8 Best Trailer Tongue Boxes – Ultimate Truck Tool Storage ReviewsTrailers are great at hauling all sorts of heavy equipment. But there are some items that would be better off secured in a container that’s easy for you to lock, store, and come back to when you’re ready to use it. Trailer Tongue Boxes are built specifically for this purpose and have the capacity to hold up to all of your trailer belongings inside, depending on the size that you acquire.

Available in different sizes, the best trailer tongue boxes come in a durable construction. It offers you a large storage space and comes in a rectangular design. Moreover, this includes a convenient lock so that you can keep your items safe. You may also find two handles on each side that offers you easy portability.

However, it is not easy to choose the trailer tongue toolbox. What is the best? Aluminum or plastic? Small or large? How to build a homemade trailer tongue box?

In A Hurry? This Is The Best:
Bestseller No. 1
Buyers Products 1701680 Black Poly Trailer Tongue Truck Box
  • For use on Trailer Tongue
  • High Density Polyethylene
  • Zinc Hasp.Lid type:Single Headed
  • Durable toolbox adds additional cargo space to your trailer

Below are eight of the best boxes that you’ll find anywhere, chosen for their quality construction and security features. And don’t forget to read the buyer’s section for useful information that’ll help you know the difference between a good quality box and one that’s average.

Top 8 Best Trailer Tongue Boxes – Top Tool boxes for Trucks

 PRODUCT NAMEDimensionsMaterialHasp Latch Included
Dee Zee DZ91717P Poly Triangle Trailer BoxDee Zee DZ91717P
(Editor’s Choice)
36 x 18 x 18.75Plastic, PolyurethaneYes (No Padlock)
Giantex 49'x15'Aluminum Tool Box Tote Storage for Truck Pickup Bed Trailer Tongue W/Lock (49'L)Giantex Aluminum Tool Box49 x 15 x 15AluminumYes (Lock Included)
Pit Posse - Aluminum Trailer Tongue Storage Tool Box with Lock for Truck Utv Pick Up - Waterproof - Durable - Versatile - Diamond Rugged Design - Easy to Carry - Mounts Easily - Smooth FinishesPit Posse Aluminum Trailer Tongue Storage34 x 17.5 x 18AluminumYes (No Padlock)
Buyers Products 1701680 Black Poly Trailer Tongue Truck BoxBuyers Products 170168036 x 19 x 18Plastic, PolyurethaneYes (No Padlock)
Better Built 66010148 Utility Trailer Tongue Tool Box L 39 in. x W 16.5 in. x H 12 in. Brite Aluminum Wide Utility Trailer Tongue Tool BoxBetter Built 6601014839 x 16.5 x 12AluminumYes (No Padlock)
Topeakmart 24 inch Truck Tool Box Aluminum Trailer Truck Pickup Underbody Underbed Tongue Tool Box StorageTopeakmart 24" Truck Tool Box23.6 x 15.7 x 17.9AluminumYes (Lock Included)
Lund 6134T 21-Inch Aluminum Trailer Tongue Truck Box, Diamond Plated, SilverLund 6134T60 x 11 x 20.5AluminumYes (Key Included)
UWS EC20391 34-Inch Heavy-Wall Aluminum Trailer Tongue Tool Box, RigidCore LidUWS EC2039134.5 x 17 x 22.13AluminumYes (Key Included)

Fit All of your Gear inside these Durable Trailer Tongue Boxes

Dee Zee DZ91717P Poly Triangle – Best Plastic Trailer Tongue Box (Editor’s Choice)

Dee Zee DZ91717P Poly Triangle Trailer Box
  • Rigid Poly Plastic Frame Resists Warping
  • Double Wall Lid For Extra Support
  • Perfect Fitment For Trailer Tongues. Lightweight yet solid...
  • Lockable Hasp Latch For Security (Padlock Not Included)
  • Dimensions (LxWxH) : 36 x 24 x 20 (inches) and Vol: 6 cu. ft.

The Dee Zee DZ91717P is made from a combination of polyurethane and plastic, built into the shape of an attractive black container that’s very sturdy and won’t break easily.

 If you’re looking for the best of them all, this product ranks first on the list .

It weighs only tens pounds so you won’t have to worry too much about additional carriage in the trailer that you can’t get rid up (at least without removing the box).

If you have a preference for plastic, then this will surely make a great box for your trailer.

