Modern vehicle tires come in all sizes and are marvels of engineering and chemistry, which makes them much more than a means to prevent your rims from contacting the road. The problem is finding cheap tires for sale. Tires have to cope with enormous forces, and in practical terms, they represent the difference between avoiding a crash, and ending up in a ditch because you couldn’t stop in time, or steer around an obstacle safely.

Moreover, modern safety systems like ABS brakes, traction and stability control depend on the traction of your tires to work at all, which means that if your tires are in a poor condition, or if you have the wrong tires fitted, you lose all of the benefits and advantages that modern safety systems offer. So if you have to replace your tires soon, read on, and we’ll explain everything you need to know about tires (most importantly, why you should never buy used tires).

Best All-Season Tires 2020

Best All Car Tires: Reviews of All-Season/Terrain, Mud & Snow Tires

Although all-season tires are designed to provide good tread life, a relatively comfortable and quiet ride, and acceptable fuel economy, even the best all-season tires do not offer the best qualities of either summer or winter tires.

Because they have to perform well in a wide variety of conditions that can vary from hot, dry paving to occasional light snow falls, the compound used in this type of tire must resist hardening in low temperatures while at the same time remaining pliable enough to provide adequate traction in cold, wet conditions.

Similarly, the rubber compound must meet the demands of dry, hot-weather conditions in that the compound must be resilient enough to provide adequate traction without reducing tread life too much.

The result of this trade-off is that while all-season tires offer an acceptable compromise between traction in light winter conditions and traction and durability in hot weather, all season tires can never perform as well as pure winter or hot weather tires.

On a typical work day, I hear the question “What are the best all-season tires?” at least once. This why I’ve decided to create this short comparison to answer this question once and for all.

But how do you go about this?

Well luckily, working as a mechanic, I have access to loads of tires so I decided to borrow some of them, take my friend for a ride and give them all a go. Also, I did a similar test with some of the tires listed here 5 months during a snowy weekend so you’re getting some first-hand opinion on snow performance as well (I’ve also found a football field covered in ice so there were some extensive tests to be had there).

PS: Obviously, these are all car tires, if you’re looking for truck or SUV tires, you will find the best ones here.

Kumho Sense KR26 All Season Radial Tire

Kumho Sense KR26 All-Season Radial Tire - 185/60R15 84H
  • Tire Size: 185/60R15
  • Load Index: 84 / Speed Rating: H = 84H
  • Black Sidewall
  • 185/60R15 All Season Touring tire
  • Advertised price is for a single Tire only. Wheel not included.

Quality tire from Asia, this time from South Korea. The Kumho Sense KR26 is a true all season tire with genuine mud and snow ratings.

I found the KR26 extremely stable in all weather conditions with good traction. I also managed to test drive this tire in the snow and found it very capable with little slippage.

Conclusion: A great tire for those who will need to drive in all kinds of weather. Best all season tires for snow.

Westlake RP18 Touring Radial Tire

Westlake RP18 Touring Radial Tire - 185/60R14 82H
  • Westlake rp18 P185/60R14 82H bsw all-season tire

One thing that’s truly amazing about Westlake tires is the price. Currently retailing for about , this makes them considerably cheaper than their competitors and also similar money to used tires (although you should never buy used tires)!

That’s a real saving!

In my tests, the Westlake RP18 performed admirably in the dry and wet, holding its grip well even through some torrential downpours. They did however slip and slide in snow conditions.

Conclusion: A great budget tire that does everything well, expect some slippage in snowy conditions.

Milestar MS932 All Season Radial Tire

Milestar MS932 Sport All Season Radial Tire - 215/55R17 98V
  • Wide ribs around the tire improve steadiness, handling, and lateral...
  • Angled and longitudinal sips increase tire and tread life
  • Maximized tread pattern provides exceptional performance in all...

Milestar tires are manufactured by the Nankang Tire Company, the very same manufacturers of tires for some classic car racing series.

Yes, that’s right, a budget tire brand that’s safe for use on the track!

As with all Nankang products, the Milestar MS932 is a solid tire that grips well in the wet or dry. The road noise is also noticeably quieter compared to the Westlake RP18’s.

This one I didn’t get the chance to test in the snow; however, they are mud and snow rated which gives me confidence.

Conclusion: Top quality tire backed up by a top manufacturer. Mud and snow rated and a great performer

Nankang N605 Toursport NS

Nankang Toursport NS N605 Radial Tire - 215/55R16 97V
  • 1 X Nankang N605 TourSport NS 215/55R16 97V XL TL All Season...

A great quality tire from Nankang, the CX668 is designed for use on all types of car and often finds its way onto classic VW Beetles and British Marques like Triumph and Austin.

Dry and wet performance is spot on, as is the cornering ability – these tires will stick all day long! As with any high performance tires, road noise is very low and easily on a par with the Milestar reviewed above.

Conclusion: Thousands of classic car owners can’t be wrong right? They’re not of course, these are the best all season performance tires for all cars that need to pull some speed and great value in equal measure.

Nokian eNTYRE All-Season Radial Tire

Nokian eNTYRE All-Season Radial Tire - 195/65R15 95H
  • 1 X New Nokian Entyre 195/65R15 95H XL TL All Season High Performance...

Nokian are a Finnish company well known for their superb quality Winter and 4×4 tires; after all, Finland is not exactly a country blessed with warm temperatures right?

On my test, I was extremely impressed with the road holding and quietness. Even though these are rated for mud and snow, I couldn’t see any difference on the highway between these and the Nankang, a tremendous achievement!

I didn’t test these on snow; however, they got a proper workout on muddy conditions which they performed admirably in.

Conclusion: A good all season tire and would be out choice for a tire that can really take the tough stuff.

Final Words…

These are all great tires and you can’t go wrong picking up any of them. I liked the Kumho ones best but I can’t really put my finger on why exactly. Anyway, like I said, you can’t really go wrong with any of them as they provide solid performance in most weather conditions and if you’re planning on driving through blizzards, you shouldn’t really be looking at all-season tires, right? ????

Just a note that may be obvious to some of you, but not so much to others, make sure that you get the proper tire size. Amazon has a great feature for this where you enter your car and Amazon will automatically show you only tires that fit.

Best Off-Road Tires

Best All Car Tires: Reviews of All-Season/Terrain, Mud & Snow Tires

One of the most exhilarating experiences any motorist can have is a speedy drive down a rugged 4X4 trail. This can only be achieved by employing a fully capable vehicle that has the best off-road tires to go with it. Rugged terrain can throw a lot at a tire. Whether it’s jiggered rock outcrops, rivers that need wading or swampy mud pits, it can be argued that off-road touring offers the ultimate driving challenge. Unlike other forms of motorsport there’s very little requirements for off-road driving. All you need is your car and the countryside. This means that even a novice can engage. This fact then means there are a number of avid off-roaders who may not necessarily know which tire to arm their cars with before heading out.

Off-road tires are available in many shapes, sizes, and tread patterns, and as their name suggests, they are best suited for off road driving conditions. While some types of off-road tires can be used on-road, they generally provide insufficient traction, are noisy, and don’t last very long. Moreover, off road conditions require different treads and compounds for different conditions; below are some details on the different types of off road tires available today:

Mud tires

Mud tires usually have large tread blocks that extend past the tires’ shoulders to improve traction in deep mud. Tread blocks are typically are separated by wide and deep grooves to prevent mud from clinging to the tread, and rotation of the tire is generally sufficient to fling off mud that accumulates in the grooves.

This type of tire is often used in rock crawling because of the tire’s ability to deform to assume the shape of a rock on the one hand, and the tread’s ability to grip uneven surfaces, especially at the shoulders of the tire, on the other.

Sand tires

Sand tires typically have smaller tread blocks that are separated by many narrow grooves, known as “sipes”. As a rule of thumb, the more sipes a sand tire has, the better it grips loose surfaces, but one drawback of too many sipes is that wet sand can clog up the grooves, thus reducing traction.

All-terrain tires

The size and arrangement of tread blocks on all-terrain tires falls somewhere between those typically found on mud and sand tires. In practice, this means that this type of tire easily clogs up in mud, and does not grip loose surfaces very well. However, all-terrain tires have a distinct advantage over other types of off-road tires in that they can be used on hard, paved roads, although they tend to be noisy, and cannot cope with high cornering and braking forces very well.  In addition, the durability of all-terrain tires is seriously affected if they are used on paved roads.

Cross ply tires

Cross ply tires are so named because the reinforcing plies are built into the tire at right angles to the plane of the tire, as opposed to the radial arrangement of the plies in radial tires. This arrangement gives the sidewalls superior strength but at the cost of flexibility, which results in an uncomfortable ride. However, the superior strength of the sidewalls makes cross ply tires highly resistant to damage from sharp rocks or other objects that could easily destroy other types of tires.

Cross ply tires are typically fitted to relatively narrow split rims because the extreme rigidity of the sidewalls makes it very difficult, if not impossible to mount these tires onto one-piece rims.

Best All-Terrain Tires

Best All Car Tires: Reviews of All-Season/Terrain, Mud & Snow Tires

A sizeable number of off-road drivers are usually part timers who like to blow off some steam after a hard week at work. This necessitates for a tire that can be used within an urban setting but also has the capability to conquer the great outback. This is where all-terrain tires fit in perfectly. Offering a perfect balance between good traction and ride comfort, these tires work well on SUVs and crossover vehicles. With a demand for a tire that is not too aggressive but still capable, one may wonder where to begin. There are several options to choose from, all of which live up to expectation.

