It’s not so hard to check the connection on your battery. The reason you want to do it is because you need to be sure that your battery is continuously maintained in the proper way. This won’t even take that much of your time, and in about 20 minutes you would have learned a new way to maintain your car. And, it won’t cost you that much money either. All you have to spend is $5. That is how much the wire brush is going to cost you that you’ll need to complete this very easy task.

The first thing you want to do is look down at and scan your car’s battery. Do you see the negative cables on it? Good. Always take off the cables from the negative side first. After that, go ahead and remove the positive cables in the same way. Now, look at the posts that the cables were attached to. They look kinda yucky, huh? Well, that is what you bought that wire brush for. So let’s put it to use! Get yourself a container and mix up a little water and baking soda, and dip the wire brush in it as you scrub the battery heads.

That gunk that was all in between the cords and the battery heads wasn’t allowing your battery to function properly. By cleaning it, you just made it about ten times easier to transfer power between those points. Now, after the heads look clean, get a little clear water and rinse off the battery. Then, get a clean dry rag and dry off the wet areas. When the terminals on the battery are dry, simply replace the cords. But, this time, you want to do the direct opposite of what you did when you took them off. When putting the cords back on, you want to always slip on the positive side first.