Overall, the biggest selling point was the material it’s constructed of and the fact it can be locked.
Matt Seals, Auto Mechanic
Matt Seals
  • Weighs approximately ten pounds, a good size that refrains from adding excess weight to the trailer itself
  • Only four screws required to fasten it to a trailer
  • The material is plastic and polyurethane, which eliminates the risk of rust developing on the outside of the container
  • Some of the screws included with the product may strip easily after the first time they are screwed in place
  • Water may seep inside of the box during heavy downpours (recommended to be sealed with single sided foam tape, if possible)

Giantex Aluminum Tool Box – Amazing super light box.

Giantex 49"x15"Aluminum Tool Box Tote Storage for Truck...
  • 【Large Storage Space】This product is 49"x15" rectangle, it has...
  • 【Lock and 2 Keys】This product came with 2 keys, and it could help...
  • 【Two Handles on The Each Side】There are 2 handles on the each...
  • 【Durable Use】This product was made of high quality ceramic, rugged...
  • 【100% Satisfaction Guaranteed】We would try our best to give you...

The Giantex Tote Storage is the first Aluminum box featured on the list. It’s also one of the most well built.

And since the material and thinner than those made of plastic, you will have less burden to pull with your vehicle.

Included with the product is a set of keys that can lock up the container when it’s not in use.

Although this has become commonplace among most trailer storage boxes, the quality is above average here.

The unit is recommended for people that want an Aluminum box that won’t break within a year of it being put to work on a regular basis.

This is a good sized truck box. Lightweight, so easily loads in and out.
Matt Seals, Auto Mechanic
Matt Seals
  • The weight stays within range of what is average for most tongue boxes
  • A set of keys and built-in lock are featured with the box
  • No holes or physical defects are located along the metal exterior
  • The edges are blunt and pose as no cutting hazard
  • Some of the edges could be bend slightly during the shipping process
  • Than handles bend overtime if they are used to to lift the box when it’s full
  • While the container won’t leak water inside, there’s no seal (gasket) featured with the box itself

Pit Posse – Great Storage Container

Pit Posse - Aluminum Trailer Tongue Storage Tool Box with...
  • LIGHTWEIGHT FOR EASY MOUNTING AND CARRYING - This toolbox is designed...
  • DURABLE DIAMOND RUGGED DESIGN - Constructed of rugged aluminum with...
  • LID EXTENDS FULLY FOR EASE OF USE- The deep hinge allows the top to...
  • EXTRA STORAGE SPACE AND ACCESSIBILITY- Keep additional tools and...
  • YOUR SATISFACTION IS OUR # 1 PRIORITY- Pit Posse’s Trailer Tongue...

The Pit Posse Trailer Storage Box is another aluminum container with walls that are slightly thicker than the box previously reviewed.

The hinges are also nice; they are well made and will definitely extend the lift of it, at least if you can prevent the inside from becoming too wet.

Welding is spotty, which might allow water to get inside during periods of heavy rainfall.

 Overall, it’s recommended for anyone that lives in regions that stay relatively dry for most of the year. 
  • The Aluminum walls are thick and allow most precipitation to stay out (so long as the welds are completely sealed)
  • Hinges will hold up for a long time without becoming hard to open and close overtime from debris getting trapped in between
  • Features a lock that shuts the lid tightly; doesn’t wobble
  • In some portions of the box, the welding could be too thin, which will allow rainwater to travel inside when left outside in the rain

Buyers Products Box – Best Waterproof

Buyers Products 1701680 Black Poly Trailer Tongue Truck Box
  • For use on Trailer Tongue
  • High Density Polyethylene
  • Zinc Hasp.Lid type:Single Headed
  • Durable toolbox adds additional cargo space to your trailer

The Buyers Products Box is polyurethane and will be a godsend for anyone that has dealt with tools getting wet from previously used utility trailer boxes.

Of course, you know that wet metal can create rust, and this piece doesn’t fail to deliver on most of its features.

The material is also pretty deep but may take up a little more space and anticipated.

Regardless, the box is easy to install (with the railing taken into account) and will perform its job of storing your possessions at needed.

  • The opening forms a watertight seal along the tip that shields all goods from moisture
  • Measurements are accurate and do not deviate from what is specified
  • The polyurethane build is dense and keep items stored inside at a lower outside temperature
  • Some boxes may have lids that are not level with the body of the container
  • Can only be mounted to trailers when the hinges sit slightly away from the railing

Better Built Box – Best For Security

Better Built 66010148 Utility Trailer Tongue Tool Box L 39...
  • Package Dimensions: 31.4 H x 100.2 L x 43.0 W (centimetres)
  • Package Weight: 7.259 kilograms
  • Country of Origin : Mexico

Another Better Built product, this box has aluminum that’s plated in a way that will ensure that the appearance stays in a like-new condition for long after the purchase date.