Nitto Terra Grappler G2

Nitto Terra Grappler G2 all_ Season Radial Tire-285/70R17...
  • Treadwear : Terra Grappler G2 features a brand new compound new to...
  • Coupling Joints: Nitto decided to reinforce the coupling joints in the...
  • Full Depth Sipes: Terra Grappler G2 is equipped with full depth...

The Nitto Terra Grappler G2 tires are the perfect choice for any driver of light trucks and / or SUVs. They are tailored in such a way that they fluidly handle both on and off-road requirements. The Terra Grapplers are equipped with robust coupling joints that attach the external tread blocks to the center blocks. This gives them a rigid and robust feel on any surface. Deep sipes are dotted along the tire’s surface to encourage uniform and long-lasting tread wear. In typical Nitto fashion, the Terra Grappler G2 tires feature spread out shoulder lugs that enhance the biting effect in rugged terrain. To suit everyday needs, a computer rationalized tread pattern assures that noise levels are kept minimal at cruising speed.

Yokohama Geolander A/T-S

Yokohama Geolandar A/T-S On/Off-Road Tire - 37/1250R18 123R
  • All-Terrain tire developed for jeeps, pickup trucks, and SUVs
  • Designed to deliver long mileage and promote even wear while providing...
  • Symmetric design that combines sculpted shoulder blocks, rounded-edge...
  • Dual interlocking pyramid sipes and multi-stepped grooves enhance wear...
  • Aggressive sidewall protectors increase loose-surface bite while...

These all-terrain tires are specifically developed for SUVs, crossover vehicles and pickup trucks. One aspect that sets the Yokohama Geolander A/T-S tires apart is their 225 millimeter section width. This allows the tires to make short work of rough landscapes, even in snow covered terrain. These tires have a symmetric tread design that brings together chiseled shoulder blocks with staggered center blocks.  The result is a unique combination of high grade off-road traction with on-road handling. When driving through wet weather, double interlaced prism grooves and staggered sipes give a biting edge giving enhanced traction.

BFGoodrich All-Terrain T/A KO

BFGoodrich All-Terrain T/A KO All-Terrain Radial Tire -...
  • Dual-compound tread and ShoulderLock technology with 40% wider...
  • Aggressive, high-void all-terrain tread design with a choice of...
  • Three-ply polyester carcass delivers stiffer tread area for more...
  • Built to improve stress distribution, tread life and resistance to...
  • Distinctive sidewall styling for a bold look

When driving off-road one is bound to come across some serious debris and obstructions that can actually damage the tires. To avoid getting stuck in the middle of nowhere, one needs a hardy tire such as the BFGoodrich All-Terrain T/A KO. These tires have reinforced sidewalls which help to guard against punctures and scrapes in whatever situation. They also offer high levels of grip and steering control when driving on low pressure levels. This coupled with ShoulderLock technology, which presents a 40% broader shoulder sipe network gives unmitigated grip even when wading in rivers or other water bodies.  A combination of dual steel belts and TriGard 3-ply polyester casing guards mean durability and tread wear are well above-average.

Mickey Thompson Baja STZ

Mickey Thompson Baja STZ All-Terrain Radial Tire -...
  • 50,000 Mile Tread Warranty
  • Variable density nylon overwraps for improved uniformity and ride
  • Strategically placed and shaped siping to promote long wear and...
  • Serrated tie bars and shoulder scallops for improved tread element...
  • Multi-draft lug angles improve self cleaning, increase lug stability,...

Often all-terrain drivers are avid extreme sportsmen. Participating in extreme events such as the Dakar Rally, for instance, exerts tremendous pressure on tires and only a few can withstand it. The Mickey Thompson Baja STZ is one such tire. Sporting an aggressive tread pattern, the Baja STZs are engineered to deliver outstand steering sensitivity and advanced off-road traction. Designed with off-roaders specifically in mind, the Mickey Thompson Baja STZ tires are constructed with dynamic density nylon casing that provide sophisticated ride uniformity and comfort. The refinements however, don’t compromise performance with notched tie bars and shoulder scallops making for enhanced stability and traction.  If you are a dedicated extreme off-road driver this could just be the choice for you.

Milestar Patagonia A/T

Milestar Patagonia A/T All- Season Radial Tire-245/65R17...
  • Integrated tread blocks - Integrated tread block design offers a...
  • Alternating Open shoulder - Alternating open shoulder block design...
  • Snow weather applications - Pinned for studs* allowing optional...

Depending of lifestyles, it is possible that you may be on the lookout for a dedicated off-road that will also feel at home on paved surfaces. If you are interested in hardcore rugged landscape traction compounded with quality on-road delivery then the Milestar Patagonia A/T is an excellent choice. The tire boasts exclusive incorporated block design that streamlines handling on varying road surfaces. To go with this, a hybridized tread pattern allows for an acceptable level of road comfort and noise on the freeway. An aspect ratio of 80 combined with a section width of 235 millimeters means weather you are wading through sand or conquering rocky plains you’ll never get stuck.

Cooper Discoverer A/T3 Traction

Cooper Discoverer A/T3 Traction Radial Tire - 265/75R16 116T
  • Tire only
  • Modern, aggressive 5-rib all-terrain design to provide outstanding...
  • Silica based tread compound provides excellent wet traction and...
  • Broken center rib improves soft surface traction without sacrificing...
  • Dual draft tread element walls aid in reducing stone retention, stone...

It is important to note that not all off-road drivers are intense enthusiasts who are looking for the next hill climb or sand run. Some are more attracted to the easygoing and stress-free routine that comes with camping or fishing. Peace of mind is a big factor here and a tire like the Cooper Discoverer A/T3 Traction presents the right kind of mix. Presented in a contemporary, hard line 5-rib tread pattern, it provides near-perfect performance whether on-road or in less tame terrain. These tires are built from a Silica rooted amalgam that allows one to experience sedan-like handling and control on freeways. Once you turn into the great outdoors, a double draft tread outfitted wall structure minimizes debris retention and stone drilling. An ingenious mix of tire compound and technology result in a low rolling resistance, greatly impacting cruising economy.

Hankook Dynapro ATM RF10

Hankook DynaPro ATM RF10 Off-Road Tire - P265/70R17” 113T
  • Wraparound tread gives a rugged look and increases puncture resistance
  • Deep two-step sipes extend tread life and increase performance on wet...
  • Tiered side grooves for more predictable cornering
  • 7-8% wider footprint than the competition for increased road contact...

The spirit behind off-road driving is rooted in the journey more than the destination. Overland adventurers will know this best. To ensure a flawless, adventure-filled trip, without event, one can look to the Hankook DynaPro ATM RF10. This tire has a broad surface area, between 7 and 8% broader than its contenders, giving enhanced surface contact and traction, whatever the terrain. The tire has an attractive and brusque appearance thanks to a wraparound tread design. This tread isn’t just for looks however, as it has a reinforced resistance to punctures and bruising. A staggered lateral groove outlay allows for acute cornering thus making light work of obstacle-ridden tracks.

Pirelli Scorpion ATR

Pirelli Scorpion ATR All-Terrain Tire - 275/55R20 111S
  • This product is not for sale in the state of Arkansas

It has already become apparent that motorists choose off-road driving for various reasons. One of these is the sheer adrenaline that comes with racing through rugged terrain. When looking to mate exhilaration and capability, very few tires measure up to the Pirelli Scorpion ATR. This all-terrain tire is built particularly for light pickups, SUVs and crossover vehicles. The level of versatility on these tires is such that whether driving on dry or wet surfaces, traction is not compromised. Interlocking sipes that run across the expanse of the asymmetrical tread design give a high resistance against hydroplaning. Since this tire is used on premium end vehicles, it also boasts ride comfort that is beyond comparison.

Best Mud Tires for Trucks & SUVs

If you want to get a great deal on mud tires and you prefer to shop online, look no further.

My picks come from and these are highly-rated choices for people who are looking for safety and performance while they are off-road. These mud tires are designed to be very rugged and to help you, the driver, get through a host of outdoor terrains.

Today, we’re going to look at the best off-road tires from, which is known for its prompt shipping and low prices.

Now, let’s talk about what to look for while you’re buying these tires online. I’ll mention some impressive picks and our descriptions of these tires should help you to get a better sense of which features are common and what to look for.

It’s pretty important to know what you want, so let’s talk about that a little bit.

For example, are you looking for tires for mud only or are they for all kinds of off road (sand or rocky terrain)? Are you driving a Lada through hell and are just living in a rainy area and don’t want to get stuck everyday.

Some people get specialized off-road tires, such as all-terrain and mud terrain tires, while others go for basic off-road tires which are more all-purpose. If you want to drive off-road a lot, investing in a high-quality off-road tire with a higher price tag may be a good investment, as it’ll be built to last.

All of your tires should match, so do consider picking up a matched set. Then, they will all have the same brand, treads and age. Some people buy a fifth tire for a spare and this is a sensible decision.

Also, consider the size of the tires. Will be be able to transport them in your vehicle’s trunk or backseat for emergency spares? Size and the impact that bigger tires will have on your gear ratio should also be factored in before you buy.

In terms of what to look for, you should consider the reputation of the tire manufacturer, customer reviews and product prices. Most off-road tires are similar in design. However, they do vary in quality and they do come at different price point.

Hankook DynaPro ATM RF10 Off-Road Tire

Hankook DynaPro ATM RF10 Off-Road Tire - P265/70R17” 113T
  • Wraparound tread gives a rugged look and increases puncture resistance
  • Deep two-step sipes extend tread life and increase performance on wet...
  • Tiered side grooves for more predictable cornering
  • 7-8% wider footprint than the competition for increased road contact...

