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Car Steering Wheel Cover - Genuine Leather Heavy Duty Thick Elegant Anti-Slip15 Inch - Black&Red
Brand new PVC leather steering wheel cover,The style is novel and chic, generous and fashion, good vision feel

I drive a car with a stock leather grip steering wheel cover and I absolutely hate it.

Not only does the wheel feel too thin in my hands but I’m never able to get a comfortable grip on it and it’s starting to wear off so it doesn’t look too nice either.

I recently began a search for the best steering wheel cover to use in my car and I wanted to share some of the different options I found as well as make some recommendations on what I believe are the top choices.

Covers are useful for making the wheel more comfortable and easier to grip and some of them also mean you don’t have to grip the freezing cold material in the winter months.

Let’s take a look at some of my recommendations.

The Best Steering Wheel Cover for your Vehicle

Everything Automobiles Steering Wheel Cover

Car Steering Wheel Cover - Genuine Leather Heavy Duty Thick...
  • Brand new PVC leather steering wheel cover,The style is novel and...
  • Red steering wheel cover luxury comfort: heat resistant, cold...
  • Natural rubber ring have a better grip on the wheel gives your more...
  • Perfect decor for your car (Odorless and Nontoxic), full protection...
  • Leather steering wheel cover easy to install,Universal fit for vehicle...

The Everything Automobiles Steering Wheel Cover was one of the top options that I stumbled onto and I really like it because it comes equipped with foam padding that helps to keep hands cool in the summer and protect them from the freezing grips during the winter.

The foam grips and raised padding area also offer a better grip on the wheel and this makes it easier to steer and control the car while negating any of the detrimental impact caused by wear and tear that you can find in older cars.

As for installation, it slips onto all steering wheels of standard size (14.5-inches to 15.-5-inches) and there’s an anti-slip inner material to help keep it from sliding around once it’s on the wheel.

One more thing, depending on your preferences or the color and style of your vehicle there are a few different colors available that this cover comes in so you can choose the one that you like the most rather than going with just the standard black.

Overall, I found that the Everything Automobiles Steering Wheel Cover, with its great grip, comfortable feel, and easy installation, to be the best for my needs and I would also recommend checking it out if you’re looking for a cover to use as well.

Lemonbest C0196 Steering Wheel Cover

LemonBest Universal Pu Leather Car Steering Wheel Cover Anti...
  • Breathable, comfortable and anti-slip sweatband
  • Made of soft and durable PU leather material
  • With thread and needle
  • Circumference: 104 + 2 cm, Suit for the diameter of steering wheel...
  • Great for replacing a damaged or worn original factory leather covered...

The Lemonbest C0196 Steering Wheel Cover is a cover that’s made from a breathable and comfortable leather material that aims to provide better grip and a more comfortable driving experience.

What I like about this one is that it actually has to be stitched onto the steering wheel rather than just being slid over and not only does this help to keep it from bunching up but it also keeps it more in place during extended periods of driving.

The main drawback to this is that it does in fact have to be stitched on and this could take some time depending on your patience and stitching skills although I would argue that it’s worth it given how well it covers the steering wheel along with its overall durability.

This is the one I was most interested in during my search for the best leather steering wheel cover and it matched the dark leather interior of my volvo quite nice as well.

This cover also helps to protect steering wheels from damage caused by long-term use and gives a new breath of life to those that have already been damaged and worn down.

The cover is comfortable, breathable, and is designed from an anti-slip material so that apart from it being stitched on and kept in place thanks to the tight stitching it’s also less likely to slip thanks to its design features.

Make sure to measure the diameter of your steering wheel or look it up online because this is meant for steering wheels of around 15-inches or 39-centimeters.

SEG Direct Steering Wheel Cover

SEG Direct Black Microfiber Leather Auto Car Steering Wheel...
  • Made of smooth and durable microfiber leather
  • Skidproof, stable, heat resistant
  • Healthy and driver-friendly
  • Suitable for middle-size steering wheels with diameter 14 1/2 inch to...
  • Perfect decor for your car, also protect your steering wheel

The SEG Direct Steering Wheel Cover is made from a microfiber leather material that’s comfortable to grip, durable design, and smooth to the touch.

This one is made to fit standard size wheels with a diameter of between 14.5-inches and 15.25-inches.