The latch is also very sturdy and won’t break if instances where it might be attempted to be broken. You will need nuts for it to embed to your trailer though.

Use it when you need a storage box that locks tightly and doesn’t loosen overtime.

  • The diamond plated aluminum will appear to be in a like-new condition for years after the product has be purchased
  • Latch pieces are very strong and weighted
  • Easy to install with additional nuts on the inside of the box, if preferred
  • Welding may be poorly sealed in random portions along the edges
  • Slight warping could make the box a chore when trying to get to fitted to some trailers
  • Thin aluminum walls

Topeakmart 24″ Truck Tool Box  – Best Welded

Topeakmart 24 inch Truck Tool Box Aluminum Trailer Truck...
  • Good Quality: This Aluminum Tool Box is characterized by...
  • Durable: High quality and durable appearance make the Trailer Tool Box...
  • Lightweight Box:Lightweight of the Truck Toolbox reduces weight gain...
  • Perfect Storage Solution: The Tool Box for trailer provides storage...
  • External Dimension: 60x40x45.5cm / 23.6 x 15.7 x17.9’’ (LxWxH)

The Topeakmart Truck Box looks pretty compact, at least on its photo. But this is deceiving. The space provided will be enough to store small generators or even some gas tanks.

Yes, you might have to leave to lip open a little for it to hold, but it’s great to have something that will secure moderately-sized valuables instead of putting them in the trailer for everyone to see.

This trailer tongue box is advised for those that live in hurricane-prone areas and could potentially need to transport supplies quickly without placing them in the flatbed.

Made from thin aluminum but well constructed. The lock is sturdy will keep most out. Nice gasket lid for weatherproofing.
Matt Seals, Auto Mechanic
Matt Seals
  • Large enough to fit some small generators
  • The lid has a gasket around the top that won’t let water on the inside
  • The locking mechanism, operated with two sets of keys, is surprisingly well make and unlikely to shear or break for the entirety of its use
  • Becomes buckled with used in road conditions that are rugged in terrain

Lund Trailer Tongue Truck Box  – Good looking and Plenty of Storage for Camping

Lund 6134T 21-Inch Aluminum Trailer Tongue Truck Box,...
  • 60-inch low profile cross bed truck tool box made of 0.06-inch...

The Lund 6134T takes many of the problems that are commonly found on other trailer tongue boxes and attempts to correct them. For example, weight.

It doesn’t weigh much as all but won’t succumb to dents when the slightest thing brushes up against it.

The lock is also virtually tamper-proof and secures everything inside without it breaking easily.

You’ll have to buy your own mounting pieces though, so be sure to get everything you’ll need to hook it up properly to your trailer before it arrives.

It has proven to be completely dust and watertight as well. It’s quite lightweight but surprisingly tough. I wouldn’t hesitate to recommend this tool box. You will not be disappointed.
Matt Seals, Auto Mechanic
Matt Seals
  • The Welding forms a complete barrier around all of the edges, having no thin spots or areas that would otherwise leak water
  • Although the box is light in weight, doesn’t bend or wear away fast
  • The lock sits deeply embedded into the side, making is nearly impossible to temper with
  • No mounting accessories included with the unit
  • Too short to fit some moderately-sized items (such as propane tanks)

UWS Trailer Tongue Box – Best For Tank Storage

UWS EC20391 34-Inch Heavy-Wall Aluminum Trailer Tongue Tool...
  • TRAILER TONGUE MOUNT. This trailer tool box is uniquely built to mount...
  • RIGIDCORE LID. This trailer box is built for maximum lid strength and...
  • EXTRA-THICK ALUMINUM. UWS aluminum tool boxes are constructed with...
  • STAINLESS STEEL HANDLE. This trailer storage box is equipped with a...
  • EASY TO INSTALL. UWS trailer tongue storage boxes are available in...

The UWS EC20391 is 34 inches in length and has a lid attaches to foam, which shields the inside from water and moisture very well.

This also prevents dust from getting in, so your tools will stay in good condition and dry-free no matter how hard it rains down on the top.

And because of the way that it’s shaped, you’ll have more room to do simple tasks like backing up without the box hitting anything in the process.

It’s a good box for consumers who live in an urban setting.

 It’s a good box for consumers who live in an urban setting. 
  • The lid contains a foam layer on the inside and blocks dust from getting into the top
  • Its shape will assist drivers by providing more room during backups (more space with it’s angled sides)
  • Large enough to fit two five gallon tanks or single at 20 pounds
  • On some models, the latch may need to be fixed in order for it to properly close with the skriker

Best Trailer Tongue Boxes Buyer’s Guide

Best Trailer Tongue Boxes Buyer's GuideTrailers were once bulky, rusty containers that would age fast and necessitate of replacement very quickly. Thankfully, many brands today have begun to improve the quality of their designs. There are now a large variety of storage spaces being sold on the market, of which are built from materials that should last, in some cases, as long as the trailer itself.