Good off road tires available at include the Hankook DynaPro ATM RF10 Off-Road Tire, which is very rugged and boosts resistance to punctures. This tire comes with 2-step sipes which make treads last longer and improve grip when roads are slippery. These tires are a bit wider than usual and come with tiered grooves on the sides, which make taking corners a breeze.

While it’s hard to say what the best off-road tires are, these ones definitely offer advantages, so they are well worth a look.

Lexani Mud Beast Off-Road Radial Tire

Lexani Mud Beast Off-Road Radial Tire - LT295/70R17 E 10 Ply
  • Aggressive tread design for great traction
  • Extremely durable and long-lasting

Another pick to consider is the Lexani Mud Beast Off-Road Radial Tire, which is one of the best mud tires out there. Different off-road tire sizes are available for these mud tires and each tire weighs eighty-three pounds.

Whether you want off-road tires for your Jeep Wrangler or another type of sporty, off-road vehicle, you’ll find that the tires we’ve mentioned here are fine picks. Amazon offers a sizing guide for off-road tires and we encourage you to use it in order to find off-road tires which are a perfect fit.

Toyo Tire Open Country M/T

Toyo Tire Open Country M/T Mud-Terrain Tire - 35 x 1250R20...
  • This product is not for sale in the state of Arkansas

Driving in the mud can either be done as a hobby or a matter of necessity. The challenges of this terrain require fully capable tires such as the Toyo Tire Open Country M/T. At first glance it’s hard to miss the foreboding tread pattern, characterized by hook shaped blocks. The blocks are open and scalloped to give that biting edge, so necessary when wading in deep mud. The tires also have treads that extend over the shoulder, giving an angular grip when in awkward inclines or tilts. Durability is ensured by a high turn-up, tri-ply polyester carcass while deep grooves in the tread blocks give added traction.

Firestone Destination M/T

Firestone Destination M/T Mud Terrain Radial Tire -...
  • High-performance summer tires for sporty coupes and sedans
  • Precise wet and dry handling
  • Exceptional cornering power and even wear characteristics
  • High resistance to aquaplaning
  • Unparalleled comfort in its class

One doesn’t always have to be an enthusiast to find themselves in some muddy terrain. In cases where it’s unavoidable to drive through mud, one wants the assurance and performance that comes with a tire such as the Firestone Destination M/T. Extensive use of technology make this tire an excellent choice for the novice mud-terrain driver. Computer Optimized Component System [CO-CS] puts together and efficient tread pattern, capable compound and built structure for maximum tire performance. The tire also uses Long Link Carbon to maintain the tire’s integrity, fighting cracking and tearing in the process.

Federal Couragia M/T

Federal Couragia M/T Mud-Terrain Tire - 35X12.50R20 E 10ply
  • Tire Only - Wheel Not Included
  • The ultimate off-road tire
  • Incredible traction, durability and grip
  • Tread pattern is engineered to clear foreign substances to ensure...
  • Perfect choice for your lifted truck!

Sometimes drivers who don’t even enjoy the defying odds of mud-driving still have to go through it. For the next time you have to visit a friend in a mud-ridden area, consider the Federal Couragia M/T mud-terrain radial tires. These tires have exceptionally large shoulder lugs which give stability and rigidity that inspires confidence when driving in mud. On the upper shoulder there is a robust guard block that guards against puncturing and impact in case you bump into some unforeseen hazards. The Couragias also make use of a Sloped Radius Gradient [SRG] block structure that increases all-round traction. The fact that such proficient mud tires are quite affordable is the icing on the cake.

Mastercraft Courser MXT

Mastercraft Courser MXT Mud Terrain Radial Tire - 33/125R15...
  • Tire Size: 33x12.50R15
  • Load Range: C / Ply Rating: 6
  • Outline White Lettering
  • 33x12.50R15 Mud Terrain tire
  • Advertised price is for a single Tire only. Wheel not included.

Having looked at mud drivers that unwittingly find themselves in tricky situations, it’s also worth noting that some actually love to do this for sport. In such situations, an extreme mud-terrain like the Mastercraft Courser MXT is a non-negotiable. An aesthetically pleasing side biting edge pattern gives that extra traction required in mud. The tire is also equipped with scalloped blocks that help to scoop out mud, making sure that you never get stuck. These are complemented by a wide tread design that creates a self-cleaning process; hence the tire seldom gets clogged. The capability of the Mastercraft Courser MXT tires to be used in the open highway with a fair amount of road noise is another perk to an already well-crafted product.

Dick Cepek Mud Country

Dick Cepek Mud Country All-Terrain Radial Tire -...
  • Stepped tread blocks for ultimate tread cleaning characteristics
  • Extra wide footprint for better traction and even wear
  • Side biters for added traction and protection
  • Siped tread lugs for better grip on smooth surfaces and ice
  • 3-ply sidewalls with cross ply technology for better handling,...

Probably the only thing that is more difficult than trying to drive through mud is doing so with a load or trailer. A surefooted mud tire such as the Dick Cepek Mud Country can help one get make all the difference. Grip is of importance when hauling and the side biters that the Mud Country tires have go a long way in enhancing mud traction. They also have a staggered tread block design that allows for self cleaning to optimize traction levels throughout the trip. When cornering and handling, one can take comfort in knowing that the tire has 3-ply sidewalls that are reinforced by cross ply innovation that also reduce puncture and damage. Segmented molds wrapped around the tire make for even and logical grip reducing instance of slipping and spinning.

BFGoodrich Mud-Terrain T/A KM

BFGoodrich Mud-Terrain T/A KM All-Terrain Radial Tire -...
  • DiggerLugz (upper sidewall traction bars and treadclearing shoulder...
  • High-void tread design with larger footprint, interlocking tread...
  • Unbelievable traction for deep dirt, mud, and rocks
  • Superior rock climbing and slick surface traction
  • TriGard 3-ply polyester carcass guards against punctures and bruises

The BFGoodrich Mud-terrain T/A KM tires are designed specifically for drivers who tackle the worst of what rugged terrain has to offer. They shine in deep dirt and mud as well as slick outcroppings. Whether driving horizontally, on a plane or near vertical, the BFGoodrich tires perform with precision. A hint of aesthetics is highlighted by black sidewall lettering which helps to give a menacing yet beautiful appearance. These tires offer advanced rock-climbing capability going a step beyond the average mud-terrain tire.

Cooper Discoverer ST Maxx

Cooper Discoverer ST Maxx Mud Terrain Radial Tire -...
  • Tire Only
  • Armor-Tek3 carcass construction contributes to the durability of the...
  • Blended natural rubber and silica based provides exceptional wet...
  • Stone ejector ribs help to discharge stones and resist stone drilling.
  • Enhanced buttress design provides additional off-road traction,...

Typically mud-terrain tires are not particularly popular for their tread life. However for those who may be looking to get a bit more juice out of their mud-terrains, the Cooper Discoverer ST Maxx makes sense. The tire has Armor-Tek 3 casing that is renowned for its longevity. In addition to that it has a mix of rubber and silica that gives great performance in mud and wet surfaces. Stone ejector ribs mean the risk of stone drilling is minimized.

Kenda Klever M/T KR29

Kenda Klever M/T KR29 Mud Terrain Radial Tire - 265/75R16...
  • Tire Size: LT265/75R16
  • Load Range: E / Ply Rating: 10
  • Outline White Lettering
  • LT265/75R16 Mud Terrain tire
  • Advertised price is for a single Tire only. Wheel not included.

Sometimes one may want to engage in rugged mud driving but still have the ability to use it in paved roads as well. The tire combines a long life tread compound with a tread design that presents enhanced grip in both mud and dry surfaces. The tire has the plus of being exceptionally quiet on the highway. While tread wear is not exceptional, double steel belts and a 3-ply sidewall structure work to give a reasonable tread lifespan. The tire is also quite reasonably-priced which makes it a good option for those who are looking for as close to a balance as possible.

Best Performance Tires

Best All Car Tires: Reviews of All-Season/Terrain, Mud & Snow Tires

Very few things are as disappointing as having a car that fails to live up to your expectations, especially not having the best performance tires for when you want to go all out. As such the importance of finding the right tires for your car is critical. For the novice and casual motorist, a quick glance at leading manufacturers gives an idea of where to go. But even then, big brands can have numerous tire models in the same segment. Ideally one’s gut is often enough to point one in the right direction. However, if you are a bit stumped, there are some proven options out there.

Yokohama ENVigor All-Season

For a long time, Yokohama has dominated the passenger tire industry and for good reason. Consistent quality and performance have made this Japanese manufacturer a favourite with most. This philosophy rings true with the Yokohama Envigor All-Season Tire. Rated as a High Performance All-Season tire, this specimen is designed to perform in any driving condition. An innovative silica compound ensures unwavering traction even on wet and snowy surfaces. Complementing the amalgam is an optimized contact patch. It is fitted with a five spinal pattern that brings together unwavering, year round grip with street racing performance. While you won’t be short on breathtaking delivery, just keep an eye on the tread as they tend to wear relatively fast.

