoist is definitely your weapon of choice. They can lift huge weights and generally have a small footprint when it comes to using them in tight spaces – such as your home garage.

An engine hoist can be defined as a machine that helps one to lift to remove or install an engine in a vehicle. There is a variety of them in the market, and their availability is not limited as you can always purchase them from either a casual car repairer or you can purchase a professional. It is no secret that most individuals harbor a dream of buying a car at some point in life.

Due to the variety of engine hoists that are out there, we highlight some of the factors that you will need to consider, to purchase the best engine hoist for the money. These factors include:

  • Weight Capacity
  • Price
  • Maintenance

Our Top Picks for the Best Engine Hoist on the Market in 2020

OTC 2004Best engine floor crane Check Price
Dragway ToolsHeavy duty engine crane Check Price
Torin Big Red (Editor’s Choice)Best engine lift  Check Price
Ironton Hydraulic Engine HoistHydraulic Engine Hoist Check Price
OTC 1820Best for motor lifting Check Price

OTC 2004  – Best engine floor crane

Best Engine Hoist for Home Garages [Review]

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If the garage or the repair facility is small, there is no need to worry. The compact body of the hoist is perhaps one of its best assets, making it excellent when it comes to space-efficiency. Even with limited floor space, you will be able to use the crane. It is also a good thing that it comes with a foldable design, which will make it easy to store when not used.

This model has a stated capacity of 4,000 pounds. This will be more than enough for most cars. On the other hand, if you intend to repair trucks or other vehicles with bigger engines, you might want to look for a hoist that can support a higher weight.

Portability is another asset of this product. Aside from being foldable, it is also a good thing that it comes with wheels. The front wheels are 3-1/2 inches. Meanwhile, the rear wheels are 5-7/8 inches.

In terms of reach, you can have it customized from 25 to 46 inches, which makes it versatile enough to tackle a variety of hoisting applications.

Do not forget that this product comes with a 1-year full warranty. Overall, you will love this engine hoist if you are a hobbyist or auto mechanic. Even with its exciting design and numerous features, this product is still very affordable.

Dragway Tools  – Heavy duty engine crane

Best Engine Hoist for Home Garages [Review]

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This folding engine hoist is one of the most trusted on the market. It’s a top seller at all of the most popular online market places for a reason—it offers great value.

This machine is extremely well-built and has a 4,000 lb capacity. It has a very reasonable price tag, especially considering its rock solid craftsmanship.It has four different weight settings that lock into place. It can be secured after folding with a pin. It’s made with 7.8mm thick steel.

The manual hydraulic pumping bar is kept tucked away on a special mount until you need it. The hydraulic cylinder itself is capable of supporting up to 8 tons. The handle does not move, but the unit can be maneuvered easily on its 6 fully rotating caster wheels.

The boom arm adjusts to accommodate four different weights from 1,000 to 4,000 lbs. This American made product is at the top of its class, and it also includes a full one-year warranty.

Torin Big Red Steel Engine Hoist  – Best engine lift 

Best Engine Hoist for Home Garages [Review]

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Torin is a company with decades of experience in the global market, which can already provide you with the confidence that this product will deliver superior performance. Its maximum weight capacity is 2,000 pounds. Meanwhile, the lifting range is from 1 to 78.75 inches.

It is equipped with six wheels, which will be excellent in terms of mobility. It will be easy to have it moved around depending on where you intend to work. The wheels can also be locked to secure its position when you are ready to work, which is important for your safety.

The hydraulic jack that comes with the engine hoist is also exceptional, especially because it is able to support loads of up to 8 tons.

Meanwhile, with the pin locking mechanism, it will be easy for you to secure the system when it is lifting an engine.

Lastly, this engine hoist from Torin is made of a sturdy frame that can resist common external elements. As long as you clean it regularly and follow the weight capacity that the manufacturer states, this is one product that can last for a long time.

Ironton Hydraulic Engine Hoist – Hydraulic Engine Hoist

Best Engine Hoist for Home Garages [Review]

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For something with a lower capacity and a cheaper price tag, the Ironton 1 ton engine hoist offers the best value in its size range. Being that it’s smaller than the 2 ton models, it’s a more portable engine hoist that weighs less and is easier to store in a closet. It’s also foldable.

If you have limited garage space and are on a budget, this is an excellent product.

This unit is extremely solid and sturdy, and can easily handle its weight limit every time. It has an extending boom arm and rolls on 4 wheels with 360 degree rotation. The high quality hydraulic cylinder is rated for 6,000 lbs. Overall, if you need something a bit smaller than one of the units listed above, this is going to be your best option.

OTC 1820 4,400-pound Crane – Best for motor lifting

Best Engine Hoist for Home Garages [Review]

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Wrapping up our list is another crane that will work well only for small engines since the maximum weight capacity is only 4,400 pounds. The engine will be attached to an 18-3/8-inch lifting chain, which is made using premium materials to make sure that it will not accidentally break.

