Transmission is cumbersome to remove and put back under the car. This transmission jack was created to help make the process easier and safer. If you’ve removed the transmission, you know the challenges it presents. But that’s not the only problem.

Knowledge of jacks is however very important for any motorist. Using the wrong jack may make a vehicle servicing experience unnecessarily tasking- and dangerous.

In this updated post, we explore transmission jacks. We look at how they operate, who they are best suited for, then make a review of several models in the market to help you make an informed decision should you decide to purchase one.

Want to know more? The top-rated transmission jacks are sorted to give you the right solutions to your selection problems in 2020. Now, gain safety and ease of workability.

Our Pick
BIG RED TR4053 Torin Hydraulic Garage/Shop Telescoping Transmission Floor Jack: 1/2 Ton (1,000 lb) Capacity, Red
Guaranteed Quality
Iglobalbuy 2 Stage 1100lb Adjustable Height Hydraulic Telescoping Transmission Jack with Pedal 360° Swivel Wheel Lift Hoist
Best jack for the money
Sunex 7796 1000-Pound Air and Hydraulic Telescopic Transmission Jack
Torin Big Red
Iglobalbuy 2 Stage
Sunex 7796
26.6 x 16.6 x 6.6 inches
31 x 26 x 38 inches
44.5 x 15.4 x 18.1 inches
75 pounds
125 pounds
166.3 pounds
Our Pick
BIG RED TR4053 Torin Hydraulic Garage/Shop Telescoping Transmission Floor Jack: 1/2 Ton (1,000 lb) Capacity, Red
Torin Big Red
26.6 x 16.6 x 6.6 inches
75 pounds
Guaranteed Quality
Iglobalbuy 2 Stage 1100lb Adjustable Height Hydraulic Telescoping Transmission Jack with Pedal 360° Swivel Wheel Lift Hoist
Iglobalbuy 2 Stage
31 x 26 x 38 inches
125 pounds
Best jack for the money
Sunex 7796 1000-Pound Air and Hydraulic Telescopic Transmission Jack
Sunex 7796
44.5 x 15.4 x 18.1 inches
166.3 pounds

Transmission is the machine that controls how power is applied within the vehicle’s system. In the simplest of terms, it refers to the gearbox. This may vary a little depending on where in the world you are though. While in the US the definition of transmission stops at gearbox, the UK uses the same term when talking about the gearbox and the entire drivetrain.

As the definition may thus suggest, transmission jacks are suitable for people who require to service vehicles’ power systems. This is a quite detailed area of service, and will mostly include people working in commercial garages. It is not, however, uncommon to find people who do their own vehicles’ servicing from home.

Let us now look at five transmission jack models  2020 and see how they compare against each other.

Best home-use jack

BIG RED TR4053 Torin Hydraulic Garage/Shop Telescoping...
  • 1/2 ton capacity pedestal transmission jack with 49.6 inches to 68.7...
  • Durable steel and dipped enamel finish
  • Designed to use with in-ground and above-ground lifts and easy to...
  • Saddle adjusts to fit any transmission and safety chain tilts forward,...
  • 4-leg base with 3 inches steel wheels that swivel full 360 degrees on...

The Torin TR 40 53 pedestal is a 0.5 ton (1000 lbs) capacity high lift transmission jack used to remove both manual and automatic and manual transmissions for servicing. It is made in China; 26 by 16.1 by 7.5 inches in dimension and 75 lbs in weight. It has an adjustable saddle that allows it to accommodate different transmission sizes, which can then be chain tilted to any direction- front, back or side-to-side. Once set on the saddle, there is a release valve that allows smooth lowering. There are also safety brackets and safety chains to control the removal. The jack is made of tough steel with a finish of dipped enamel.

The base is made of four steel arms extending out in a rectangular shape, with movable 3-inch steel wheels attached to each arm. The wheels are set on ball bearings and designed to swivel through 360 degrees, easily rolling under the hoisted vehicle.

