Best Infant Car Seats 2020

Determining what is best for your child can sometimes feel overwhelming. With so many products on the market today, it can be hard to make choices about what is needed and what is best. While some products offer more flexibility, some products are incredibly important because they deal with the safety of your child. This is the case when it comes to car seats. There are plenty of car seat brands on the market, but they are not all equal. When researching car seats, you need to make sure the brand you select is of supreme quality and has great safety ratings, among other things.

If you are nervous about making the right choice for your child, you are not alone. There is a lot of information out there regarding car seat brands that can get confusing, which makes it difficult to make a choice. To make it easier on you we have rounded up the 5 best car seat brands. For each brand we will provide you with an overview of their products, as well as their quality and safety standards.

1. Graco

Best Infant Car Seats Brands Tested And Rated

Overview : Graco brand car seats consistently rank at the top because of their quality, as well as their affordability. As you get into researching car seats you will notice that they can get incredibly expensive. Your gut instinct might be to buy the most expensive model (more expensive= better quality, right?) but that is not always true. Graco always balances quality with affordability, making it a great brand for parents on a more limited budget. Even if you are able to spend more, Graco is still a great option.

Graco knows child safety. They not only manufacture car seats, but also strollers, swings, highchairs, monitors, and more. Their extensive knowledge of child safety makes them a great option when it comes to car seats. They offer a range of products that will keep your child safe from the moment they are born, up until they weigh 120 pounds and are in a booster seat.

Safety : As far as safety is concerned, Graco car seats score excellently on crash test ratings. The majority of their infant car seat models offer a 5 point harness type and are ranked highly by the NHTSA (National Highway Traffic Safety Administration). In particular, their SnugRide models are incredibly popular due to their reasonable price point, ease of use, and because they are so lightweight.

2. Safety 1st

Best Infant Car Seats Brands Tested And Rated

Overview : Safety 1st is another great car seat brand that also specializes in child safety by producing a large variety of child safety items such as bassinets, gates, walkers, and more. Their price point is slightly higher than Graco but is still relatively reasonable when compared to other brands. Patented technology such as their Air Protect cushioning system make this a great brand that is totally focused on keeping your child safe and comfortable.

A great product from Safety 1st is their Grow and Go line of car seats. Instead of having to buy multiple car seats as your child grows, the Grow and Go seat adjusts to fit children from birth all the way until they weigh 100 pounds. Not only are these seats convenient, they are easy to use and get great safety ratings. Specific to these models is the ability to keep your child rear facing until they weigh 50 pounds- something you will rarely find from any other car seat brands on the market. Because rear facing seats are the safest for young children, this is something to heavily keep in mind when selecting a brand.

Safety : Features such as their Air Protect cushion system and GCell HX patented race car foam help absorb shock and reduce impact in the event of a car accident. Their impressive list of safety features and technologies make this a great brand focused on safety, which should always be a major consideration when selecting a car seat.

3. Chicco

Best Infant Car Seats Brands Tested And Rated

Overview : As you do your car seat research you will consistently see Chicco models appearing. Slightly more expensive than brands like Graco and Safety 1st, but well worth the money for the quality of car seat you will get. Overall, these car seats are built with tons of safety features and are known to be easy to install and easy to move from vehicle to vehicle, which depending on your situation is something that you may or may not find important.

Their KeyFit 30 Infant Car Seat is incredibly popular and consistently is ranked as a top model according to Consumer Reports. Of particular importance is that this seat is perfect for small infants or babies who are born premature. In fact, this seat will accommodate babies as small as four pounds. This model is easy to install and even features a built in level that will help you determine if it is installed properly. Because of its popularity it will also work with a large selection of strollers, a major plus for parents hoping to use the car seat in and out of the car.

Safety : Chicco car seats pass strict crash performance standards and are ranked highly by the NHTSA. Seats are also equipped with EPS energy absorbing foam which provides a high level of impact crash protection. Their seats are also approved by the FAA (Federal Aviation Administration), making them a good option for parents who want the option of taking the car seat on an airplane.

4. Britax

Best Infant Car Seats Brands Tested And Rated

Overview : Britax car seats are sold all over the world, with their safety standards meeting both United States and European regulations. While these car seats are fairly expensive, they are a solid investment that are built to keep your children safe at all times. These car seats receive some of the highest safety ratings and give parents all over the world peace of mind.

Britax is known for their ClickTight technology , which makes for a quick and easy installation. This technology removes the need to use a lot of force or pulling to ensure the car seat is secure. Many of their seats also accommodate children of varying sizes, meaning you will be able to use the seat for several years instead of having to keep buying new ones.

Safety : Prepare to be impressed by the number of safety features present with Britax car seats. This is one of the best car seat brands for safety features and ratings. Not only does the ClickTight technology help ensure the seat is installed properly (and easily), there are a slew of other safety features. Seats are created with a steel frame and feature three layers of side impact protection. These seats also feature their Click & Safe Snug Harness indicator that helps you ensure the harness is tight enough on your child.

5. Evenflo

Best Infant Car Seats Brands Tested And Rated

Overview : Finally, Evenflo is another brand that marks high for both safety and affordability. This is one of the best car seat brands that perfectly mixes functionality with safety, style, and price point. They offer a variety of car seats and models that will keep your child safe for years and years. Their All-In-One models also allow you to keep your child rear facing for a longer amount of time.

A particularly popular model for Evenflo is the SureRide car seat that can convert from rear facing to front facing as your child grows. With an affordable price point and long list of safety features, this product is a great buy that you will be able to use for years. This model is also lightweight, making it a great and easy option for parents on the go.

Safety : Evenflo makes safety their number one priority, and it shows. Unique to this brand, Evenflo has begun rollover testing, as is seen in their SafeMax line of seats. Throughout the rest of this year they are continuing to expand their list of rollover tested seats. All Evenflo car seats are tested at 2X the energy levels of the Federal Crash Test Standard. Car seats are made in the United States with energy absorbing foam and are side impact tested.

Car Seat Brands: Summing Up

It is stressful as a parent to make the right decision regarding your child’s safety. Because of the large number of car seat brands, it can feel impossible to know how to pick the right one. All of the above five brands are highly rated based on safety and crash test standards. You cannot make a bad decision from the brands listed here. Each brand has slightly different features and technology, but all focus on what is most important: keeping children safe. Depending on your budget and individual needs, you are sure to find a car seat on this list that will make you happy.

If you are still unsure on which car seat brand to select, here is a quick guide that sums up each brand’s most notable features. Again, ALL of these brands rank highly for safety, but each one excels in different other areas.

Quick Guide:

Graco: Affordable, lightweight

Safety 1st: Patented safety features (Air Protect, GCell HX), Grow and Go line of seats

Chicco: Great for small infants/premature babies, FAA approved, easy to install

Britax: ClickTight technology for easy install, meet USA and European safety regulations

Evenflo: Affordable, rollover testing (for some models), all seats tested at 2X energy levels of Federal Crash Test Standard

Car seat shopping for your new baby can be overwhelming. My sincere hope is that this article helped alleviate some of your stress. Like I said in the introduction, there are no perfect car seats. However, there is a perfect car seat for your family and lifestyle. Rest assured that all of the best car seats featured in this article are safe and stylish.