Similar to the four products that have been mentioned above, this will not also be a disappointment when it comes to versatility, basically because of the options for customization that are available. There is a telescoping boom, which will allow you to expand your reach. The leg can also be adjusted as desired.

One more thing that you are guaranteed to love in this engine hoist is the two-speed hydraulic pump that can be operated by hand. Although it is pumped manually, you will be able to do this in a snap.

There are also smooth-rolling casters that are excellent when it comes to mobility. When the wheels are locked, it will stay in its place to allow you to work safely.

Best Engine Hoist – Buyer’s Guide

Best Engine Hoist for Home Garages [Review]

Getting the right engine hoist for your garage is extremely important. Any kind of accident or mishap that involves raising an entire engine up out of a vehicle incorrectly has the potential to be a total disaster. That’s why you need to be certain that you not only do the job correctly, but you also use durable, high grade equipment.

Different Types of Engine Hoists

Best Engine Hoist for Home Garages [Review]One of the first things that you have to do is to learn about the types of engine hoists that are available. Here are the choices that you will have:

Hydraulic Engine Hoist: This makes use of a hydraulic cylinder to be able to move the engine. This is the most popular of the three types that are available. The hydraulic jack is the one that is responsible for doing the work. It is easy to operate and assemble, which is why it is popular with beginners.

Chain Engine Hoist: As the name implies, there is a chain at which the engine is attached when it is removed from the hood. It is operated manually, so take note that it will require physical effort on your end. It is slower than the two types and is also quite limited in terms of the maximum weight capacity that it can support, which is usually only up to 6 tons.

Electric Engine Hoist: It is almost the same as the chain engine hoist. The most significant difference is that it does not rely on manual effort to remove the engine. It is a common choice for industrial applications because of its powerful performance.

What Weight Capacity Should I Get?

Best Engine Hoist for Home Garages [Review]

Your tool should be able to withstand more than the weight that you plan to put it under, just to make sure that you’re always on the safe side. That’s not to say that if you buy something with a capacity that matches the weight you’ll be removing from your vehicle exactly that it will be a danger to use. On the contrary, it can most likely safely hold much more than its recommended capacity. But pushing the limits is never a good idea when it comes to jobs as big and dangerous as this. Getting something that has a greater capacity than you need also means it can be used for other, larger vehicles in the future.

Since you plan on owning your new tool for a very long time, it will probably outlast your current vehicle and several after that. At some point, you might get a much larger and heavier vehicle than what you already have. A larger capacity will also come in handy for when you’re helping your friends. And obviously if you’re working as a mechanic, the larger it is the more useful it will be.

Engine hoists are solid and made for longevity, but they are still susceptible to debilitating problems. In order to make sure that your equipment stands the test of time, you should get well-built, high grade option with a warranty.

Can I Just Build a Homemade Engine Hoist?

Best Engine Hoist for Home Garages [Review]

You can make a DIY engine hoist, but it will almost certainly be unsafe to use. The amount of risk involved in making one yourself makes it not worth the effort and not worth put yourself and those around you in danger. If you care about your safety or your engine (hopefully both), then don’t bother trying to build a contraption on your own.

What’s the Difference Between an Engine Crane and a Hoist?

Best Engine Hoist for Home Garages [Review]

For namesake, they are the same thing. Technically, a “crane” is a tool that can not only lift things up or lower them down but also maneuver them from side to side. A “hoist” is meant to be something that can only either lift or lower things. But with so many products on the market today, the two names can be used interchangeably when referring to this kind of automobile equipment.

Important Safety Precautions

Best Engine Hoist for Home Garages [Review]

There are certain things you should make sure to always do in order to operate your equipment safely. First of all, be sure to only use the proper lifting points. Virtually all engines come with some kind of a bracket for removing them vertically from the vehicle. Try to locate this bracket first before attempting to attach anything. You may also hook up to structural bolts, which should be at least ½” in diameter. You shouldn’t hook up to anything else. The exhaust manifold or any other sturdy looking component is not designed to support that much weight. And of course, don’t exceed the capacity of your machine.


After going through this article we believe you have somewhat become an expert on the engine hoist, especially when it will be about picking up the best heavy duty engine hoist. We hope you have a better understanding of engine hoists now which has made our efforts paid off.

The engine hoist is a tool that just about anyone who works on or under vehicles will truly appreciate. They save time as well as wear and tear on your body. It takes a bit of room and budget, but for those inclined to work on vehicles as a hobby or vocation, it is a great tool. They also offer some flexibility in storage options, and often can be used to double the effective floor space they cover. Considering all of the above it is easy to see why the automotive lift has become the must have dream tool for the equipped garage or shop.