Cadillac XT4I’ve been able to test out the Cadillac XT 4 for about a week now and I’ve put a couple of hundred miles on it and I’ve got five likes and five dislikes coming at you right now.  Now starting with my dislikes in no particular order:

Dislike #1 is that we don’t have radar cruise control or lane-keeping system on the base model at all and you have to pay extra for those on the other trims in a Cadillac, a premium vehicle. That’s something that I would expect. I know a lot of you don’t like that or don’t want to use that, but I wouldn’t expect to have to pay extra for it.

This one priced at about 48 and a half thousand dollars has a lane-keeping system. It’s not a lane-centering system like the other mainstream vehicles have, but it doesn’t have the adaptive cruise control. So Cadillacs kind of stingy with that.

My Dislike #2 is that right up front our information display is smaller than it is on a lot of mainstream models and to me personally it is not a big deal. But again, you’re paying almost 50 grand for this vehicle and you get a 4.2-inch screen, which is pretty small compared to especially other luxury vehicles. And even the touchscreen is smaller than some other luxury vehicles as well. But you can pay extra to get an eight-inch screen in the middle on the upper trims.

My Dislike #3 is that it’s not as quiet as a Cadillac or a premium vehicle should be. So I did my decibel ratings and there are several mainstream vehicles I’ve driven that are quieter than this and cheaper to be honest with you. So this isn’t allowed vehicle and the wind noise is really contained. You’ve got laminated glass here, laminated glass on the windshield, but the road noise gets in pretty easily, especially at higher speeds or on rougher textures.

Dislike #4 is something that a lot of you probably won’t even think about. Consider about when you’re buying a vehicle, but it doesn’t come standard with the spare tire. Now that’s a safety feature and something that I would look for and expect. This one does have a spare tire, but it’s only optional. So if you’re shopping, watch out and look and check if that’s something that matters to you because it doesn’t come standard with the spare tire.

Dislike #5 is something that has absolutely driven me nuts driving this. And I think some other GM vehicles do this too. But it’s the fact that the brake pedal is so much closer than the accelerator is. So most time you can just move your foot from the accelerator to the brake real quick, especially in an emergency situation. But with this one, you like have to lift your whole leg up in order to get up onto that break. And sometimes you can catch your foot on the brake pedal and it gets annoying and that anterior tip is going to get a workout.

Cadillac XT4Now with those dislikes aside, it’s time to move on to the likes. Again, in no particular order.

Like #1: it’s very comfortable. It’s a pretty comfortable ride but primarily these seats are very comfortable. So these front seats have a massaging function where it can kind of roll in, there’s two settings, roll up your back. It’s almost like a little bit of a massage, nothing aggressive. But otherwise these seats are very comfortable and I have thoroughly enjoyed my time in them. And in addition to the comfort is when you remote start the vehicle, if you have these, the heated and ventilated seats can automatically turn on two different levels, to cool it off for you or heat it up for you.

My next Like #2 is that this nine-speed paired with this turbo is really responsive. I’ve driven other GM products with a nine-speed and it just did not seem quite as responsive or nice as this. But this is very quick, very responsive, hardly noticeable with some of these gears shifts and when you get on it.

The next gear real quick and seamlessly. So I love the responsive and the smoothness of this nine-speed.

My Like #3. Something you maybe wouldn’t think about as well, but you know a lot of times people end up stashing their phone, in the front coffee storage area or maybe in a door handle or maybe are in the passenger seat or something. But very rarely do people probably actually put it away to where they can’t see it unless maybe it’s in someone’s purse, but this has a special slot that your phone slides into where you can still easily take it out. But it’s out of sight, out of mind. And I think it can help to get people to not even think about their phone when they’re driving. Like manufacturers have intended on with their connection systems like CarPlay and Android auto.

My Like #4 is that nowadays you seem to get either touchscreen or control dial in these cars or touchpad, but this has both. It’s got a touch screen that you can use and you can touch everywhere on the screen and use it fully functionally with that. Or you can use a control dial down below, right by your hand, although not necessarily the best ergonomic position cause you gotta bend your wrist down, but you can still control it or use the touch screen. And I like the fact that you can use either one and it’s been pretty easy to use on the fly.

My Like #5 is that this is a compact vehicle. It’s really pretty small, but the legroom is very generous. So a lot of times when you get into a vehicle of this class, the exterior dimensions and the interior dimensions are pretty much, you know, you would expect it to be small back there.

But the legroom is amazing. It’s like nine something inches of rear legroom and 44 may be in the front. So the combined legroom is great. The back seat doesn’t recline or move forward or backward, but the legroom is phenomenal. So after spending a week with this Cadillac XT for the cheapest and smallest Cadillac you can buy, those are my five likes and dislikes. Thank you so much for reading.