The Torin raises to a height of between 49.6 and 68.7 inches, for both in and above ground transmission removals. The delivery is in a box package, which contains the individual parts and assembly instructions.

The Torin works well for transmissions within its recommended weight. It can comfortably handle 1000lbs and roll out just fine, without any sudden drops upon release of the valve or an uncomfortable screech of the steel wheels. It can be easily handled by one mechanic. The adjustable saddle fits in just fine for different transmissions, making it an across-the board jack.

The pumping is a bit slow for efficiency though; the manufacturers could have improved on this. The pumping lever is pretty low on the jack’s column, making the handling a bit awkward when the jack is all the way out. The chain has been known to let loose, making it necessary for users to innovate with ratchet straps in some instances.

  • Cheap – The Torin has arguably the fairest pricing of all jacks within its category. Most buyer reviews revolve around its cost, which they say is worth the service it provides.
  • Easy assembly – There have been complaints about the size of font and clarity of the instruction in the attached manual, but the assembly itself is easy and pretty much self-explanatory.
  • Smooth roll – The ability of the steel wheels to comfortably handle the listed weight makes the Torin a great pick.
  • Adjustable – the adjustable saddle greatly increases the number of vehicles the jack can be used on.
  • Stable – The 39.5 by 39.5 inch square base offers for a stable roll once the transmission is removed.
  • Light – 75 lbs is quite a friendly weight for a jack of such capacity.
  • Not befitting for people over six feet – People under six feet will work comfortably under the listed weight, but anyone above that has to watch their heads as they work.
  • Not commercial grade – The Torin, though comfortable when in use, is not capable of everyday commercial use. The lift and release give in with repeated use.
  • Poor packaging – there have been complaints of lost parts when the delivery is made, mainly of bolts and small parts. The hardware often rips the box before the order reaches the client.
  • Slow pumping – The Torin takes too long to pump all the way up.

Recommended for

Home users – The Torin would work greatly for people who do their own servicing at home on a non-commercial scale. If you have a hydraulic lift, the Torin is a great accessory to roll in once the vehicle is in place. It works well for people with a fleet of different models because of its adjustable saddle.


Best heavy duty jack for cars and light trucks

Goplus 1100 lbs 2 Stage Hydraulic Transmission Jack High...
  • 【Large Load Capacity】The maximum load of this jack is 1100LB (0.5...
  • 【Lifting Range】The telescopic two-stage hydraulic ram enables the...
  • 【Easy Operation】The jack is equipped with the pedal and release...
  • 【Easy to Move】The jack is equipped with four 360° swivel wheels,...
  • 【Safety Performance】The jack includes 31" long safety chain, and...

GoPlus is an 1100 lb capacity transmission jack for lift , also capable of handling removal from automatic and manual transmission vehicles. It uses a hydraulic system to lower transmissions, with a foot controlled release valve, which has a control spring attached. The spring causes the lowering to halt when the foot is taken off the pedal. It comes with a 31-inch safety chain.

With a lift range of between 33 and 70 inches, the GoPlus allows for all settings of transmission lowering no matter what surface you are working from. The saddle is adjustable for use on different sizes of transmissions.

It weighs in at 110 lbs, which means it is quite a heavy jack. The weight can be attributed to its stainless steel body, which consequently makes it very sturdy and comfortable on the job. It is one of China’s products that really surpasses expectations. There are four steel arms that form the base, each with an attached wheel that swivels for 360 degrees.

The hardware is delivered in two boxes, one for the main parts and the other containing assembly fasteners and smaller parts.


The GoPlus offers all what it promises and more. With an 1100lb transmission mounted, you get the feeling it could comfortably take another similar weight if called upon. The safety chain works well to hold your transmission in place.

The foot operated pump is a genius element of design. In a world that does not give enough focus to the importance of feet in vehicle repairs, despite their key role in driving, an accessory with foot operated parts comes as a gift. The pump allows the mechanic to work from a natural position. It also leaves both hands free to work on other areas during the lowering or lifting process. The pump is also two-step, allowing for a smooth lowering to comfortable height. The spring control that halts the lower when the pedal is released affords you the luxury of doing everything at your own pace.