Nitto Neo Gen All Season

Nitto Neo Gen All-Season Tire - 225/40R18 92W
  • High-performance all-season tires for sporty coupes and sedans
  • Ideal for lowered vehicles
  • Single-block shoulder design
  • Resists tread flexing for even tread wear
  • Year-round performance especially for lowered vehicles

The hot hatch is a concept that caught on like wild fire, in part due to automotive movie franchises such as ‘The Fast & The Furious.’ Manufacturers have had to come up with premium products that handle, corner and grip exceptionally well. Such is the case with the Nitto Neo Gen All Season.  Specifically built for lowered vehicles, the tire boasts a singular shoulder block pattern, encouraging even tread wear. The Neo Gen tires come with treadwear indicators, ensuring that the driver is always aware of the tire condition. Keeping in mind the diverse needs of motorists, the Nittos are also capable of handling light snow, at reasonable speeds. For such quality, one would be led to think the tires would cost an arm and a leg. Similar to the cars they fit, however, the Nitto Neo Gen sets provide uncompromised performance at an affordable price.

Mickey Thompson Street Comp

Mickey Thompson Street Comp Performance Radial Tire -...
  • Superior wet and dry performance
  • Crisp and tight steering response
  • Asymmetric tread design
  • Lightweight construction
  • Smooth easy to clean sidewalls

Changes in efficiency and economy have meant that even racing cars at heart, can be used for daily runs as affordably. Iconic racers like the Camaro and Mustang are now commonplace in corporate landscapes. Dedicated tires such as the Mickey Thompson Street Comp have thus become a requisite, even for commuting drivers. This tire offers high levels of performance in both wet and dry conditions. An asymmetric tread design makes for sensitive and brusque steering response. The wide tread area allows for excellent traction as well as handling and cornering. While it’s designed as a street racing tire, the Mickey Thompson Street Comp Performance Radial is surprisingly comfortable.  The soft compound used in coming up with the tire reduces the teeth – jarring feedback that is normally associated with racing tires.

Nankang Noble Sport NS

Nankang Noble Sport NS-20 Radial Tire - 265/30R19 93Z
  • This product is not for sale in the state of Arkansas

There is a contingent of exotics and supercars that not only focus on performance, but emphasize aesthetics as well. In an attempt to complement this, tires that look good and deliver equally well are required. An example here could be the Nankang Noble Sport NS. Outfitted with menacing black sidewall and visually appealing tread design, fits in comfortably with the cars it’s made for. Crafted to standard is a quad channel framework that evacuates water for those soggy drives. The Nankang tires are purpose built as summer tires offering premium performance in dry driving conditions. The sidewalls have a rigid quality to them that gives a sure ride when cornering hard. They also offer a decently silent ride with minimal noise levels.

Goodyear Wrangler DuraTrac

As the needs of motorists progressively change, so too must the vehicles. Drivers now want the versatility of being able to work, play and relax in the same car. Similarly tires need to offer this level of functionality. Few do this as well as the Goodyear Wrangler DuraTrac. This tire is built for off-terrain drivers that tackle snowy driving conditions, yet requiring a quiet and comfortable ride on the freeway. It features an emphasized tread pattern that comes in handy when caravanning or hauling trailers. Goodyear seems to understand that while a lot of time is spent at work, motorists will want to play at some point. For this, TractiveGroove Technology™ is employed to ensure that the DuraTracs are comfortable on asphalt, mud and snow. The tires are also equipped with rim protectors to prevent curb and paving damage when it comes to more urban surrounds.

Pirelli P Zero Nero All Season

The flagship of luxury in motoring may invoke visions of dreary and sluggish cars driven by retirees. On the other hand capable and nimble executive vehicles are entering the market. For this segment, a tire like the Pirelli P Zero Nero All Season is what’s needed to accurately interpret the combination of power and luxury. Armed with variable angle grooves, the Pirellis have an enhanced mechanical traction.  These are combined with longitudinal and lateral sipe enhancements to reduce hydroplaning when cornering in wet conditions. In order to achieve a high level of driving acoustic comfort, the tire boasts a streamlined pitch sequence and an uninterrupted element that runs along its length. The compound used in making the Pirelli P Zero Neros is capable of effectively dealing with mud and snow. This yields a ride that is both thrilling and comfortable.

Best Snow Tires

Best All Car Tires: Reviews of All-Season/Terrain, Mud & Snow Tires

The words forever hallowed on the hit TV show Game of Thrones “winter is coming”, and if you’ve got any of the tires below I’m sure you’re wincing with anticipation. I’ll be looking at a list of impressive works of craftsmanship to give you a run-down of options for your road-bound ice queen. If you’re actually living in Florida and don’t know what you’re doing reading this article, you might want to check out our see our list of best all-season tires

Standard Winter Tires

Winter tires are required equipment in climates where regular snow-falls, black ice, and long spells of sub-zero temperatures are the norm during winter. Good quality winter tires are constructed entirely differently from hot weather tires; this fact, and the rubber compounds found in this class of tire combine to produce tires that provide almost the same level of traction in icy conditions that hot weather tires provide on dry pavement.

Best snow tires are always marked with a “snowflake” symbol on the sidewall, and most brands are available in studded or non-studded versions.

  • Studded winter tires have steel studs embedded into the tread to improve traction on ice
  • Non-studded winter tires can be used in deep snow where there is no underlying ice.

Note that winter tires are not available with low profiles due to the dangers posed to low profile tire /rim combinations by hidden potholes or chunks of ice.

General AltiMax Arctic

General AltiMAX Arctic Winter Tire - 195/60R15 88Q
  • Winter tire for coupes, sedans, vans, and SUVs
  • Multi-Angle Sipe System
  • Directional tread pattern with center stability rib
  • Reactive Contour Technology (RCT)
  • All-weather dual tread compound

So this tire is about as entry level as it gets. It’s a very cheap tire, but definitely worth its weight in gold. I’d recommend these as an incredibly set of spares, or a good low-budget first set. These tires have an odd look about them with the sipes on them, but this will be useful and here’s why:


  • Great traction in wet and cold weather
  • Water Evacuation to avoid hydroplaning and sliding on slushy roads.
  • 270 degrees of Siping (multi-angle)


The cons for this guy seem to be not what’s wrong with the tire, but the lack of competitive edge in such a general purpose piece at a low price. That being said, if you’re new to ice driving, then I’d have a go with these first because they definitely won’t break the bank, at least you won’t think so when you’ve seen the high-end pieces.

Yokohama Iceguard iG52c

This tire focuses more on compacts, sedans and vans than other vehicles, so they don’t appear to be racing tires for the ice. That being said if you live in a place that has icier climates it could be very much of use to you at a low price.


  • Eco friendly (If that kind of thing matters to you)
  • Proficient in dry, wet, icy, snowy and slushy roads. Definitely, all-purpose cold-weather tires.
  • Twin Steel belt for peace of mind.


Great for colder conditions, these tires don’t have all that much information about warmer conditions. This may not bode well for those looking for a year-round tire.

Goodyear Ultra Grip Winter

Goodyear Ultra Grip Winter Radial Tire - 225/60R16 98T
  • Strong shoulder blocks help maintain stability on the road by evenly...
  • Wide tread grooves drain loose snow and slush while enhancing road...
  • Branded with mountain/snowflake symbol which means it has passed the...

The Goodyear brand seems to be synonymous with versatility when it comes to tires. They’ve got so many different lines you’d think it was a DMV! Think cold weather means low traction? Think again.


  • High Traction at the height of a cold winter.
  • Good shoulder blocks for stability and even tread.
  • Water Evacuation to avoid hydroplaning and


For the price, you can’t really go wrong and aren’t too many bad words to say about this tire. Like the Alti-Max, it’s simply a matter of not being as good as other tires yet still having a good enough bang for the buck to make it a valuable spare.

Michelin X-Ice3

Michelin X-Ice Xi3 Winter Radial Tire - 195/60R15/XL 92H
  • This 3rd generation X-Ice winter tire provides the necessary traction...
  • The MICHELIN X-Ice Xi3 tire provides winter performance with MICHELIN...
  • The MICHELIN X-Ice Xi3 is also designed to be environmentally friendly...

This tire is one of the most interesting ones, if for nothing else, then the silica-based compound used. This compound offers higher stability at higher temperatures while still being proficient at colder temperatures. If that doesn’t scream outlier I don’t know what does!


  • As mentioned above, silica-based compound that makes this bad boy very versatile
  • Low rolling resistance for lower fuel consumption and lower emissions (Go Michelin!)
  • Snow wear indicators will let you know when proficiency is reduced in deep snow


This tire is slightly pricier than the low-budget tires up front. On the plus side, fuel consumption will be lower making it more of an investment than the lower budget tires.

Continental WinterContact SI

Continental WinterContact SI Winter Radial Tire - 205/55R16...
  • Continental introduces the all new WinterContact SI with PolarPlus+...
  • PolarPlus+ Technology stays pliable in very cold temperatures and...
  • Traction Grooves provide improved grip in snow.
  • Alignment Verification System provides an early vehicle alignment...

If you own a sedan, coupe, minivan or crossover then this could be more your speed. Instead of innovating the compound completely, to keep the reliability we know and love Continental have used additives to improve pliability in lower climates.


Additives used for pliability in lower climates while keeping the handling in the dryer and hotter temperatures.

  • Dimensional snow-biting edges.

Tread-depth indicator to let you know when it’s not as safe to use in the snow


Although this tire does seem to be the best of both worlds when it comes to composition, I’m not so sure about how long it’ll last in comparison to other tires or even how the additives work in practice. The theory and science add up though, so it seems like a relatively good get.

Bridgestone Blizzak WS80

Bridgestone Blizzak WS80 Winter Radial Tire - 205/55R16 91H
  • MIGHTY MOLECULES - A new Hydrophilic Coating reacts to the elements...
  • OPTIMIZED CONSTRUCTION - New Cavity Shape distributes contact pressure...
  • SERIOUS TREAD - Bite particles act like microscopic studs providing...
  • MIGHTY MOLECULES - A new Hydrophilic Coating reacts to the elements...
  • OPTIMIZED CONSTRUCTION - New Cavity Shape distributes contact pressure...