The soft padding is breathable and is also resistant to extremes in heat and cold weather so there’s no problems gripping the wheel during the winter or summer when the weather isn’t ideal and can really heat up or chill down the wheel.

The microfiber leather offers a better grip and this in turn offers up more control while driving on the road and having a cover on the wheel also helps to prevent wear and tear or can also be used to cover up damage that’s already been caused.

Depending on your preferences and style there are a few different colors available to choose from and this cover can fit a wide range of cars but be sure to check the specifics of your car model if you’re interested in it to see if it will fit.

Plasticolor Star Wars Darth Vader Steering Wheel Cover

Plasticolor 006736R01 Star Wars Darth Vader Car Truck SUV...
  • Sold individually
  • Fits most domestic and import vehicles
  • Easy to install
  • Easy to clean with soap and water

The Plasticolor Star Wars Darth Vader Steering Wheel Cover is a great choice for Star Wars fans and adds a little bit of the much-needed Darth Vader vibe that your car is missing.

Depending on the size of your steering wheel this cover is designed to fit those in between 14.4-inches and 15.5-inches in diameter and this is actually suitable for most domestic and imported vehicles but it’s still a good idea to look it up or measure beforehand just to make sure it fits.

For installation this cover simply needs to be fit over the wheel where it will stay snug and in place and it offers an improved grip for driving while providing comfort from ranges in extreme temperatures.

It’s a great way to show how much of a Star Wars fan that you are and to impress all of your friends with the Darth Vader graphic on the side.

cutequeen Sheepskin Stretch-On Steering Wheel Cover

CUTEQUEEN Trading Sheepskin Stretch-On Steering Wheel Cover...
  • Fits most standard steering wheels
  • Improves the appearance of old or dirty steering wheels
  • Massage grip makes for a thicker, more comfortable feel
  • Installs easily
  • Protects hands from hot and cold extremes,Made from super soft...

I find that the cutequeen Sheepskin Stretch-On Steering Wheel Cover offers ample protection from the cold weather that turns leather and other materials quite cold in the winter and it also helps to prevent sticky steering wheels and sweaty hands during the summer.

It’s meant to fit over most standard sizes of steering wheels and it’s a stretch on cover so it’s easy to install by just stretching it over the wheel until it’s fit on nice and snug.

This cover also makes the steering wheel a bit thicker and this helps to improve grip while driving and makes it a bit more comfortable to hold, especially for long periods of extended driving.

The material is quite soft to the touch and I actually prefer using it in the winter but in the summer I stick to some of the other alternatives that I mentioned here.

Custom Accessories Woodgrain Steering Wheel Cover

Custom Accessories 39755 Black and Wood Grain Luxury...
  • Cover your vehicle's steering wheel to add both comfort and fashion
  • Universal fit design fits steering wheel from 14-/2" to 15-1/2"
  • Soft black leatherette material with luxury wood give a classy look to...
  • EZ Stretch On Core installs in seconds
  • Stretching 40% more than traditional cores

The Custom Accessories Woodgrain Steering Wheel Cover is a great way to spruce up the interior of any car by adding a classic touch of woodgrain.

Both the soft black leatherette material and the wood grain offer ample grip while driving and it helps to prevent normal wear and tear on the steering wheel while improving its look and adding a touch of class to the interior of the vehicle.

This one is designed to fit most steering wheels that range from 14.5-inches to 15.5-inches in diameter and offers a more comfortable grip overall while driving.

Zone Tech Plush Steering Wheel Cover

Black Sheepskin Steering Wheel Cover- Zone Tech Plush...
  • ALL-WEATHER - With its soft comfortable feel, this attractive...
  • COMFORTABLE - Stylish, soft and comfortable; just add the luxury of...
  • IMPROVES APPEARANCE - The Zone Tech faux Sheepskin Steering Wheel...
  • EASY INSTALLATION - The Zone Tech faux Sheepskin stretch-on Steering...

The Zone Tech Plush Steering Wheel Cover a suitable cover to use as it offers protection against the frigid cold steering wheels that you’ll find in the winter and the stifling hot ones in the summer.

Not only that but it also helps to improve comfort and grip that makes driving slightly easier and more enjoyable since many standard steering wheels can be quite slippery and not so comfortable to hold.