  • Foot-controlled valve – This allows the mechanic to work in a natural position, which is safer and more comfortable. The hands are left free to handle other jobs.
  • Separate packaging of parts – The small and main parts delivered in separate packaging prevent instances of loss if the package is ripped within the shipping process.
  • Two-stage lowering – This makes the jack comfortable to use. The spring halt when the foot pedal is released gives you the freedom to work without restriction.
  • Easy assembly– the parts fit almost naturally, making assembly an easy option for anyone with knowledge about jacks-or google.
  • Wide range of use – With a 33-70 inch height range and adjustable saddles, the GoPlus pretty much gives no limit to the number of vehicles it can be used on. Users of any height will be comfortable with this one
  • Heavy – the GoPlus is a heavy device; hauling it around won’t be among the most comfortable tasks of the day.
  • No instructions – there are no assembly instructions, which means it probably wasn’t meant for newbies.
  • Untimely delivery – Sometimes the two boxes containing different parts won’t arrive together. This may cause an unnecessary delay for the user.

Recommended for

The GoPlus will come in handy for service store owners who service personal vehicles and also light trucks. It looks like it could handle some extra weight, but always remember overloading is dangerous in all areas of motoring. Avoid that temptation. If you own a fleet- or are not uncomfortable spending $160 on a jack, this one is ideal for you!

The Home service jack

BIG RED TR4076 Torin Hydraulic Roll-Under Transmission...
  • Transmission jack is ideal for everyday garage service as well as...
  • Lifting range from 8-11/16" to 22-11/16" and a 1/2 ton (1,000 lb) load...
  • Features a 360-degree rotating handle and an adjustable head and...
  • Universal mounting head with a wide forward and aft tilt, making...
  • Equipped with (4) 360-degree swivel casters, delivering smooth and...

Another product from Chinese manufacturer Torin, the TR4076 Roll Under is a low profile transmission jack capped at a capacity of 1000 lbs. It sits on a rectangular base that runs along the length of the chassis, with a 31.5 by 18.1 by 9.1 inches dimension. The raising panel sits atop this base to work in a scissor-like movement, controlled by a cranking lever that extends outside its base on the opposite side. The base sits on 360 degree swivel steel wheels.

The Roll Under weighs 78.3 pounds, and works from an 8.66 inch clearance to a maximum height of 22.64 inches. It is a strong stainless jack that fits in well for its class, albeit not so well in industrial capacity as the manufacturers claim. A few users have actually described it as ideal for ‘Backyard servicing.’

There are two swing arms around the lifting saddle, used to adjust and fasten it. It comes with a safety chain and an overload system


The Roll Under is well capable of handling its listed weight; it will roll comfortably without any stress on the swivel wheels. That it uses a hydraulic system makes it a safe jack, but the fluid levels have to always be checked before you set out to work. It does not leak easily, however, going by tests and reports from users who have worked with it.

However, its huge clearance makes it necessary to have a huge floor jack to allow this one to roll in with the transmission mounted. You would need to consider getting a new jack if your current one is too low to work with the Roll Under, or look for innovative ways of getting around the issue.

  • Strong– The solid steel of the Roll under allows it to work comfortably with its cap weight. The hydraulic lift allows it to work repeat jobs without wear.
  • Easy assembly– The hardware comes with an assembly manual, with easy instructions clearly understandable even to newbies.
  • Poor packaging– Torin appears to have a problem with packaging, packing heavy set metal in ‘grocery’ bags. The Roll Under will arrive with the pieces literally spilling out, which increases the risk of some parts getting lost along the way.
  • Limiting clearance– The jack’s clearance limits the size of floor jacks you can use it with. It would require you to get another jack to work with or make an innovation if it doesn’t match with the current one. Some innovations may be hazardous.

