How to Defog your Car Windows, Learn how to defog your windowsI always used to hate walking outside in the winter to go start my car and warm it up and seeing that every single window was full of fog.

I would then have to wait 10 minutes while the car warmed up and hope that the fog would slowly dissipate.

Eventually, I got fed up with having to wait and dealing with foggy windows so I started to look for methods on how to stop your car windows from fogging up in the winter, during the rain, and just year-round.

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ADVICE: How do I stop my car windows from fogging

In this post, I want to share with you a few of the different and most effective methods that I came across as well as some helpful tips on how to prevent fogging so that you’re able to drive with clear and clean windows.

Keep Your Windows Clean

One of the easiest ways I found that works to prevent fog from blocking the windows is to make sure that the windows are clean and are kept clean throughout the year.

I recommend checking out my article on the best window cleaner for your car if you’re looking for the right products to use and there are plenty of articles online that you can read on how to clean your car windows effectively.

One of the main reasons why the windows fog up when they’re dirty is because there is a hard to see or invisible film that has built up on the glass that moisture is able to settle on.

While you are driving around and especially if you’re smoking in the car it’s possible that small amounts of moisture and dust in the air can collect on the windows and this leaves a suitable surface where moisture can collect.

During the winter you really want to pay attention and make sure that the windows are clean on a much more regular basis and during the summer you’ll still want to clean them regularly and especially before or after any rainfalls or summer storms.

Many people will recommend using Windex and some paper towels but this is not an effective method and could actually make the fogginess worse depending on how effective you are at cleaning windows so I recommend looking online and checking out some YouTube videos on how to make sure the windows in your car are cleaned properly.

Once your windows have been cleaned you should notice a difference right away.

Avoid Getting in While You’re Damp

Another reason why the windows will fog up, especially when you have already begun driving, is because you might be damp from the rain or snowfall that has fallen on you while you were outside.

You’ll definitely notice this become more of a problem as the temperature dips below zero and the moisture that’s on your body can actually cause frost on the inside of the window which isn’t any fun to scrape off.

I recommend checking out my article on the best ice scraper for cars if you’re looking for a snow brush or an ice scraper to use during the winter.

It’s important to make sure that the inside of your car is as dry as possible during the winter and if you’re caught in the snow or the rain you might want to consider wiping yourself off with a dry towel or leaving your coat in the trunk so that it doesn’t cause the interior of your car to fill up with moisture and steam up the windows.

This isn’t as practical as making sure that the windows are clean but if you’re having a big problem with foggy windows then it’s something that you might want to try doing to help alleviate the situation.

Crank the AC

You might be thinking “why would I turn on the air conditioning during the winter” but cranking the air conditioning in your car when it’s cold outside can really help to clear the windshield and other windows.

When your car is pumping out warm air it is actually causing more moisture to form and this can make it take much longer for any of the moisture or fog on the windows to dissipate.

With the air conditioning on there is going to be cold and much drier air that’s pumped into the cabin and this is going to have a positive effect on getting rid of the moisture.

Some of you might argue that having the air conditioner on is going to use more fuel but the amount that it’s going to use on a low setting during the winter for a short period of time is going to be negligible on the long-term fuel efficiency of your vehicle.

You can also take advantage of the benefit that turning on the AC during the winter helps to keep the system lubricated and to prevent any problems further down the road.

During the time that the AC is on you can still turn on the seat warmers so that when you get into the car the seats are already warmed up and you’re able to see clearly and drive safely.

Final Thoughts: How to Prevent your Windows from Fogging Up

With these helpful tips in mind, you should be well on your way to enjoying a fog-free driving experience and at the very least you’re much more well-equipped when it comes to dealing with any fog that’s on the windows.

Keep in mind that not being able to see clearly out of the windows in your vehicle is dangerous for both you and those around you so always make sure that there isn’t any fog left that’s hindering your view and make sure to always clear any snow off the windows and roof at all times.