If you like the science behind the tire, this could definitely be an interesting read for you. Hydrophilic coating and microscopic bite particles are pretty epic features in what, at first glance, is a very advanced tire.


  • Multicell technology allows flexibility in very harsh (below freezing) conditions
  • Hydrophilic compound that creates a higher level of wet proficiency
  • Microscopic biting edges for improved performance and you won’t even be able to see it all


The tire seems to avoid talking about higher temperatures; this can be bad news because no news isn’t always good news like we’re led to believe.

Falken EuroWinter HS449

Falken Eurowinter HS449 Performance Winter Radial Tire -...
  • Dependable winter performance
  • Silica-enriched compound is utilized to help maintain tire flexibility...
  • 3D Canyone Sipe Technology increases ice braking, and enhances snow,...
  • High-void directional tread design features multiple wide lateral...
  • Staggered block variation breaks up tire pattern noise and leads to a...

Falken has made a consistent tire when it comes to lower temperatures and less than usually desirable conditions. The compound extends tread-life, making it an investment.


  • Interesting compound that extends tread life. Has a longer life than competitors
  • Asymmetric tread creates a consistent control on wet and dry roads
  • Great for high-performance sedans, coupes and wagons


I’m not sure if this tire is going to be all it’s cracked up to be. The reason I say this is that Falken isn’t an incredibly well-known brand when competing with the likes of Michelin and Bridgestone. Could be worth a gamble, though.

Nokian Hakkapeliitta 8

Nokian Hakkapeliitta 8 Studded Winter Tire - 215/45R18 93T
  • The Nokian Hakkapeliitta 8 studded tire is a new premium product for...
  • The groundbreaking stud distribution and the new Eco Stud 8 concept...
  • The unique stud division proceeds evenly across the entire tread...
  • A significant innovation contributing to first-class winter grip, wear...

This tire is completely geared for winter. If you look it up on google, you’ll see that this tire looks like something out of a spy movie, and it’s made by those lovable Finnish boys who have produced quite a few rally drivers of note. Doesn’t that say it all?


  • The anchored studs make for impeccable grip and the cushion makes for a soft impact, meaning it’ll last longer than competitors without that cushion in there.
  • Sawtooth pattern on the rear tread makes for some deeper biting edges than usual.
  • Added reinforcement in the center section of the tire makes for a quicker response in the steering. Another great addition to the performance of this piece of art.


The only con with this tire is that given the studs are anchored, don’t expect for these tires to last long in the warmer months. Winter only, but done so damn well.

Hankook Ventus V12 EVO K110

Hankook Ventus V12 EVO K110 High Performance Tire -...
  • Engineered to provide superior handling and feedback during extreme...
  • Optimized structure featuring a high-density nylon belt leads to even...
  • Solid rib block in the center enhances braking performance
  • Efficient water drainage thanks to wide linear groove and Y-shape...
  • Jointless bead wire and high hardness bead filler improve high speed...

This guy is developed for sports and high performance vehicles, so if you’re planning on becoming an amateur rally driver, maybe these tires could work for you.


  • Silica technology for fuel efficiency and low noise pollution. Always useful on a sports car.
  • Rim protection ridge.


The Evo doesn’t seem to have any readily available flaws. There is an unknown about how it will perform in warmer weather.

Pirelli Winter Sottozero 3

Pirelli Winter SottoZero Series 3 Performance Winter Radial...
  • Tire Size: 235/50R18
  • Load Index: 101 / Speed Rating: V = 101V
  • Black Sidewall
  • 235/50R18 Winter Performance tire
  • Advertised price is for a single Tire only. Wheel not included.

Sottozero is Italian for below zero. Nuff said. Designed for high performance and sports cars, and it definitely seems like a good bet for high speeds in controlled environments.


  • Proficiently versatile in a multitude of conditions including dry, wet, snowy, icy and cool conditions.
  • Polymer additives that enhance the mechanical and dynamic properties of this brilliant tire.
  • High-density 3D siping improves braking performance.


A common issue with snow tires is their unknown ability in warmer climates. This tire isn’t any different in its evasion of stating summer performance. But if you have a car that warrants these winter tires, you probably already have a good set of tires for warmer times of the year.

Truck / SUV Winter Tires

Make sure to also check out our list of best mud tires for trucks.

Pirelli Scorpion Winter

Pirelli Scorpion Winter (2272800)
  • Tire Size: LT235/65R17
  • Load Range: XL / Ply Rating:
  • Raised Black Lettering
  • LT235/65R17 Winter Performance tire
  • Advertised price is for a single Tire only. Wheel not included.

Pirelli is an Italian company. That says a lot when it comes to anything automotive when we think of two of the most well-known car manufacturers in the world, Ferrari and Lamborghini, calling Italy home. But does this tire measure up?


  • The composition includes silica components and even a polymer to increase performance.
  • Eco-friendly with clean air and fuel efficiency.
  • Less noise pollution. Given these tires are designed specifically for SUVs and Crossovers, this is always a big plus


Unless you have an SUV or a Crossover, eat your heart out. This tire isn’t made for your average compact, so even if sizes for your car are available, it’s likely that it won’t have the same amount of bang for your buck as other competitors designed for your type of car will.

Michelin Latitude xIce Xi2

Michelin Latitude X-Ice XI2 Winter Radial Tire - 215/70R16...
  • The special FleX-Ice compound is formulated to maintain its...
  • The wide tread contact patch generates acceleration and braking power,...
  • This tire provides long lasting winter performance with sipes and...

Another SUV tire, another silica based compound for the tread. This tire actually provides a firm platform at higher temperatures, which is quite odd with a good winter tire. Here we have a tire that doesn’t compromise its reliability overall to adjust to warmer climates.


  • Good performance in both cold and warm climates.
  • Silica-based tread to offer firmness in hotter climates and retains pliability at lower temperatures for the sake of traction when you need it most.
  • Twin steel belt with wound polyamide cord for the accommodation of a higher performance potential.


The only downside is that they haven’t made an optimized size for smaller vehicles. Other than that, hats off to Michelin they made a great tire.

Cooper Discoverer M+S

Cooper Discoverer M+S Winter Radial Tire - 265/70R17 115S
  • Tire only
  • "Snow-Groove" design technology provides biting edges for excellent...
  • "D Squared" sipe technology enhances winter performance while...
  • Sawtooth center circumferential rib and blocky tread elements enhance...
  • Optimized tire profile shape evenly distributes contact pressure for...

Here we have a stud-able SUV tire. Most only go for sipes as studs in larger vehicles can bring reliability issues to the table. Cooper aren’t incredibly well known and they’ve gone for a riskier concept, but does it pay off?


  • Stud-able tire. This can make all the difference with traction, not including the siping that they threw in for that extra level of brilliance.
  • Snow grooves for extra bite in the snow
  • Dense Zig-Zag pattern for wet traction


No information about higher climates. This isn’t a good indicator of performance in warmer climates.

BFGoodrich All-Terrain T/A KO2

BFGoodrich All-Terrain T/A KO2 Radial Tire - 285/75R16 126R
  • CoreGard Technology: Tougher Sidewall Rubber: Split & bruise resistant...
  • Specially formulated tread rubber: Optimally blended to reduce chip...
  • Upper Sidewall Traction Bars: Protruding sidewall rubber blocks that...
  • Serrated Shoulder Design: Staggered shoulder blocks that provide...

On and off road capabilities give this tire an edge. SUV snow tires with an off-road capability can be incredibly useful for the more adventurous. Great potential.


  • On and off-road capability. Interesting to say the least.
  • Computer optimized for enhancement humans couldn’t get quite as right.
  • Multiple features enhancing the structure to make it one heck of a durable tire.


To cut a long story short, this is a tire with a lot of promise as a brilliant snow tire. Still, once again we’re left with a lack of warm weather information on the tire.

Nokian WR G3

Nokian WR G3 All-Season Radial Tire -185/65R15XL 92H
  • Absolute grip and excellent handling in all winter conditions
  • Features Cryogenic Canola Compound which is a combination of rubber,...
  • Polished Main Grooves - Snow and slush come easily off the tire along...
  • Rolls lightly, saving the environment and fuel

The snowflake symbol, which is featured on a lot of the above tires, is actually something that is an intense industry standard. What makes this tire different is that it’s one of the only year-round tires to earn that symbol.


  • A year-round tire with a snowflake symbol. Very rare.
  • Smooth and firm handling capabilities
  • Less Noise Pollution


The only downside to this tire is that in incredibly hot conditions, this tire doesn’t do incredibly well. That being said, so long as you don’t live in a very high climate country, then these are very good year-round tires. They’re a fan favorite in places with a milder summer as they’re one brilliant winter tire as well.

Dunlop Winter Maxx

Having this tire will be good for the more nervous of winter drivers. The consistency and reliability could be said to put even the shakiest of winter drivers (and not just because it’s cold) at ease.


  • Silica-enhance nano-fit technology for the sake of traction. Overkill? Maybe. Brilliant? Definitely!
  • Optimized through simulation-based computing
  • Jointless Band Technology (JLB) for the inner structure. Long story short, it makes this tire very durable.


I can’t readily see any issues with the Winter Maxx. That doesn’t mean there aren’t any; it just means I can’t see any at this time.

Best Trailer Tires

Best All Car Tires: Reviews of All-Season/Terrain, Mud & Snow Tires

As every expert would tell you, choosing the best trailer tires is extremely important. It’s not only because it makes the ride more pleasant, but also because it adds to overall safety. When it comes to choosing the best tires for your trailer, here are a couple of suggestions. You won’t get wrong whichever of these you choose!