Recommended for:

The Roll Under is mainly for users who will be doing their service at home. Store owners have the luxury of specifically designed work areas, but may find it necessary to stock one in case they need to attend to emergency calls from the highway.

Great Jack for the price can’t beat it

Iglobalbuy 2 Stage 1100lb Adjustable Height Hydraulic...
  • Foot-operated pedal and lifting pump allow mechanic to position and...
  • Rated Load:1100 lb.(0.5ton); Lowered Height:34"; Raised Height:68"...
  • Comes with great lift range telescopic two-stage hydraulic ram.
  • Wide 4-leg base with swivel casters for stability and easy movement.
  • Fully adjustable saddle with corner brackets, strong heavy duty steel...

The Iglobabuy is a 1100lb capacity hydraulic-powered transmission jack meant for use on automatic and manual powered vehicles. It is made of heavy-duty steel, fitted with adjustable saddles to accommodate different sizes of transmissions. The jack’s dimensions are 31 by 26 by 38 inches, with a weight of 78 lbs. It sits on a four-leg base, whose arms extend out from a central shaft and have steel swivel wheels attached to them. It is fitted with a handheld steering handle and a foot-operated pedal to complete a two-stage raise and lower system.

There are two 26” safety chains attached to the saddle. The Iglobalbuy begins its lift at 34 inches and goes all the way up to 70 inches. The telescoping feature allows the user to check all areas with ease during the hoist or lower.


The Iglobalbuy measures up to the other jacks reviewed in this article by showing an admirable comfort in handling its weight category. Which is amazing, because at first glance it looks like it would go straight into the ‘soft’ category. The two-step hydraulic lift works just fine, with the foot pedal again offering great value for the mechanics available limbs.

The hand gear is situated at the center along with the height of the hydraulic column. This makes it easy to operate without getting it stuck. The foot pedal leaves the hands free for adjustment and aligning, making it easy to use by a single mechanic.

  • Excellent packaging– The jack comes well packed in a wooden box. A great relief for anyone who has been receiving motoring buys looking like they took a beating on the way home!
  • The foot lever makes it easy to work within a natural position.
  • The positioning of the hand-held lever corrects the one mistake dogging most other jacks, getting stuck
  • Poor instructions- After making an excellent jack, the Chinese manufacturer so need to do a similar job of translating the instructions to English.
  • Low height- Although the range is wide, some users would still ask for more on the side of maximum height.

Recommended for:

Service store owners will find the Iglobalbuy to be a great addition to their collection of tools of the trade.

The regular servicer’s handy tool

Sunex 7793B 1/2-Ton Telescopic Transmission Jack
  • Foot activated pump pedal for hands free raising of the rams
  • Extended to reach a maximum height of 74 inches
  • Lowered telescopic rams enable the transmission to be transferred from...
  • Nylon strap tie down secures the load to the saddle
  • Overload valve prevents jack from being used beyond its rated capacity

The Sunex Telescopic is a 1000 lb capacity jack made from stainless steel. It comprises a hydraulic shaft with an adjustable panel at the top and a four-armed base. The base has each arm fitted with a 360 degree swivel steel wheel for easier rolling of the jack.

There are short levers under the adjustable saddle used to open it and lock the transmission in place. A telescopic view allows the user to clearly see all angles of the transmission as it progresses.

The hydraulic lift is foot-operated, leaving the hands free to take care of other elements. It measures 27.2 by 14.2 by 39.4 inches in dimension and 167.6 lbs in weight. It has a nylon saddle strap to hold the transmission in place. An overload valve ensures it is not worked beyond its capacity, a great feature to ensure the longevity of use.


The jack is good for its weight, and won’t allow you to feed it more, thanks to the overload valve. The overall design is okay, the foot pump offers the same advantages discussed earlier, the base strength is good and the swivel wheels make for easier maneuvering.

There have, however, been more than a few cases of leaks from the hydraulic shaft. You’d think for $500 you need not worry about leaks.

