One of my favorite cars of all time is the Tesla Model S .

Ever since it came out I not only found it to be the best-looking electric car but with its fast acceleration and modern design I fell in love with it right away.

I’ll admit, I definitely want one and although I’m not in the financial position to buy it now I’m not letting that deter me from becoming a Tesla owner.

And as a Tesla owner there are a few different accessories that you’re going to want to consider picking up to make living life with a Tesla a little bit cooler.

In this post today I want to talk about some of the best Tesla accessories that I’ve come across and if you’re looking for some it’s a good idea to check them out see what’s available to use to kit out your Tesla.

The Best Tesla Accessories 2019

Tesla Motors Model S Indoor Car Cover

EVANNEX Car Cover for Tesla Model X
  • Custom designed for the Tesla Model X.
  • Allows the use of charging port with a velcro enclosure.
  • Comes standard with a custom designed carrying bag.
  • Can be used for indoor and outdoor environments.
  • Made of an aesthetically pleasing high-grade, waterproof fabric for...

The Tesla Motors Model S Indoor Car Cover is a great cover to use to protect your car from getting scratched or damaged while it’s charging inside your garage.

I keep a BMW convertible in my garage and before I used to cover I would always bump into it or somehow scratch it while I was moving around things or trying to access something.

Having a cover helps to protect your Tesla from any dings, accidental bumps and scratches, and helps to keep dust from collecting on the surface and entering through the vents.

This cover takes advantage of a stretch satin material that hugs the contours of the Tesla Model S and also features a charge port opening so that it’s possible to charge the car while it’s parked in the garage.

At the front of the cover there is a ventilated mesh and the same material is on the wheel openings and this helps to encourage air flow during the charging process to prevent overeating or moisture buildup caused by warm air.

Keep in mind that this is for indoor use only and I recommend using it if your garage is a high traffic area where it’s possible for the exterior of the car to get bumped or scratched by accident.

Tesla Motors Cable Organizer

Tesla Motors Cable Organizer
  • Tesla Brand Genuine
  • Original Tesla product

With the Tesla Motors Cable Organizer it’s possible to keep the charging cable and plug organized and in an easy to reach spot.

The charging cables are expensive to replace and it’s not a good idea to just leave them laying on the ground where you can step on them or even run over it with the car.

With this cable organizer the garage or exterior can be kept it without the cable hanging all over the place and I find that it looks pretty cool as well.

Topfit Portable Center Container/Cup Holder

topfit Portable Silicone Center Container Cup Holder...
  • Put phone, cups, cans, glasses box, little waste
  • Easy to clean, simple and practical
  • Use environment-friendly silicone material
  • Much more compatible for Tesla model s compared with our old version
  • Black color matches most car interier

One drawback with the Tesla is that there is a lack of ample storage capabilities in the center console and tray area.

With the Topfit Portable Center Container/Cup Holder it becomes possible to keep a smartphone, drinking cups, sunglasses, cords, and any other small items organized and kept in place in the center console area.

This little accessory is designed from a silicone material so it’s lightweight and still sturdy enough for keeping drinks upright and the black color matches most of the black interior cars.

Installation is quite straightforward and you simply need to place this holder onto the center console and wiggle it around a bit until it’s reached your desired fit.

Topfit Silicone Car Keychain for Tesla Model S

topfit Silicone Car Keychain Compatible Tesla Model S P85D...
  • 100% Completely custom fit for your Tesla Model S key
  • Eco-friendly material,very high quality non-grippy silicone
  • Embossed buttons on the top surface to help you find the various key...
  • Five color options to match your car, it looks very cool
  • Offer great protection, Unique embossing showing the locations of the...

The Topfit Silicone Car Keychain for Tesla Model S is a neat little keychain that slips right over the original Tesla key and not only makes it look cooler but also makes it easier to hold and keep track of.

The key on its own it’s quite nice but with this keychain it really adds another level of uniqueness to it.

It’s made from a silicone material and comes with embossed buttons on the top of it so that the different key buttons can be quickly found.

There’s also a key ring attached to it so others can be attached to the ring and it makes it possible to hang up the key in an easy-to-reach location when it’s not in use.

Depending on your preferences there are a few different colors available and this is a great accessory for any Tesla owner.

Tesla Motors Model S Outdoor Car Cover

2013-2018 Tesla Model S Select-Fit Car Cover Kit
  • 2013-2015 Tesla Model S
  • Microbead Select-fit Car Cover Kit

An indoor cover for the Tesla is great if you’re storing your car in the garage or and covered parking but what about if you keep it outside in the driveway or on the street?