The cover itself is made from a faux sheepskin material and is quite durable, easy to install, and helps to hide any wear and tear or damage that your steering wheel has currently undergone while still preserving its normal state.

Installation is quite simple and to get this cover on you simply need to slip it right onto the steering wheel and ensure that it is fit quite snugly so that it doesn’t fold or become bunched up while you’re driving.

Personally, I like the sheepskin covers and I quite enjoy how they feel in my hands while I’m driving around as they offer a bit more grip and make the steering wheel thicker so it’s less likely to slip out of my hands.

This cover is designed to fit most standard steering wheels and should fit onto any wheel that’s approximately anywhere between 14-inches and 15-inches in diameter.

Bell Automotive Baja Blanket Steering Wheel Cover

Bell Automotive 22-1-97192-8 Boho Blanket Steering Wheel...
  • Universally designed to fit most standard steering wheels 14.5 to 15.5...
  • Give some fun to your car's interior with a classy Southwest-inspired...
  • Revolutionary patented ultra-flexible steering wheel cover exclusive...
  • Virtually odor-free for ultimate driving comfort
  • Quick and easy installation

The Bell Automotive Baja Blanket Steering Wheel Cover is another cover that adds a touch of uniqueness and color to the interior of a car while still offering the benefits of having a cover.

It’s made from a traditional poncho weave design and the material is quite soft and comfortable to the touch while still offering protection from extremes of hot and cold weather.

Additionally, there are a few other accessories in the Baja blanket design so it’s possible to totally kit out your car interior in this quirky design.

This is a slip on cover and it’s meant to fit most standard steering wheels while still improving grip, offering protection of the original wheel, and helping to prevent any further wear and tear.

Best Steering Wheel Covers Buyer’s Guide

Driving a car means frequent contact between your hands and the steering wheel. Sometimes, you drive long distances to go out of town. That requires longer grip on the wheel which may tire your hands out after the drive. Another problem you can face being a daily driver is harsh weather. Severely hot and cold temperatures are inconvenient for your hands. Because of that, touching the steering wheel can either hurt or numb your fingers. You can also encounter a slippery grip if ever your palms get sweaty. It can lead to loss of focus and control on the road. That’s why you need to own a cover for your steering wheel.

Are Steering Wheel Covers Worth It?

In my opinion, yes, steering wheel covers are definitely worth it and since I started using them I’ll probably be using them for the rest of the time that I spend driving.

Firstly, I really like how they make the steering wheel thicker and in turn easier to grip.

Thanks to the thickness it’s also more comfortable to hold and makes it easier to turn and hold onto especially during road trips or extended periods of driving.

Another reason why I like the covers is that they typically stay a uniform temperature so that during the freezing cold winter months or the blazing hot summer months I don’t have to worry about grabbing a freezing or boiling hot steering wheel.

Finally, they really help to add a touch of uniqueness or class to the interior of the car while providing protection against normal wear and tear or damage.

The steering wheel on my car was getting pretty worn since I drive quite a bit and having a cover really help to make it look better and also helps to prevent it from getting worn down even further.

How To Pick The Right Car Steering Wheel Cover

To choose the perfect car steering wheel cover for your vehicle, two features should be kept in mind: size and material for grip. Make sure the cover would fit the steering wheel, stay durable despite continuous use and feel right under your hands.


Two bad scenarios will happen if you get the incorrect size of car tyre cover. If it’s too small, you’ll have trouble extending the cover throughout the tyre. Alternatively, if it’s too big, it would stay lose all the time. Loose covers can affect your driving, leading to possible disasters. Read the product details carefully, especially the measurements. Measure your steering wheel’s size, circumference and hold. For the size, place the measuring tape from the remaining to the right advantage of the steering wheel. Next, for the rim, the tape must bypass the whole steering wheel. Finally, cover the tape where the hands usually grip.


When you wish to buy something, the very first thing you take into account is its price. With regards to steering wheel addresses, you need to know that the higher you pay, the higher you’ll get. Quite simply, don’t expect a cover manufactured from genuine leather if it’s suspiciously cheap or even reduced.

It’s also worthy of mentioning that we now have genuine leather addresses that include extended guarantees. I’m discussing year-long warranties and even much longer. Although such addresses are, generally, costly, they are doing payout over time.