But with more variety comes the need for a better understanding of what makes a good truck tool boxes, and what doesn’t. The Buyer’s Guide below will help you understand the difference, and pinpoint you to the container that’s best for you.

The Dimensions

Top8 Best Trailer Tongue Boxes - Ultimate Truck Tool Storage ReviewsTrailer tongue tool boxes come in lots of various sizes that are able to accommodate nearly any type of trailer that you possess. Those shown in the reviews are tailored for medium trailers that contain room at the front for it to fit. Before you’re set of a brand, in particular, you’ll need to know the exact measurements of the trailer to ensure that you don’t end up with something that’s either too big or small to rest on it without appearing awkward.

Failure to do so may result in the box breaking altogether, so take out your measuring tape if you haven’t done so already, and check the dimensions of your front end trailer. Once you’ve done that, the hardest part will be over!

Dealing with the Weather

Top8 Best Trailer Tongue Boxes - Ultimate Truck Tool Storage ReviewsWeather is something that can quickly turn a nice-looking container into a waterlogged bucket that gets all of your items inside soaked. While some of the boxes shown above have foam padding near the lid to prevent this, others don’t. But even then, the welding can seep water into the inside if the product is manufactured poorly.

Trailer tongue boxes are notorious for having mediocre welding, so don’t be surprised if you end up having to tinker around with something by adding more foam at the top. Furthermore, heat intensity may bake certain items inside during the summer months, so may sure that whatever you place in the container isn’t susceptible to sun damage. Try to avoid small pressurized cans or anything else that could react badly to heat or cold.

What you’ll Need in order to Get it Set

Top8 Best Trailer Tongue Boxes - Ultimate Truck Tool Storage ReviewsSome boxes will have screws included in the packaging that you can use to secure it to your trailer. But this isn’t always the case. Check with the product’s description if you must know this before you buy. If there’s no indication that screws are included, try to call the manufacturer to be sure that it will be there when the box comes, wrapped alongside it in one large box. Other accessories could include keys and locks if there’s nothing available on the box itself.

Some brands will include accessories on some shipments, but there’s always the off chance that something might end up missing. If so, let the seller know what you need to see if they can provide it for you at no charge before you acquire anything separately.

Items to Be Stored

Top8 Best Trailer Tongue Boxes - Ultimate Truck Tool Storage ReviewsAside from anything that could be potentially hazardous, you can put loads of items from your trailer inside of the box. In fact, you might be able to fit everything inside and clean up the rest of your trailer itself! The most common items usually include ratchet straps, small tanks, working tools, or camping and emergency gear.

Whatever you decide on, the possibilities are endless and you’ll be glad to have so much of your belongings out of the way, and secured in a located that only you can access. In some cases, you may even be able to fit small generators inside of the box by rolling it in carefully, and allowing some slack at the top.

Security and Locks

Top8 Best Trailer Tongue Boxes - Ultimate Truck Tool Storage ReviewsFor many, this is the most important part of their trailer tongue box. If you don’t have any locks lying around your home, consider getting one with a bolt and key included with the product. That way, you’ll have everything you need to store your items securely immediately upon fixing it to your trailer.

However, some models have locks that aren’t properly fastened to the box. If you notice any deformities with a box that includes a lock with it, you can either fix it yourself or return for a better one.

Locks are important, and an attribute that you’ll want to make sure will work exactly as advertised. Of course, you’re unlikely to experience any such event when you unbox the unit, but be prepared to thoroughly inspect everything as you take it out of the package for the first time.


Top8 Best Trailer Tongue Boxes - Ultimate Truck Tool Storage ReviewsWelding, as previously shown, can either be well done and keep water from getting to the inside of your items being stored or poorly fastened to the point where you would either have to fix portions of the box with foam or get another box altogether.

A good way to check whether or not a box you’re interested in is welded properly is by observing other customer’s photos taken of the brand. While this method is not always perfect, you’ll be able to get an indicated of how well the company’s boxes are built before you decide of checking out the product.

And it’s also a great way to look for other abnormalities as well, such as sharp edges. Pointy edges on a trailer tongue box are something that you’ll want to avoid if you can, so look along the ridges to see if they are blunt. If so, then it’s safe to assume that the brand produces all of their boxes to the same standard.