  • Good packaging– It comes in a two-tier wrapping of a cardboard box with an outer wooden crate casing.
  • Telescoping offers an advantage as you don’t have to bend to awkward angles.
  • The leaks from the hydraulic panel take a lot away from an otherwise amazing transmission jack.

Recommended for:

For its price, the Sunex Telescopic needs to be owned by someone who will use it often. Store owners are the buyers we’re talking about here. It is no use getting it for occasional use when a cheaper jack could function just fine.

Best floor jack transmission adapter

XtremepowerUS 1/2 Ton Transmission Hydraulic Floor Jack...
  • Saddle tilt: 60 Degree forward, 10 degree backward
  • Max length : 13"
  • Min Length: 9"

XtremepowerUS is a US-based company that offers high-quality products designed to offer a service you will love. This floor jack transmission adapter comes with easy to use guidelines. Thanks to its low profile design, this unit will help you in your heavy and simple tasks. It slides smoothly under your car thanks to its swivel wheels. Besides, the easy to mount and unmount design makes your work easier.

The great thing about XtremepowerUS transmission jack adaptor is versatility. It fit just about any traditional jack designs and can turn them into transmission jack.

XtremepowerUS adaptor head is very compatible; it can be attached to the base effortlessly.

Because transmission jacks are often pricey, and considering that most people seldom need them, opting for a suitable transmission adaptor makes more sense.
  • Lightweight
  • Efficient
  • Easy to mount
  • Some problems with stability
  • Didnt fit any of the jacks

Best Low Profile Transmission Jack

JEGS 79012 Transmission Jack Low Profile Capacity: 1000 lbs
  • Low...
  • Capacity: 1000...
  • Lift Range: 8.5" to...
  • 360° Rotation of Pumping...
  • Adjustable Load Support...

This 1000 lb jack is an excellent tool for any automotive or light truck transmission installation or removal. This hydraulic jack has a great lift height along with a wide base to easily fit in any vehicle. It is an easy jack that connects all the right notes.

The design of the foot-operated pedal can free your hands during operation. The 4 legs base with 4 case iron swivel casters are included for easy movement. Strong and stable long safety chains are also provided for securing the transmission on the saddle.

Top 5 Transmission Jack List

Torin Big Red
(Editor’s Choice)
Best non-commercial home-use jack Check Price
Goplus New 1100 LB 2 Stage Hydraulic Transmission JackBest heavy duty jack for cars and light trucks Check Price
Torin Big Red 1/2 Ton (1,000 lb)The Home service jack Check Price
Iglobalbuy 2 Stage 1100lbBest Jack for small vehicle Check Price
Sunex 7793B 1/2-TonThe regular servicer’s handy tool Check Price

Accessories Frequently Purchased with this Item

We Recommend
Low Profile Oil Drain

FloTool 05080MI Less Mess Drain Pan
Extended profile catches full fluid flow

Hand Soap + Sanitizers

Permatex 25218 Fast Orange Hand Cleaner with Pumice, 1 Gallon
Protect different size loads with the aluminum load stops that adjust to the full width of the truck

Disposable Gloves

Grease Monkey 23890-110 Disposable Nitrile Gloves, Large (Pack of 100)
Protect and keep from continuously having to spend time washing your hands. Keep your hands clean and add grip

Top5 Best Transmission Jack in 2020

Transmission jacks serve the same purpose. Nonetheless, they come in different styles and models. Primarily, you need a jack that is easy enough to use and move by one person. Furthermore, it should be durable enough to withstand daily use without failure. That’s precisely what our list of the best transmission jacks has to offer.

After perusing the details on the best transmission jacks, you can now easily select the transmission jack adapter of your choice. These jacks play a vital role in helping DIY workers or professional technicians quickly repair or maintain their transmissions.

How to Use

Use a car lift to raise the transmission of your car to approximately 60-inches off the floor. Remove the transmission fluid and close the valve body.