Freestar M-108 8 Ply D Load Radial Trailer Tire

Freestar M-108 8 Ply D Load Radial Trailer Tire (2057515)
  • Tire Weight Rating - 1820 Lbs.
  • Tire Type - Trailer Only, Not For Vehicular Use
  • Tire Fits Rim Diameter Of - 15"
  • Tire Load Range - Load Range D = 8 Ply Construction
  • Tire Size - ST205/75R15

Freestar is a Chinese tire manufacturer that’s looking to spread the business across the planet. It seems that the quality of their products is adding to the popularity of the brand. Another thing that makes Freestar tires attractive is a relatively low price.

Those in need of a set of affordable, yet reliable trailer tires should look no further than the Freestar Trailer Tire. Specially designed for trailers, this Freestar tire has everything a trailer tire should have. It will provide you with a good performance no matter what type of load you’re hauling.

The most important factor when choosing trailer tires is their weight rating. With 1820 lbs, this tire seems very good for most of your needs. Its load range is D, while its 8-ply construction, will keep the tires safe from sidewall cracking.

When it comes to the dimensions of this tire, it will perfectly fit the rim of 15” in diameter. The tire size is ST205/75R15.


  • Designed for trailer use
  • Good load range (D – 1820 Lbs)
  • Excellent price


  • Not the most durable tire

Trailer King ST Radial Trailer Tire

TRAILER KING ST Radial Tire-ST205/75R15 D 107L
  • Center groove for consistent tracking & stability
  • Enhanced shoulder design provides better heat dissipation resulting in...
  • Nylon overlay construction on all sizes for superior strength and...
  • Nationwide limited

As the name of the manufacturer suggests, this company is specialized in making tires for trailers. One of their best tires is Trailer King ST Radial.

This tire is designed to provide extra stability, which is why it has 9.5 thirty-seconds-inches treads and a narrow center groove. The enhanced shoulder design of the tread improves the tire longevity by assuring great heat dissipation.

This tire has a better load index than the other two on our list. It can support an amazing 2149 of load. The reason why this is the case is that the Trailer King ST Radial comes with a nylon overlay construction.


  • Specially designed to provide maximum stability on the road
  • Enhanced shoulder design increases tire durability
  • Superb load index
  • Nylon overlay construction for better tire strength and longevity


  • Costs more than other tires from our list

Freestar M-108 6 Ply C Load Radial Trailer Tire

ST 205/75R14 Freestar M-108 6 Ply C Load Radial Trailer Tire...
  • Load Range: C
  • 6 Ply
  • Max. Load: 1760 lbs.
  • Speed Rating: J
  • Advertised price is for a single tire. Advertised price is per tire.

The fact that this is one of the cheapest trailer tires on the market doesn’t mean it lacks quality. On the contrary, the Freestar tire will provide you with safety and reliability. This tire can serve you for a long period if you use it the right way.

By that, we mean that you should pay attention to its C load range, so make sure the load weight doesn’t exceed 1760 lbs per each tire. Also, the speed rating of this tire is J, which means that for a safe ride, you shouldn’t exceed 62 mph.

This tire comes with several features that add to its safety and durability. The 6-ply thick tire is tough against punctures, so you can take your trailer on all kinds of roads if you get a set of these tires. Another useful feature is the tread wear indicator, which will provide a visual warning when you need to change the tire.


  • Cheap price
  • Fairly good load weight
  • Tread wear warning


  • Low speed rating

Cheap Tires For Sale – Where To Find The BEST Deal?

Best All Car Tires: Reviews of All-Season/Terrain, Mud & Snow Tires

We’ve all been there before – you suddenly find yourself in need of new tires to replace the old, worn ones on your vehicle so you end up looking at cheap tires for sale. Doing nothing about worn tires can have very serious consequences – lose control of the vehicle in less than ideal situations due to poor grip. Luckily you’re not one of those people that thinks “nah, that would never happen to me” otherwise you wouldn’t be reading this.

Now I know your bank account isn’t ready for an expensive purchase anytime in the near future, and most new tires typically cost a substantial amount. What do you do?

Whatever you do, just don’t go buying used tires.

I’ve known many people to be in this very same situation, so in this article, I will talk about the best places to get tires that last forever. 

Tip #1: Don’t go to a local shop

Most people think that new tires at any shop cost a small fortune and completely drain your bank account before you can even blink. But this is just an illusion. Especially when you’re rubber buying locally.

Most shops pay their salespeople on commission, which means that they obviously want you to spend as much as possible. Even for the shops that don’t pay on commission, daily sales are a goal for every shop and a salesperson always tries to push for more products that you don’t actually need. When you shop online for tires, there is no one there, egging you on, upselling you with horror stories of what could happen to you if you don’t go with the newest, latest and most expensive model on the market.

The key is to not hassle with a local tire shop and shop online instead. You can go online, provide your car’s year, make and model and quickly see a wide selection of tires direct from factory, at all price points that fit your car and are solid replacements for the tires you already have. You can then easily sort them by what’s most important to you – price, brand, driving requirements, or reviews from other drivers.

The tires are then shipped either to you or to your local car repair or tire shop to be installed at an additional cost.

And options? Goodyear, Michelin, BFGoodrich, Bridgestone, Continental, Dunlop, Firestone, you name it!

Tip #2: Buy from a reputable seller

There is a wide variety of options out there, and it’s important that you get the one that gives you the best value for your money with the least amount of hassle. Here’s our top 3 places to look for cheap tires:

Best All Car Tires: Reviews of All-Season/Terrain, Mud & Snow Tires

Why choose TireRack?

  • Easily find the tires you need by entering your vehicle or the desired tire size
  • Loads of reviews and ratings for each tire
  • Fast delivery (to installer or to your adress) usually within 48h
  • Get up to  back if you purchase a set of select tires
  • Free tire road protection with most passanger tires

Best All Car Tires: Reviews of All-Season/Terrain, Mud & Snow Tires

Why choose DiscountTire?


  • Order the tires you want online and schedule installation in one of their 920 shops nationwide
  • Great selection of different tires
  • Loads of tire rebates


  • You need to enter your location in order to browse tires

Why Choose Amazon?


  • You can easily filter out tires that don’t fit your vehicle, ensuring that you pick the right tire for your car.
  • Amazon offers a huge selection of tires, most coming from their independent Amazon Marketplace sellers – giving you the ability to choose from multiple tire retailers in one easy search and site. Some of the world’s biggest tire retailers are now selling on Amazon for lower prices than they sell in their own store. You save on the fact that the tires are coming straight from their warehouse to you.
  • Amazon regularly does flash sales on a wide range of products, giving you the chance to save even more money on your next set of tires than you imagined.
  • Many of the tires on Amazon are included in their Amazon Prime program, giving you free 2-day shipping.


  • Ordering tires is only available in select countries, and sometimes even states depending on the reseller.
  • If the reseller is new to Amazon, you won’t be able to find reviews for their service until other customers buy from them first.

New vs Used Cheap Tires for Sale

When you are desperately at cheap tires for sale, it’s so incredibly tempting to looking at used tires as a way out that doesn’t break the bank. Most towns have several such shops, offering tires for insanely low prices like per tire.

Used tires, however, are very much a situation where the best phrase to keep in mind is “buyer beware.”  The problem is that you don’t know where those used tires have been or how they were cared for by their previous owner.

The tires could have been driven on a car that was overloaded and too heavy for the tire’s specifications, they could have been under-inflated and subjected to more wear than expected, they could have been in an accident and taken impact to the sidewall, or they may have been driven by a true speed demon.

Any one of these things can cause damage to a tire that isn’t visible to the naked eye, and internal damage like that can lead to a blown tire for you and possibly even an accident. It is, without a doubt, much better in the long run to buy new tires and know that you and your family are safe.

Used Tires For Sale Are a DISASTER! Here’s Why…

Best All Car Tires: Reviews of All-Season/Terrain, Mud & Snow Tires

Used tires have become a massive business in the US. Close to 3,000,000 of these are sold each year, which is roughly 10% of the entire US tire market. It’s not hard to believe that most people look at used tires for sale since they can be so expensive. But as with many things in life, what looks like a good deal can sometimes be a bad deal in disguise.

Here’s the problem the way I see it:

  • There aren’t any legal standards when it comes to these tires
  • The process of collecting tires that have been used, inspecting them and putting them back in circulation is a wild west type of thing
  • Some tire sellers are considered experts who go to great lengths to make sure their tires are safe. The other 99% of sellers are not…

Back in the 90s, a former manager for Michelin wanted to inspect tires for sale near him. He did so and his results can be summed up in one of his quotes:

“My greatest fears have come true when my inspection revealed a number of tires that looked great…until I looked inside.”

Tires are your life and you shouldn’t skimp out on your life.

Why Are Used Tires Unsafe

I know, I know. It’s really tempting to buy a used tire rather than a new one. I mean it’s cheaper. Hell it’s even eco-friendly!

You gotta save every penny you can these days, and having to replace a tire can be unexpected and pricey. And it’s certainly not getting cheaper. I suppose this reflects the price spike of petrol based materials.

And this is how most people get the idea “Hey, I can save myself a shitload of money by buying a used tire”.

But is this really a valid option of saving money? I’d say “Nope”.

When you’re looking at a used tire, think about every place it’s been to and every situation it’s been in. Have you come up with at least 5 different situations that make you cringe? Well that might be just your imagination since the tire was on a car used by the owner’s 90 year old granny who only goes to the supermarket every few days driving under the speed limit. Or the owner did a burnout every week for the past couple of months.