Aluminum or Plastic?

Top8 Best Trailer Tongue Boxes - Ultimate Truck Tool Storage ReviewsThere are generally two types of trailer storage boxes: Aluminum and plastic. They both have their advantages and setbacks, so the choice should boil down to personal preference.

Plastic boxes aren’t welded, so there’s less chance of getting a defective box that seeps along all of its edges.

But Aluminum boxes tend to offer more room in their storage capacity and will generally be easier to clean and maintain than the other. If you tend to drive roughly, consider a plastic utility trailer toolbox since it will hold together better when hitting bumps and potholes.

Aluminum can become dented very easily if something touches it with force, and those who travel on smooth roads might be better suited for them.

Trailer Tongue Box Install – Tongue Box Mounting

Hey guys, I recently decided I want to change the way the batteries were mounted on the front of my travel trailer. I want to do away with the factory mount and add a box, there to put my batteries in and also have a little extra storage. So I decided to go with the harbor freight trailer tongue box. Now they’re made for the harbor freight trailers, the little small trailers, but it worked perfect here on my travel trailer. It was a nice fit and easy modification.

Top8 Best Trailer Tongue Boxes - Ultimate Truck Tool Storage ReviewsThen I’m a test fit the box. If it works I’m going to cut this tray off because that’s not needed anymore and the trays actually going to be in the way. Once I start to mount my spare tire underneath, I can’t have my spare tire on the back anymore due to my cargo rack.

Top8 Best Trailer Tongue Boxes - Ultimate Truck Tool Storage ReviewsAfter removing the battery and the battery box, I was able to test fit the trailer tongue box. I want him to make sure that I was happy with the fit prior to cutting away the battery tray, unlocking the box, but I just want to make sure the big battery fits and there’s room for at least one more and there is plenty of room for the batteries and a little storage here.

I’m using my 18 volts beside grinder with a cut off wheel to cut away the battery tray. I don’t recommend using a battery-powered side grinder for a big job unless you have several batteries on hand. It does go through them pretty quick.

Once I had the old battery tray cut away, I decided I wanted to add some type of support under the box due to the weight of the battery and I want to add more batteries later on on the side of the old battery tray will be perfect if I flipped it over and brought it up level with the top of the trailer time. I’m just grinding away a little paint so I can have a place to weld the old battery tray to the trailer time.

The old battery tray flipped upside down is the perfect support underneath this new trailer tongue box and that’s made doing all the welding on this project.
Top8 Best Trailer Tongue Boxes - Ultimate Truck Tool Storage ReviewsI’m kind of getting the hang of this welding thing thanks to my retired father-in-law for allowing me to use his welder on the last two modifications. So just recap this battery tray set down below the top of the trailer tongue about three or four inches before I removed it. Now it’s upside down flush with the top of the trailer time and it’s going to be the perfect support for this new trailer box. I covered all of the bare metal with the black Rust-Oleum spray paint. Once that was dry I did a quick test fit of the box, centered it up, made sure it was in the perfect spot and then I attached it using the self screws.
It’s obviously made for a smaller trailer but that is completely fine. Nothing wrong with that and under this again is that brace the old battery rack that I turned upside down.

Top8 Best Trailer Tongue Boxes - Ultimate Truck Tool Storage ReviewsI used to have the self-tapping screws on this side and the same on the other side. My father in law gave me a piece of angle aluminum with self-tapping screws. I put one on each side of the battery so it won’t shift remove. There’s room in here for another battery of the same size, possibly three of the smaller batteries and if I want six-volt I could probably put four more. I did drill a hole on that side for those wires come through. I put some stuff around the wires to protect that and later on I may be putting a light strip up here with a magnetic switch so that when you open it, the light comes on and for those of you wondering about the vent, I haven’t got it vented yet, but it will. I will have been enough.

I’m thinking about putting one on each side. I’m not sure. But I’ve only got one battery and I’ve got quite a few tools in my front compartment that can go in here. All right guys, that’s it. I hope this review was helpful.

DIY Trailer Tongue Truck Tool Box


If you’re already set on which trailer tongue box you want from the reviews above, then it’s recommended that you stick to what you prefer. But in the off chance that you’re still undecided, there are two which stand out among the other eight. The Dee Zee DZ91717P and Giantex Aluminum Tool Box have great storage space, solid durability, and will generally keep out water on most occasions. And while they are suggested, this doesn’t take away from the other products shown, or what features they present in the descriptions. In any case, you likely to end up with a product that will satisfy all the issues you encountered by not having a trailer tongue box or an older one that’s long past it’s lifetime.