Today we have the 2019 Ford F150 Raptor. This is upgraded for 2019, and it’s the most ridiculous truck that you can buy. I’m going to give you 10 reasons why it’s the coolest truck that you can buy coming right up.

Review: 2019 Ford F150 Raptor – The Only Performance Pickup Truck

Reason number one – it’s the coolest truck you can get is under the hood. We’ve got the 3.5 liter equal boost V6 twin turbo that puts out 450 horsepower, 510 lb-ft of torque. Paired with the 10 speed automatic transmission. That is pretty darn smooth. I’ve had that transmission in another F150 and it did really well.

I really enjoyed it. Plus this generation for 2019 is 500 pounds lighter than the previous generation. And one of my favorite things about this power plant is that it’s actually direct and port injected. So overall, this power plant is 3.5 liter twin turbo, high output V6 is very impressive.

Cool thing number two is something that this truck is already known for, that’s its legendary off road capability. One cool thing that you can do with this truck is that you can get tired that actually literally clamp on to the wheel from the factory. So you don’t have to worry about when you air down your tires going off road, so that you have some better capability, you don’t have to worry about your tire actually coming off of the wheel.

So you can get it clamped on, which is a really awesome feature and something that could definitely come in handy if you go off roading a lot and air down your tired. Another thing is we’ve got the fox live valve shocks which enhance the existing system. Internal bypass shocks that are electronically controlled for continuously variable compression damping. And when you’re airborne it sets the dampers to full stiffness to smooth out your landing. 13 inches of suspension travel in the front, 13.9 in the back.

Ground clearance is excellent at 11 and a half inches. And you can ford through 32 inches of water. Plus you’ve got skid plates where you need them as you would expect. This comes with trail control, which is Ford’s cruise control for off roading. So you can focus on steering. You can actually use it in all four wheel drive modes from one to 20 miles per hour. And then on top of that we have the terrain management system that you can control on the steering wheel, so you can scroll through your normal baha, rock crawl, sport, mud and sand or slippery like wet and snow.

So that is just awesome with the four wheel drive controls. You really can’t get any better than the raptor when it comes to going off road.

2019 Ford F-150 Raptor: Just How Much Better Is It?

Number three has got to be the lighting. The lighting on this truck is really cool. It’s not just your basic headlights and taillights. We’ve got these cool orange LED daytime running lights that wrap around the headlight. They look really cool at night. In addition to that you’ve got the orange marker lights that make a big stance and presence at night as well. They really stand out going across that front grill. The headlights are actually the quad beam LED so they do a really good job at night.

These LED lights are also automatic with the high beams. And then we have spotlights on our mirrors that do a really good job of lighting up the area next to the vehicle, which could be really helpful at night loading stuff up or even off roading. Cool thing number four, you’ve got raptor branding on everything including even the key fab. It just says raptor on it. You’ve got raptor on the truck bed, the tailgate, the floor mats, even the headrests on your seats. You’ve got it everywhere. The center stack lights up as a raptor. There’s just no mistaking that you’re driving a raptor.

2019 Ford F-150 Raptor: Just How Much Better Is It?

Reason number five is that you can still do truck stuff with this. As capable as it is off road, you can still use it and treat it like a truck. Of course we’ve got this truck bed, we’ve got a nice spray-in bed liner back here, you can tow with it. You can throw some stuff back here even though the pay load is not very good. I’ll give you some numbers in a little bit. But we also have trailer sway control. You’ve got the truck tool storage box link tie-downs back here which are helpful. Even the hitch assist line with the camera so you’re backing up and you can line right up to a hitch are just a few things. So it’s still cool that you can use it like a truck, even though it’s super off road capable.

2019 Ford F-150 Raptor: Just How Much Better Is It?

Reason number six is the coolest is that there’s not an actual true competitor to this truck. As the F150 raptor, this thing is on another level and another class compared to competitors like the Ram rebel, Tundra, TRD Pro, Nissan Pro4X. I did drive and review a Silverado LT trail boss, which is GM’s newest offering for that. And it’s definitely impressive, but it just does not compare and compete with this. Same goes for the Sierra AT4. If you want to see that review, please check the links down below in the description and up on the little icon.

2019 Ford F-150 Raptor: Just How Much Better Is It?

My number seven reason is that this thing is still a pretty functional and comfortable daily driver. I’ve been driving it around for about a week. I’ve been really comfortable in here. One thing is you can get the 2019 recaro sport seats with some blue bordered inserts and they’re heated. And the heated seats work really well.