Position the transmission jack below the car and connect the compressed air line to the air inlet valve of the transmission jack. Center the jack so that its arm extends up to the fluid pan of the transmission. Let the compressed air extend the jack and push the transmission up slightly so that its weight is taken off the bolts that secure it to the vehicle. Secure the transmission onto the top plate of the transmission jack. Use accessory straps or shims to make a proper fit. Now you can unsecure the transmission from the vehicle.

For installing or removing a transmission, you need to center its weight onto the extending arm of the transmission jack. The plate at the top of the extending arm is usually large enough to secure the transmission. The jack thus makes it easy to carry the heavyweight of the transmission for any repair work and refitting on to the vehicle.

How to Replace a Transmission (Full DIY Guide)

Transmission removal, replacement, and installation. Learn how to remove a transmission so you can replace your clutch or flywheel, or so you can rebuild your transmission and install a new one in your car or truck. In this video you see the 10 simple steps on how to replace a transmission. The process is very similar on other rear-wheel drive, front-wheel drive, and even automatic cars and trucks. Each detailed step will allow you to learn how to remove a transmission yourself so you can replace a clutch, flywheel, rear main seal, throwout bearing, pilot bearing, or just swap transmissions.

Transmission Removal Checklist Download (FREE):

How To Repair A Transmission Jack

It is safe to say that no garage in the world would be complete without a proper trans jack. This relatively simple piece of equipment helps to remove and transport transmissions safely.
If you manage to get your hands on a high-quality transmission jack, you should never have to replace it. However, sometimes parts cease to work. You do have to know how to repair a transmission jack after buying one. Otherwise, your wallet might have a thing or two to say to you afterward.

Transmission Jack Adapters

Transmission jacks are a vital tool for anyone looking to do their maintenance on their automobiles. The problem for many however is that transmission lift jacks themselves can be quite expensive. Many of them cost a thousand dollars, with the most heavy-duty ones being roughly five times that amount. That’s why we’re going to be looking at some of the best transmission jack adapters on the market today. And rest assured that none of them have a price in the quadruple digits.

Transmission jack adapters are used to turn standard jacks into professional jacks. In some instances, they even come included as part of a DIY toolkit. The reason why they’re often chosen over standard transmission jacks themselves is that of their affordability and their versatility. They can be used as a replacement saddle for other tools or be swapped out for another device that fits the job better. There’s always the possibility that one adapter will be better suited for one vehicle than another.

Weight limit, safety, and mechanical versatility are the key components when deciding what makes a good transmission jack, adapter or otherwise. Let’s look at some of the best the market has to offer.

How To Build Your Own Transmission Jack

There are a few different methods that you can use to build your own transmission jack.

DIY enthusiasts around the world have tried and tested dozens of different methods to determine which is best, and you can find their results online.

Considerations When Shopping for a Transmission Jack

Top 5 Best Transmission Jack – The Ultimate Ratings and Reviews Buyer's Guide

The above jacks are among the best on the market but you may still be torn between two transmission jacks. There are a number of factors to consider when shopping as expounded below:

Standalone vs Adapter Transmission Jacks

Top 5 Best Transmission Jack – The Ultimate Ratings and Reviews Buyer's GuideTransmission jacks are offered as standalone or adapter types. Standalone jacks, like their name suggests, are designed with a hydraulic system, meaning they can operate without needing any attachments. Their main function is to service transmissions. There are two varieties of standalone jacks you will see on the market; one designed to service vehicles that are on floor jacks and another designed to service vehicles on lifts. The former looks like a floor jack only the saddle has been replaced by an adjustable table while the latter is called a pedestal jack and comes with a longer lifting range.

Adapter transmission jacks are used together with a floor jack that features a transmission saddle. This means that, you need to have a hydraulic floor jack by the time you are buying the adapter-type transmission jack. Ensure that the floor jack saddle hole and peg of the adapter are the same size.

Standalone transmission jacks are designed with four caster wheels to ease mobility while the traditional floor jack, where the adapter-type transmission jack is mounted, has only two rear caster wheels.