If that’s the case then it might be worth considering grabbing an outdoor cover and I would recommend checking out the Tesla Motors Model S Outdoor Car Cover to keep your Model S protected while it’s outdoors and exposed to the elements.

This cover is breathable, water-resistant, and takes advantage of two outer layers of woven polyester along with a middle layer of thermoplastic polyurethane for ultimate protection and to keep the car covered and protected from rain, snow, hail, wind, and accidents caused by people walking by.

For when it’s kept in the driveway and needs to be charged there’s a charging port opening as well as ventilated mesh panels on the front bumper and also positioned over the wheels that allow for airflow and ventilation to prevent moisture build up.

Finally, everyone around you will know that the Tesla is being kept under the cover thanks to the logo on the front and the back of this cover.

Tesla Motors Official Model S Rear Liftgate Sunshade

Having a sunshade is a great way to keep out the harsh rays of bright sunlight from shining through the window and into the car.

The Tesla Motors Official Model S Rear Liftgate Sunshade fits right onto the interior of the rear window and it can even be collapsed when not in use into a 16-inch diameter pouch for easy and portable storage.

The sunshade itself is made from a lightweight mesh fabric and takes advantage of a rigid frame that’s also collapsible so that I can be put away when it’s not required.

It’s possible to use it while driving because visibility isn’t compromised much while it’s installed and it helps to prevent the harsh sun rays from making it hard to see or heating up the car interior as much.

ToughPRO Tesla Model S Trunk Mat

TOUGHPRO Cargo/Trunk Mat Accessories Compatible with Tesla...
  • Computerized Cut system with 3D scan patterns can be well tailored to...
  • Edge-to-edge mat design for maximum coverage and protection
  • It is very easy clean and low maintenance, High-capacity surface...
  • Non-skid molded nib backing and mat anchors for additional safety
  • Available in Two most popular automotive colors (BLACK,GRAY)

The ToughPRO Tesla Model S Trunk Mat is a great accessory to add into the trunk of the car and makes it so anything stored back there can’t damage or slowly deteriorate the original trunk bottom.

This is especially something to consider if there are a lot of heavy duty items or sharp objects being placed in the trunk and even if it’s used for groceries because this will help to contain and prevent moisture and spills along with dirt and debris from getting everywhere.

HeatShield The Original Auto Sunshade

HeatShield, The Original Windshield Sun Shade, Custom-Fit...
  • Custom fit and Made in the USA for: 2012, 2013, 2014, 2015, 2016,...
  • The advanced 3-layer construction produces dramatic temperature...
  • Simple Installation: Unroll across the dash, bend the HeatShield...
  • To store, roll up and secure with attached velcro strap
  • Fit & quality guaranteed: 1 year limited warranty

This is a nice little sunshade product for sure and there is certainly a lot to like about it. It does a great job of stopping the sun’s harmful UV rays from affecting your dashboard area and keeping the interior of your car much cooler when it is parked for a long period of time.

This sun shield is made out of dual layers of reinforced nylon fabric. It features an unbeatable full lifetime warranty and also comes with a rubber dashboard pad that will hold any cell phone nicely in place as you drive.

Quick Tire Repair Kit

Stop & Go 1075 Tire Repair
  • On the Spot - On the Wheel Tubeless Tire Repairs
  • (25) Mushroom shaped rubber plugs;
  • Professional repairs anyone can do;
  • Proven effective in emergency situations;
  • The vinyl zippered pouch measures 6 1/2" x 9" x 1" and weighs 1 lb. 14...

Again, that is another accessory that is good for any car, but it is arguably more important for the Model 3 because it doesn’t have a spare tire, like many modern cars.

There are roadside assistance services today that make this less relevant, but I like to be ready for anything. Having a small tire repair kit on board gives some peace of mind.

I used this stop and go kit and leave it with the air pump. Of course, it won’t work for all repairs, but anyone can use it for the most common problems like running over nails and things like that.

Tesla Motors Hat

After picking up a Tesla I would definitely want to let everyone know that I was the proud owner of a beautiful electric car.

The Tesla Motors hat can be used to show how proud you are of your new Model S and it’s also a great conversation piece by those that are interested in learning more about the Tesla driving experience.

This is a great Tesla accessory and it can be worn regularly or just left in the car and used as a dedicated driving hat.

On the front is the word logo and on the back is the Tesla symbol logo and this hat features a flexible fit.


All Tesla Accessories listed above are some of the best for anyone who owns a Tesla. They are going to enhance the driving experience of your car and protect it from unwanted messes or spills.