Cover Materials

You can find covers that are made out of different materials. However, I would personally recommend only some:


Natural materials like leather should always be your first choice. But then again, not all drivers can afford such a cover, especially if they need one right away.

That’s where the synthetic materials come into play. If you decide to buy such a cover, you can expect it to be made out of polyester, microfiber, or some synthetic blend. I prefer microfiber because it feels pleasant to the touch.

Nevertheless, it’s always a better option to spend an extra buck or two and get yourself a cowhide cover. It may not be as soft as the leather one, but it’ll surely be less costly. The only issue with such addresses is they are not very flexible as it pertains to colour and design.

Covers Made For Hot Weather And Sweaty Hands

Sometimes hands are sweating a great deal during travelling. And sometimes, sweating doesn’t want to do with the warm weather in any way. It’s precisely how it is, and it’s not pleasurable, to say minimal. Also, sweat can spoil the leather.

A lot of you likely have tried to avoid perspiration with different epidermis products like powders and creams. In the long run, you almost certainly got sick and tired of massaging such products on the hands each time you’re when driving.

However, there are tyre covers away there that will help you solve this issue. They are created out of materials that absorb sweat nor irritate your skin. Most of them will stay cold enough even when the temperatures outside skyrocket during summer time.

So, how do you find one? Manufacturers usually like to boast about the no-sweat feature, and you will probably be able to google such covers instantly. Or you can continue reading this review. There are a few entries on the following list that might grab your attention.

Easy Steering Wheel Cover Install

  1. Clean the cover of your steering wheel with isopropyl alcohol.
  2. Measure the diameter of the steering wheel.
  3. Measure the thickness of your steering wheel’s grip.
  4. Purchase a cover from an automotive store or online.
  5. Remove the cardboard packaging if there is any.
  6. Use a blow dryer to soften stretch style covers.


How do I choose a steering wheel cover?
How to Choose the Size for a Steering Wheel Cover
  1. Use the tape measure to get the total outside diameter of your steering wheel. This is the area from one far side of the steering wheel to the other. …
  2. Measure the grip circumference of your steering wheel in inches. …
  3. Look for steering wheel covers that conform to the size of your steering wheel.
Is steering wheel cover necessary?

If you are looking for a small change in your vehicle, a steering wheel cover is an affordable option that is easy to install yourself. In addition, the cover prevents damage from occurring on the steering wheel itself. Since the steering wheel is used every time the vehicle is driven, it can show wear over time.

Does steering wheel cover help?

Steering wheel covers can help reduce driver fatigue. Steering wheel covers that have a springy, textured fabric like memory foam aren’t just more comfortable for those long drives, they can help reduce driving fatigue. Many covers have molded designs that feature ergonomic thumb pads and finger grips.

Are steering wheel covers dangerous?

Steering wheel covers. Generally speaking, steering wheels are durable objects. … At best, it’s an ill-advised statement of personal taste, but depending on how bad your steering wheel cover is (and none of them are good), it can be downrightunsafe, leading to slippage in crucial moments.

Are there different size steering wheel covers?

Wheelskins calls it a universal steering wheel cover, so it should fit most cars. The company says the outside steering wheel diameter should be 14 1/2 to 15 1/2 inches, while the grip circumference should be 3 5/8 to 3 7/8 inches.

Can I add a heated steering wheel?

As with most once luxurious features, the heated steering wheel is going to work its way down the price range. … Naturally, even if your car doesn’t have a steeringwheel heater to warm your mitts, you can still solve the cold problem by buying an aftermarket heatedwheel cover.

Why are steering wheels not round?

steering wheel isround so that your hands locate in the same place regardless of the steering wheel’s orientation. In cases where less than a half rotation is needed, they are not round (F1, for example).


In the end, there are three important factors when selecting a steering wheel cover – performance, price and aesthetics. With this guide, we’ve made sure that you have a good number of options that all tick the right boxes in the performance and price departments, so you can safely select something you really like based on your own personal taste.

After you’ve seen what’s on offer, you should decide if you want a cover that has been made from fabric, from PU leather or from genuine leather and then you should select a particular product that offers a look you like that is going to fit your car’s interior. Additionally, before you order anything, make sure that the item you’ve selected would actually fit your steering wheel’s size.

So you are all set and are ready to purchase a steering wheel cover that you are going to enjoy holding while driving for years to come.