Low profile or High Lift

Top 5 Best Transmission Jack – The Ultimate Ratings and Reviews Buyer's GuideTransmission jacks commonly come in low profile or high lift designs and the difference between the two will be the vehicle application it will be used for. When picking a transmission jack, it’s important to know how much clearance you’ll have beforehand.

A low profile transmission jack can reach into areas of limited access, such as when a car has not been raised off the ground. Low profile jacks sit low to the ground and are ideal for typical applications where you don’t have access to a lift. A vehicle will need to be placed on jack stands before a low profile jack can be used.

A high lift transmission jack is designed with a lift that sits on top of a hydraulic pedestal. These jacks are best used for vehicles that sit very high, such as raised trucks or cars that have been lifted via a hydraulic lift.

Lifting Range

Top 5 Best Transmission Jack – The Ultimate Ratings and Reviews Buyer's Guide

Pedestal transmission jacks can service vehicles high off the ground but they cannot be used to service vehicles on the ground or ones raised by a standard floor jack. For vehicles on the ground, you will need a conventional floor jack fitted with an adapter or a trolly type standalone transmission jack. You need to ensure that the lifting range of the jack will reach your vehicles underside; this is especially important when your vehicle has large diameter tires or has a suspension lift.

Base Support

If you need a pedestal transmission jack, you need to ensure that the base of the jack is large enough for stability. This ensures your safety when servicing the vehicle. A large base will not tip over when in use. However, the base should not be large to an extent that moving a stool around it or even walking is hindered.

Construction Material

Transmission jacks should be made of stainless steel. You can consider the grade and origin of the steel but it only matters that the material is steel. Some jacks are made of aluminum but these are less durable and less steady.

Transmission Jacks at Harbor Freight Tools

Every mechanic and automotive DIY hobbyists will be in need of specific heavy duty tools and accessories to efficiently and effectively perform work on cars and trucks. The same can be said for motorcycle enthusiasts. One invaluable tool in the process of building, repairing or restoring a vehicle is that of a transmission jack. Transmissions are integral aspects of a vehicle’s engineering scheme, and they are heavy! Harbor Freight Tools offer several quality transmission jacks that are capable of aiding in the removal and installation of even the most robust transmissions. Buy or rental transmission jacks online at impressive prices every day.

Safety Precautions To Follow

Double Check Your Car’s Support

Before you ever try to climb under your vehicle, check its support. While this might look like an evident move to make, many people do miss this task. Don’t trust a jack port by itself to keep your vehicle up, as it is known how prone they are to failure.

Once you need to go under your vehicle, ensure that you have at least one jack assigned to each wheel that doesn’t touch the bottom. You’ll also want steering wheel chocks on at least one of the tires that continues to be touching the base to ensure that your automobile doesn’t roll.

Before going under the automobile, give it a shake to ensure it doesn’t fall (which would indicate that it’s not sturdy).

Don’t Attempt Manual Transmission Removal

Once you’ve decoupled your very large transmitting from your engine, it could appear easy enough to take care of by yourself. That is the first-year mistake. Many people ignore to consider that at this time, the weight is distributed very unevenly over the components. This creates an uncomfortable object to carry, which makes it much simpler to drop. Not forgetting, handling the transmitting while being under your vehicle gives you a short amount of time or space to go taken care of if something will go wrong, which explains why using the proper equipment is necessary.

Check Your Tools

Inspecting your tools before using them can make a huge safety difference. Check the hydraulic cylinders in your jacks to make sure that there are no leaks, and inspect everything overall to make sure that everything is fully secured and installed.


Unexplored as the area of jacks may be by most people in the motoring fraternity, it still remains a great mine of knowledge. The problem with jacks is they largely sit in the background, invisible, until their need arises. They are like fire trucks, you forget them on normal days but can’t think of anything else when fire breaks out.

The elements discussed here can be of great help in understanding jacks better, more so transmission jacks. These reviews should offer a good guide if you are looking to buy a jack that suits your needs.