The point is, you have no way of verifying the history of those tires.

This tire could have been used overloaded, underinflated, or at high speeds. Pick any of these 3 factors and you have a tire that has been damaged. Even worse, you have a tire that has damage you can’t see. In short, the used tire could be unsafe and you would have no way of knowing.

Now what are the chances that this is actually the case?

No one knows. And that’s why you should be careful. Furthermore, tires will seriously degrade over time. Even if the tire has been an unused spare tire for all its life, it could still be unsafe just due to the fact that it’s been sitting there for years.

Never risk getting a tire with unknown history. Unless you’re really scraping the bottom of the barrel, consider buying new tires and check the DOT codes to make sure they’re no more than a year old.

“But I though people buy and sell used tires all the time?”

Yeah, some people do. Be it dealers or guys like you and me selling them online. But it’s their risk. And a serious one at that. That’s like buying a cheap Ferrari from an online add with no pictures or verifiable history. Sure you “might” get a sweet deal but odds are you’re getting a lemon.

New tires are registered on the buyer’s name for an instant notification in the event of a recall. This is a link that doesn’t exist if you buy a used tire. You have no way of knowing if the tire was ever part of a recall.

Usually I get the following question from friends: “Well if I just bought a used car, I’d get tires that were already used along with it. So why not just buy the tires?”

Best All Car Tires: Reviews of All-Season/Terrain, Mud & Snow Tires

While that’s a valid point, the situation is a bit different. You know the vehicle that these tires are on, you know it’s condition, mileage and preferably, you can look into the cars maintenance history. That’s hell of a lot more information to base your decision on than just looking at a single tire without any verifiable context.

If the car is in poor condition, chances are the tires are too and vice-versa.

Also, you can always use the “these tires need to be replaced” argument for haggling on a used car.

What To Look For If You Decide On Used Tires

Tread Depth & Wear

Make sure to examine the tread surface (all of it) for uneven wear. If you catch a glimpse of any part of the cords (braided steel), the tire can be scraped.

You should also check the depth of the tread on each tire. For any common sized tire, it should have a depth of no less than 6/32 inch. If it’s a 13 or 14 inch tire, the minimum should be 4/32 inch.

The easiest method of testing tread depth is called a penny test. Take out a penny and put it into the tread. If you can the Lincoln’s head (all of it), it’s a sure sign the tread has worn out and that you should look for another tire.


Generally speaking, if the tire is more than 6 years old, you should avoid it altogether. You can check this easily by looking at the Tire Identification Number. You should find the letters “DOT” followed by some numbers. The first two numbers represent the place where they were manufactured. Other four stand for the date – two digits for the week, followed by two digits for the year.

The way tires look on the outside can be deceiving. Unlike Hellen Mirren, tires don’t age gracefully. At least no on the inside.

Also, look for signs of dry rot. Specifically, cracks in between the treads or on the sidewall.

Liner Damage

The inside of the tire should also be examined. If you find any exposed dangling cords or signs of other damage to the inner liner, you should avoid the tire.

Punctures and Repairs

While tires that were properly repaired are safe to use, you should look for signs of a hack job. Don’t even consider a tire that contains large punctures.

Belt Separation

If the tire is bumped too hard, it can often result in the steel belts separating from the rubber itself. To test if this, gently go over the tread and the sidewall. You’re looking for any bumps, or other kinds of imperfections that may point to belt separation.

Bead Appearance

Avoid tires that have a bead with missing pieces. (this will prevent it from sealing properly)

What Are The Alternatives?

After reading this, you may now be thinking, “Well, I’ll just buy tires near me, rather than buying them online!”.

Again, I don’t recommend buying used tires AT ALL!

Even when you see them up close, you may not be able to spot damage and ageing the way that you should. New tires, on the other hand, are a great investment. I know that you’ve probably wanted to buy them and thought, “Why are tires so expensive?”

The truth is that they don’t have to be.

Best All Car Tires: Reviews of All-Season/Terrain, Mud & Snow Tires

Amazon offers some amazing deals on new tires. Furthermore, when you join Amazon Prime (which is super-affordable), you may be eligible for free shipping on most Amazon purchases.

Since Amazon is the world’s largest online retailer, it offers an incredible selection of tires, including ones from Goodyear, Westlake, Pirelli, Milestar and many other world-renowned tire manufacturers.

It’s possible to save a lot of money on new tires by shopping at Amazon. In fact, when I looked around, I found a tire which is brand-new and retails for just . There are plenty of cheaper styles to choose from, so you don’t really need to go for used tires which may be unsafe in order to save cash. Instead, you may take advantage of Amazon’s low prices and treat yourself to new tires which will positively impact safety, as well as performance.

General Tire Maintenance

Tire maintenance is crucial to ensuring safe driving on the road. Tires may become worn due to friction from contact with road surfaces, causing the tread of the outer tire to wear down eventually. When the tread depth becomes too shallow, tires may become uneven, lose their grip, or develop holes, which may cause unbalance, susceptibility to skidding, and flat tires. All tires should be regularly checked for substantial air pressure to ensure that they are properly inflated; under-inflated tires can lead to excess fuel usage and uneven wear, both of which decrease the life of the tire by up to 20%, a significant loss in efficient tire usage. These factors may make for dangerous conditions while driving, potentially causing road accidents, and therefore tire maintenance is extremely important. If a thumping sound, unbalanced pull while driving, or unusual vibration is experienced, please schedule a motor vehicle tire inspection.

All Season Tires:

All season tires are the most popular type of tire due to their flexibility and adaptability to weather conditions and motor vehicles. Typically, these S and T-speed rating tires are standard on sedans and minivans, designed to handle most conditions from dry and wet pavement to light and moderate snow. These tires emphasize a comfortable and quiet ride for drivers and predict a easily maintained and long tread life. All season tires are most usually the best fit for drivers in areas not susceptible for extreme weather conditions.

All season tires are also available in ultra high performance and truck versions. Ultra high performance all season tires can be available from the sub-speed W and Y ratings to the highest speed ZR rating. These tires offer high level dry and wet grip handling, but are less optimal for snowy or icy conditions. These are a good choice for sports sedans and coupes. All season truck tires are most commonly used on SUV’s, light trucks, and light duty pickups. Like normal all season tires, they offer a comfortable and quiet ride as long as long tread wear.

Snow Tires:

Winter tires have more biting edges to ensure stronger grip on the slippery conditions that snow and ice can create. Many contain a soft rubber compound that remains flexible in extremely cold temperatures. On clear roads, they may not grip as well and cause more damaging tread wear over time, having a shorter lifespan. Winter tires should be removed when weather conditions become more moderated and dry. They can be most easily identified through a snowflake or mountain symbol on the sidewall. Winter tires should be used in sets of four for balanced handling while driving.

Similarly, high performance winter tires offer the same features, but come in varying sizes and speed ratings of V and higher. Winter tires are also starting to be manufactured in various sizes created for light trucks; however, many of these do not hold the standard government assigned grades for treadwear, traction, and temperature because they are meant for very specialized conditions and should be removed when those conditions are not present. Winter tires may also utilize external studs or tire chains on the wheel to better help with traction in slippery conditions.

Mud Tires:

Off-road tires, also known as mud tires, have unique tread patterns that are specifically designed to increase traction. The tires are built to be strong, durable, and capable to handle direct damage impacts, such as one would face in rough terrains. The tires are especially built for off-road adventures like rock climbing or camping, and are even great for mud, snow, dirt, and sand. It’s common to see professionals releasing some of the pressure in their off-road tires before a trip because it will increase the surface area of the tire touching the ground, increasing traction. However, before returning to regular pavement roads, the driver should be sure to re-inflate the air pressure in the tire.

Purchasing used snow or mud tires may be especially dangerous, because these tires may lack the necessary traction and tread to be efficient for the extreme or rough conditions of the roads they will be driven on. Please avoid buying used snow or mud tires for concern of safety.

Tire Sizes:

Tire sizes do not only vary on the type of tire, but within one type of mobile, but for the type of tire has well. For example, mud tires are most popularly bought in the 33 inch, 35 inch, and 37 inch sizes. However, many all-season tires are bought in the 15-22 inch range, and snow tires in the 20-25 inch range. Tire sizes may also parallel vehicle sizes, as trucks will have larger tires to balance the weight and proportions of the larger vehicle. When purchasing a tire, a customer should have the car dimensions or specific style in mind. If you don’t know how to determine which tire size you need, take a look at our simple guide.

Used Tires

used tires industry has significant demand amongst customers who are looking for a less expensive alternative to replacing vehicle tires. However, a consumer must keep in mind that used tires may have extensive wear and tear upon their treads and grip, and therefore purchasing a used tire may not guarantee a prolonged extension of tire life. Like buying a car, one should not buy a used tire without have a complete and full record of the tire’s usage or a detailed inspection of the tire’s features. Used tires may also have a concealed issue which, if not identified and fix, may lead to a potentially dangerous and fatal car accident.

Used tires may also be repurposed for non-vehicle related recreational uses, such as towards building tire swings for children’s play or to create tire runs for drilling athletes. Repurposed tires can also serve as an affordable alternative building material in the construction of rammed Earth thermal mass dwellings. This usage of used tires is beneficial towards creating individually sustainable housing, as tire bale walls have the potential to protect from certain natural disasters, such as tsunamis and tidal waves. Stacked used tires may also be used to create barriers in motor racing circuits.