They’re three tier. You’ve got a huge backseat, it’s just massive. You’ve got tons of leg room, tons of space. A flat load floor, tons of space everywhere in this cab. For what it is, being off road and all it’s still pretty darn smooth. You get a springy feel with this truck, which it’s going to have because it’s very capable at high speeds going over ramps and stuff like that. But it’s still pretty smooth when you’re driving. And another surprising factor is that it’s actually pretty darn quiet. We’ve got big tires on here and you just wouldn’t really expect it, but just like the other F150’s this thing is still pretty darn quiet.

And one thing is if you’re not going off road and you just want some speed, this thing has gobs of power, tons of power. And it’s pretty loud, especially if you put it in sport mode right now. It holds the RPM’s up and you’re ready to zoom. This thing’s got a lot of pull, a lot of torque. And then of course when you’re off the beaten path, this thing is still pretty darn smooth on some rough gravel roads, things like that. You’ve got multiple four wheel drive modes you can put it in. You’ve got a locking rear and it’s just fun. Oh boy, it’s just fun to throw this thing around in some dirt and some mud.

That’s for sure. You’ve got excellent tires. You’ve got great grip. You can haul on some different terrains and be okay. I really wish I had a good off road course to take this and show you guys. I’ve just got some muddy areas that’s really about it. But it’s still fun. And you don’t even have to go fast through some mud and get momentum, you just got good traction anyways.

Overall driving this thing for a week, I’ve been very, very pleased with it. It’s really fun, it’s really comfortable. The only thing about this as a daily driver I would say is that it’s just so big. It’s just so wide. You try to find some spots, if anybody parks close to the line, you’re kind of screwed. But otherwise, that’s not what this is all about anyways. It’s still a really fun truck, really capable truck. Nothing really competes.

2019 Ford F-150 Raptor: Just How Much Better Is It?

Cool thing number eight is that this truck still has a ton of tech, or at least quite a bit of tech from my standards.

And some of those things not everything, but some of those will include blind spot with cross traffic alert. A 360 degree camera with rear parking sensors. A pre-collision system with automatic emergency braking. Ford’s keyless keypad on the outside of the vehicle. Built-in wifi hotspot, and 110 volt power outlet and multiple USB ports for extra charging. My ninth cool thing about this truck is that it just stands apart from everything else in terms of looks. Now some of the other trucks, the other competitors of this or the off road models, sometimes you don’t really even know that it’s the off road model if you’re not really used to looking at them.

But this thing, the raptor just has so many different characteristics about it that make it stand out so much more than the regular F150. So I’ve got to go with the looks as one of the coolest things.

And my number 10 cool thing at least in my opinion is that it’s built in the US. This is going to be built at the Dearborn truck plant in Dearborn, Michigan. So you can’t ask for much better than that when it comes to an American brand like the Ford F250 Raptor. Now I can’t talk about all of these cool things on this F150 Raptor without going over some negatives, which it does have some negatives. Obviously every vehicle does.

2019 Ford F-150 Raptor: Just How Much Better Is It?

And one thing, it’s an off road truck but it doesn’t come with a wench. I read that it’s because of the demands of this, the intake of this 3.5 liter twin turbo V6 that we can’t put a wench on the front. So that’s one thing that could be big. It’s also extremely wide, super wide, which can make it tough going through some small, narrow areas if you’re off roading. In addition to even just parking in the city. So that makes it tough just the width of this thing. It’s so much wider than just your standard F150. Another thing is the pay load in the back.

It’s 1000 pounds pay load for the super cab. And 1200 pounds for the super crew, which is significantly less than you can get on other F105 models. And another thing is the exhaust. I really miss a burly V8 sound. And the exhaust on this truck is not great. It’s not bad. They did a good job making it sound good for a V6. I’m really waiting for the possible seven liter V8. I’m super excited for that. Hopefully it comes. I haven’t heard much about it lately, but I’ve heard that it is a possibility.

So those are my 10 cool things about the Ford Raptor. It’s one of the reasons why I think it’s the best truck that you can buy right now in terms of the cool factor in just the overall capability of this thing. I want to know what you guys think. At least I think it’s the coolest for now until the electric truck comes out. I’m really excited to see that. A lot of hype about it. I guess we’ll see, it’s an electric truck so maybe you guys don’t think it’s a real truck. But thank you so much for reading.