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How To Rotate Tires Without Breaking A Sweat

You may heard it a million times before- rotate the wheels on your vehicle to extend the useable life of all your tires, especially if they were used tires, but it bears repeating nonetheless. Rotating tires to run on different corners of a vehicle remains one of the most effective ways to make tires last longer, which can save you a ton of money over the life of your vehicle. However, there is a right, and wrong way to rotate tires, and getting it wrong can cause premature, if not catastrophic tire failure. Here are a few things to keep in mind if you want to rotate your tires.

Read this before you rotate tires

  • All manufacturers recommend a rotation pattern that is specific to some vehicles. Details of this pattern will be in the user manual, so be sure to always follow these recommendations. Failure to do so could cause tire failure, and a potentially fatal crash.
  • If there is significantly more wear on the front tires than on the rear, place the tires with the most tread on the rear wheels. However, due to factors such as tire construction, tire diameter / tread width, and others, this is not always possible.
  • Bear in mind that while rotating tires can make them last longer, tire rotation cannot compensate for worn steering and suspension parts, incorrect tire pressures, or problems with the suspension geometry, such as poorly aligned wheels. In these cases, tire rotation will only destroy good tires on the wheels that do have issues, so be sure to watch out for signs of uneven tire wear, and have all problems corrected or fixed as soon as they appear.

So, are you ready to rotate your tires?

Best All Car Tires: Reviews of All-Season/Terrain, Mud & Snow Tires

The image above shows the most common tire rotation patterns, but bear in mind that there are some cases where these patterns don’t work, and should not be tried. Let us look at some tire types that should not be rotated in the patterns shown above.

Directional tires

Directional tires are designed with an asymmetrical tread pattern to increase traction while cornering, reduce road noise, and provide improved steering responses. These tires can only be rotated by moving them between axles on the same side of the vehicle. For instance, the left front wheel can only be placed on the left rear; putting the left front wheel on the right rear means the tire will rotate in the direction it was not designed to rotate in, which will cause the tire to overheat and fail within a few miles. Not to mention the fact that a tire rotating in the wrong direction loses almost all traction.

Tires of this type will always have some indication of the direction they are meant to rotate in. Common indicators are arrows molded into side wall, or words like “OUTSIDE”, or a combination of arrows and words. Do NOT disregard these indicators- doing so could cost you your life.

Uneven-sized tires

There are not many vehicles that have unevenly sized tires as a stock feature, but it should be obvious that the tires on such a vehicle can only be rotated from left to right, or from right to left on the same axle. However, this assumes that the tires are not directional; if they are indeed directional, the only way to rotate the tires safely is to have them dismounted from the rims and switched around, so that the direction of rotation remains the same.

How to rotate the spare wheel

Tire rotation should include the spare wheel, so if you have a full-sized spare wheel, keep the following in mind-

  • If you have off-road or all-wheel-drive vehicle, it is important to rotate the spare in such a way that it wears at about the same rate as the other tires. It also depends on what tires you’re running for off-road activities. The drive trains on some all-wheel-drive vehicles are very sensitive to difference in wheel diameter, and in some cases the difference between the diameter of a new, and a partially worn tire is enough to cause serious drivability and/or mechanical issues.
  • The same goes for off-road vehicles that use viscous clutch couplings to vector torque to the front and rear differentials. If the tires are not all the same size, these couplings can overheat and fail.
  • It is very important to remember that safety systems such as ABS brakes, traction control, and stability control assume that the wheels are the same diameter. Even slight differences in the diameters of the wheels can upset the programming, and hence the functioning of these systems if some wheels rotate at different rates. Safety systems are typically not programmed to compensate for these differences, so do not forget to include the spare wheel in a tire rotation program

How To Read Tire Size Properly

Best All Car Tires: Reviews of All-Season/Terrain, Mud & Snow Tires

We’ve already talked about getting the best deal on tires, but what good does that do you if you don’t know which tires you should be looking for? Most people can’t read tire measurements, for them it’s just a string of random numbers. But don’t worry, today we will demystify it once and for all.

Here’s a great resources, one that I send to all my friends who ask me how to read tire sizes properly.

It’s pretty self-explanatory but let’s take the tire in the image and break it down.

Understanding Tire Sizes

  • P 205 / 75 R 14 95 T – The type vehicle this particular tire is made for. Most common type are P (passenger), LT (light truck), ST (special trailer)
  • P 205 / 75 R 14 95 T – The width of the tire (in millimeters)
  • P 205 / 75 R 14 95 T – Aspect ratio of the tire (sidewall height shown as a percentage of the section width)
  • P 205 / 75 R 14 95 T – Construction of the tire, R stands for “radial”
  • P 205 / 75 R 14 95 T – Wheel diameter in inches
  • P 205 / 75 R 14 95 T – This tells you how much can your tire carry. It’s best to refer to a load rating char to get a defenite answer.
  • P 205 / 75 R 14 95 T – Maximum speed your tires should be able to handle.

As you can see, it looks complicated when you first look at it but once you break it down, it’s much more simple.

Here’s a list of other useful resources on the subject:

How To Check Tire Pressure

Do you rely on your car’s tire pressure monitoring system to maintain tire inflation? If so, you are probably used to wasting money on more fuel than you need, poor steering and braking response, premature tire replacements, and last but not least, an uncomfortable ride. No it’s not because of cheap tires, it’s because you’re improperly inflating them  .

TPMS systems are notoriously inaccurate, and your tires could be under inflated by as much as 25% or more before the system will alert you to a problem. (Which is another reason why you should never buy used tires – you never know what the guy owning them did). Fortunately though, all of these issues can be resolved simply by checking your tire pressures once a week or so- here is how to do it.

Check the tread wear

The image above tells the story of these tires’ unhappy inflation history, and what you can (and should) do to keep your tires wearing evenly across the whole tread width. However, once tires have worn to the extent shown here they are beyond saving, so avoid this happening to you simply by following the steps below.

Get a digital tire pressure gauge

Any digital tire pressure gauge is several orders of magnitude more accurate than any other type of gauge, and besides, a good quality digital gauge can be had from any auto parts store for well under . With a digital gauge you are always sure that the displayed reading corresponds to the actual pressure in the tires, which is not the case with other types of gauges.

Only check the tire pressure on cold tires

Tires are said to be “cold” when the vehicle had been stationary for more than three hours, or if the vehicle had been driven for no more than 1 mile (1.6 km). This is an important consideration, because as tires heat up during driving, the air inside them expands, which can increase the pressure by as much as 10% under some conditions.

Thus, if you check the pressure when the tires are hot and you find a high reading, do NOT deflate the tires to get to the “correct” pressure. Doing this will mean that as the tires cool down, the pressure could drop to an unsafe level as the air inside the tires contract, which means that you could have dangerously under inflated tires when you resume your journey.

Do NOT inflate tires to the maximum indicated pressure

All tires have their maximum design inflation pressure molded into the sidewalls. This value indicates the MAXIMUM pressure a tire can be inflated to when that tire is carrying its maximum allowable weight, and NOT the tire’s safe working pressure.

Tires are designed to flex and deform by certain amounts during normal operation. Over inflation prevents a tire from doing this, which reduces traction, steering response, braking response, and eliminates a tire’s ability to absorb some of the unevenness of modern road surfaces.

Only inflate tires to their recommended inflation pressures

All tires only perform best when they are inflated correctly, which is why car and tire manufacturers are very specific when they recommend that a tire on any given application be inflated to a certain value. This information could save your life, so be sure to find it in the user manual, or on a sticker that is usually stuck inside the driver’s door jamb.

Inflation pressures are usually given in PSI (Pounds per Square Inch), but it might be given in metric units on some imported vehicles. Common metric units could be Bar, Kpa (Kilopascal), or Mpa (Megapascal), although the most commonly used unit in the world remains PSI, even in markets that use the metric system for everything else.

If you need to convert PSI to other pressure units, make sure that the pressure gauge is calibrated to display the tire pressure in the correct (desired) unit. The difference between units of pressure is profound, so make sure you know what your pressure gauge is telling you.

Check tire pressures at least once a week

While most authorities recommend a period of two weeks or so between pressure checks, anything can happen to a tire at any time, meaning that a tire could be partially deflated by the time the next pressure check rolls around, or the TPMS system notices that something is wrong.

Long experience in the car repair industry has taught me that checking tire pressures at least once a week is a better way to maintain tire pressures, and especially in climates where huge temperature swings occur over short periods. As a rule of thumb, and assuming that there are no pressure losses due to slow leaks, the pressure in a tire changes by 1 PSI for every 10oF change in ambient temperature, both up and down.

Thus, if the difference between two ambient temperatures is say, 500F, the pressure in a vehicle’s tires will change by about 5 PSI, which is more than enough to seriously affect traction, handling, and tire life. Of course, we get that adjusting tire pressures twice a day is a pain in the behind, and we don’t recommend that you do so, but what you could do is maintain the tire pressure at a mean level that does not over-, or under inflate your tires by more than two or three percent at either end of the temperature scale.

Arriving at the ideal tire pressure when night and day temperatures swing from one extreme to the other is a challenge, but getting it right means longer tire life, better handling and fuel economy, no matter if you’re using best all-season tires or best snow tires


We spent 40 hours comparing prices, available performance options and tread-life warranties for tires fitting mid-size sedans, SUVs and trucks, and  Goodyear emerged as the best tire brand overall because of its exceptional options, good prices and minimal risk. With free shipping to your local service station and a 30-day road-test trial period, Goodyear minimizes the risk of buying tires online. In addition, there is a greater choice of performance tires than with other brands, and the tread-life warranties are longer than average.